Prolessa Duo Review

Prolessa Duo Review – Hunger Control and Fat Reduction Powder

A dietary powder that helps control hunger and reduce body fat. Prolessa Duo is available a 7 day and 30 day program. How well does work and what cautions should take before and during using? This reviews aims to answer these questions POSITIVESMade by a company with a high reputation.Naturally formulated.Mainly positive reviews online.May offer … Read More

Mymi Wonder Patch Review

Mymi Wonder Patch Review

Straight of Korea comes the popular MYMI Wonder Patch (or Belly Wing). It is a weight loss patch that attaches to skin like a sticking paster and delivers the ingredients through the skin. Does it work? POSITIVESSome good ingredients in the formulaMay trigger thermogenesisCould provide and energy boostMade by a reputable company NEGATIVESMay cause some … Read More

weight loss for women over 40

Lose Weight With These 8 Tips for Women Over 40

Many women over 40 find themselves in a place where they need to lose weight. The problem is that many of the methods of weight loss don’t work for this demographic, and it can be hard to figure out what does! That’s why we’re going to give you eight tips that will help you lose … Read More

Truvy Boost review

Truvy Boost Review – 30 Day Combo Pack

Have you been considering using Truvy Boost and wondered if it can really help you lose weight. This Truvy review focuses on Tru and Vy which make up the combo pack. PositivesRespectable brandSome good ingredients NegativesCan be very expensiveSome negative customer reviews SummaryTruvy Boost contains some good ingredients. The presence of green tea alone is … Read More

Modere Trim

Modere Trim Reviews – Can You Lose Weight Using this Weight Loss Product?

This Modere Trim review covers all the aspects you need to know about this weight loss supplement prior to purchase. There are also real life experiences from Modere Trim users and customers. PositivesHighly respected companyHas some weight loss capabilities to help burn fat NegativesCan be very expensiveSome negative customer reviewsPossible side effects SummaryModere Trim looks … Read More

Slim Tighten Tone report

Slim Tighten Tone Review

A fat burner that is very much focused on a female dieter, Slim Tighten Tone’s formula contains the correct amount of CLA. So how does this women’s dietary supplement stack up agains the competition. POSITIVESMade by a reputable company.Good ingredient profile – CLA.There are some positive reviews. NEGATIVESSome of the reviews may not be genuine.Rather … Read More