GP4:3 Gabriela Peacock Weight Loss Programme

Gabriela Peacock has a range of weight loss products with the GP4:3 being arguably the most publicized. The goal is for sustainable weight loss by Intermittent Fasting. This review details what it is and lists what’s in the box.

GP43 diet by Gabriela Peacock
Gabriela Peacock’s GP43 diet is best known in the UK but making in-roads into the US and Canada. The brand is no stranger to publicity and regularly appears in the press (the Daily Mail being a prolific media outlet).

Credible system created by a respected nutrition expert.
Can be a good way to lose weight.
Protects against nutritional deficiencies.
May provide additional health benefits.
Access to expert advice and support groups.
System provides a powerful natural appetite suppressant.
Tailor-made weight-loss plan.
Easy system to use and color-coded envelops help prevent confusion.

Need to buy expensive supplements.
Involves severe lifestyle changes.
Fasting remains a controversial way to lose weight.

There is no doubting Gabriela Peacock’s credentials and her range of products (Slim Me, Bikini Me) have a loyal customer base.

A great looking product from a well respected company.

The more lazier among us may want easier and cheaper ways to reach our target weight loss goals in our opinion.

Out list of recommended weight loss supplements details what customers are buying at this point in time.

Partial Recommendation

What is GP4:3 Diet?

“GP4:3 – 14 Day Intermittent Fasting Plan for sustainable weight loss”

GP4:3 is a weight loss program that involves a combination of intermittent fasting and weight loss pills.

There are many intermittent fasting methods. The most famous one is the 5:2 diet. GP4:3 may be a little more trendy at the moment but it’s really just a variation on a theme.

One of the best things about intermittent fasting is, it’s normally one of the cheaper ways to lose weight. Instead of buying supplements, all you do is undertake regular fasts.

Due to the fact GP4:3 involves supplements, it loses that particular advantage but people who pay for the supplements and do the GP4:3 diet also get access to a nutritional adviser via the phone.

That kind of extra support can be invaluable because it gives you the chance to take advantage of tailor-made weight-loss advice.

GP4:3 including Slim Me
The GP43 programme included Slim Me fasting sachets

GP Nutrition regularly appears in the media (Daily Mail) – the latest advertorial in March 2021 describes Zara’s 6 week weight loss journey in graphic detail.

Zara shows off the results of the GP4:3 intermittent fasting programme

Daily Mail 2021

GP4:3: What Does It Mean?

“GP” are the initials of Gabriela Peacock. She’s a former model who got fed up with all the conflicting diet advice she used to hear and decided to study nutrition.

With 10 years of study under her belt and a Health and Science degree from the University of Westminster, there can be no doubt about her credentials as a weight-loss adviser.

Gabriela has nutrition practice in one of London’s swankier districts and a celebrity clientele that includes Jody Kidd, Piers Morgan, and James blunt.

She’s also the nutrition expert who helped lick Prince Harry into shape when he was preparing for his wedding day.

So, Gabriela Peacock is the GP, but what about the 4:3?

There’s nothing very complicated about it. When you do the GP4:3 Diet, your week consists of three fasts days and four days of “mindful eating.” 

Mindful eating is a term Gabriela appears to have invented. It refers to the practice of eating normal portion sizes while still sticking to healthy food options.

Gabriela has a lot of faith in intermittent fasting and used to recommend it to the clients at her clinic.

She eventually tweaked the original 4:3 diet (invented by someone else) and came up with her GP4:3.

She believes her sytem makes it easy for people to control their eating without confusion.

Gabriela also owns the supplement manufacturing company GP Nutrition. It produces all the supplements incorporated into her GP4:3 intermittent fasting program.

intermittent fasting

How GP4:3 Compares to Other Intermittent Fasting Techniques

Intermittent fasting always involves times of plenty and regular fasts. Some forms of intermittent fasting set a set routine you have to stick to every day.

This often involves only eating during an 8-hour window of time—for instance between the hours of 12 pm and 8 pm. For the other 16 hours of the day you need to fast.

Bearing in mind the fact you will sleep through much of your fast, this type of system is not as difficult as many other options. The Cruise Control Diet works on this principle.

However, other intermittent fasting systems, GP4:3 is one of them, requires you to have days you eat more or less normally and days you eat little or nothing at all.

For instance,  5:2 dieters have 5 days of normal eating and 2 days per week when the diet rules require them to fast.

How Does the GP4:3 Help You to Lose Weight

The fast periods cause the body to experience an energy shortage. It responds to this lack of energy by burning its fat.  

When we talk about the body “burning” fat we are referring to the processes it uses to break down fat cells and retrieve the energy stored within.

The theory behind intermittent fasting is sound but the system can fail if people go wild on their non-fast days and consume too many calories – or food that is too high in calories.

Doing so could entail weekly weight gains instead of regular weight loss.

This, of course, is why Gabriela stresses the importance of Mindful Eating on non-fast days. Mindful Eating is a common-sense approach to weight loss that helps ensure consistent progress. 

However, Gabriela also knows we human beings love to treat ourselves occasionally. For that reason, she allows an occasional “Magic Day.”

On a Magic Day, it’s okay to throw Mindful Eating out the window and eat what you want and as much as you want. 

Magic Day is an option, not a necessity. The fact that the GP4:3 supplement pack only contains supplements for one magic day every two weeks show how infrequent these days of indulgence should be. 

If you want maximum progress, the best thing to do will be to avoid having any Magic Days at all.

Slim me diet drink sachets
Slim Me is a slimming supplement with glucommanan, Sicilian Lemon powder drink that is designed to be taken 30 minutes before mealtime.

The GP4:3 Supplements (What’s In the Box and Why?)

Fasting doesn’t only restrict the amount of energy (calories) your body receives, it deprives it of important nutrients as well. Normal low-calorie diets can do the same. 

The GP4:3 supplements provide the body with extra nutrients to prevent nutrient deficiencies. 

Each kit also contains supplements that provide Omega 3 fatty acids, probiotic bacteria, other health-boosting compounds, and appetite suppression.

GP4:3 dieters have the option of buying a 2-week supplement pack or one that lasts for 28 days.

These cost £99 and £188 respectively. There are no discounts for buying the larger pack. Regardless of which option you choose, using the GP4:3 supplements will cost you £49.50 per week.

GP4:3 is designed to be simple to use. Each intermittent fasting support pack consists of a cardboard box that contains a series of “envelopes.”

Although the way they close is reminiscent of envelopes, these packets are actually better described as boxes.

There is one envelope for each day of the week. The envelopes are color-coded and clearly marked so you can identify which ones are for fast days and which ones are for Mindful Eating days.

GP4:3 – 14 Day Programme also contains one envelope to set aside for a Magic Day. The GP4:3 – 28 Day Programme contains two.

GP4:3 – 14 Day Programme

The 14-day program contains:

  • 7 x Mindful day envelopes: 1 x Live Culture capsule (probiotic) 1 x Gold capsules sachet 1 x Gold drink sachet
  • 6 x Fasting Day envelopes: 1 x Live Culture capsule (probiotic) 3 x Slim Me drink sachets 
  • 1 x Magic Day envelope: 1 x Live Culture capsule (probiotic) 1 x Gold capsules sachet 1 x Gold drink sachet
  • 1 x Emergency Stash: 3 x Slim Me drinks (in case you need a top-up)
  • 2 x Chocolate protein shake
  • 1 x weekly planner tick-off chart
  • 1 x GP Nutrition Food Planner and Information Leaflet
  • A Tape measure

GP4:3 – 28 Day Programme

The 28-day program comes in a bigger box and provides twice as many supplements.

How the GP43 Program Works

GP4:3 is designed to help men and women to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

As with any other weight loss program, diet is the key to its success.

The fast days cannot fail to encourage fat burning and Mindful Eating should ensure there is no backsliding on non-fast days.

The supplements are there to help avoid nutritional deficiencies and control fast day hunger.

They also provide ingredients that can increase metabolism and thermogenesis. In so doing they should help you burn extra calories and fat.

Access to one-to-one nutrition advice is an important part of the system as well.  GP4:3 dieters also have access to an online community where dieters exchange tips and recipes.

There is no going it alone with GP4:3. When people receive their GP4:3 pack they also get email instructions on the best way to calculate Mindful Day calorie intake.

The email also explains how to book a consultation with the nutritionist.

Help with Hunger

The fast day envelopes contain three Slim Me drink sachets. You just tear off the top, mix them with water, and you are ready to go. You take one sachet three times per day.

Glucomannan is low in calories and high in fiber. It is a highly researched appetite reducer

Each sachet contains 1.5 grams of glucomannan. It’s an ingredient that comes from the roots of a plant that grows in Asia.

Glucomannan is low in calories and high in fiber. The fiber has an amazing ability to absorb moisture. It can soak up 50 times its own weight in water. 

When glucomannan fibers soak up water they expand and form a gel that takes up space in the stomach.

All that gel makes the stomach feel so full, feelings of hunger go away.

Glucomannan’s ability to suppress hunger has been proven in many clinical trials. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has examined the data and confirm glucomannan is an appetite suppressant that works.

The EFSA says the data shows the importance of taking at least one gram of glucomannan, three times per day. It also stresses the need to drink adequate quantities of water.

GP Nutrition’s Slim Me drink mixes provide the amount of glucomannan the EFSA recommends plus 50 percent more.

Furthermore, the instructions ensure people take them with plenty of water.  As a fast day helper, Slim Me sachets are an excellent choice.

Suitability Issues (Will GP4:3 Be Right for You?)

The GP4:3 supplement envelopes provide probiotic bacteria. This is the friendly kind of bacteria that’s good for the health.

Among other things, probiotic bacteria may help accelerate metabolism. That’s a highly desirable benefit when you are trying to lose weight.

However, probiotic products are unsuitable for people who are taking antibiotics.

Nor are they a good option for people who have persistent diarrhea or for anyone who has an illness that compromises their immune system.

People who are new to probiotics may find there are some initial problems including bloating and gas.

Fasting can present issues for some people as well. If you have diabetes or any other ongoing health problems it’s a good idea to check with a doctor before you start intermittent fasting or commence any other major dietary changes.

Potential Side Effects

Other than the potential problems probiotics may cause certain individuals, the supplements are unlikely to present any issues.

Most of the ingredients are vitamins, minerals, and superfood extracts.

However, intermittent fasting is not suitable for everyone. Some people find it a hard lifestyle to follow. It can also present certain problems.

Fasting can trigger the release of cortisol (stress hormone). When cortisol levels increase, among other things, it can cause feelings of fatigue, make you irritable, cause headaches, and even anxiety and depression.

High cortisol levels may also make you feel tempted to comfort eat and can increase overall appetite.

Fasting also causes blood glucose levels to drop. When your blood glucose is low you may feel dizzy and sick. Low blood glucose also has the potential to cause carb cravings and urges to eat sweet food.

The cravings are the body’s way of trying to restore normality. It’s making you crave the kind of foods that will bring your blood glucose levels back up as fast as possible.

People all over the world fast regularly often due to their religious beliefs. However, fasting for weight loss remains a controversial idea.

The GP4:3 Review Summary

We certainly would’t advise anyone intent on buying the GP4:3 programme from Gabriela Peacock. It is a great product.

Our only concern and caveat is that you may be able to get the same weight loss results cheaper and easier.

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