About Us

Welcome to Organic Avenue. On this page, you’ll find a brief overview of the site values, who we are, and what we do.

What Is Organic Avenue?

Organic Avenue is a website that focuses on natural diet nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. It is an online only resource that doesn’t sell anything. We provide articles and consumer reviews within the supplement industry.

We review supplements that are natural and help you find good ones that don’t pose a risk to your health.

The supplement industry is worth billions of dollars per year. This has lead to a market overload. That would be great if all the supplements available were capable of doing the things they are supposed to do. It’s always good to have plenty of choices. Unfortunately, only a minority of the supplements available can actually deliver the goods. 

There’s a lot of hype in the supplement industry. Some of the worst products can have the most convincing marketing. Facts are cleverly twisted or misrepresented and there are lots and lots of lies. Why? Because many manufacturers are unwilling to invest in developing a good product.

For the supplement industry bottom feeders, deception is the preferred way to get a slice of that billion dollar pie. All the hype and deception makes finding the right supplement a nightmare for consumers.

Searching for the good products among all the bad is like trying to navigate a safe path through a minefield. Trying to pick your way through can be very time-consuming. One wrong move and your money is blown.

Think of us as being a little like one of those highly-trained army sniffer dogs and let us keep you safe from harm.

Who We Are

OA is a digital publishing company that focuses on delivering quality health and fitness content. The company maintains a number of sites that collectively reach more than 1 million readers per month.

In the summer of 2019 OrganicAvenue.com absorbed sipsandspoonfuls.com (sips and spoonfuls) a food blog that published wonderful exotic recipes.

Our Team

Tony Jay (CEO of AGJ Media, CPD certified in Diet and Nutrition)

Tony is a fitness enthusiast, writer, and entrepreneur. He’s been active in the health and wellness industry since 2007 and firmly believes correct nutrition is the key to good health.

A workaholic by nature, Tony uses power yoga to keep his mind sharp, maintain physical subtlety, and keep fit.

Dismayed by the lack of accurate information available online, he founded AGJ Media in 2011. Although he’s no longer a one-man band he still continues to write much of the content shared via the various AGJ Media websites.

Tony is also the editor of Organic Avenue and it’s a role he takes seriously. He rigorously checks all the content and supplementary information before anything is published online. 

Eloise Bel (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & B.A. in Communications)

Eloise is an experienced journalist with a strong grounding in holistic nutrition. She has an in-depth knowledge of the supplement industry and has been specializing in the weight loss sector since 2008.

Thanks to her training in holistic nutrition, Eloise understands the different ways food choices and supplements can affect the health.

In the role of a nutritionist, Eloise has helped numerous people to change their lifestyles for the better and achieve their health and fitness goals.

While wearing her journalist hat, she has written countless articles and natural supplement reviews in both English and French.

Steve Calvert (CPD Certified in Nutrition for Weight Loss)

Steve is an experienced writer and researcher. He is very knowledgeable about health and nutrition and has a wealth of experience reviewing natural supplements. In particular, those intended to support weight loss and muscle growth.

He has a background in bodybuilding and the martial arts and continues to use a combination of exercise and healthy eating to stay in shape.

When he’s writing, Steve spends a great deal of time checking facts and making sure data is accurate and up to date. He’s been reviewing supplements since 2012 and knows how to provide factual information in a way that’s easy to understand.

The Standards We Adhere To

All our reviews are 100% unbiased and uninfluenced by third parties. They exist to help ordinary people find the products they need in a market that’s full of extraordinary hype. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our investigations are very thorough. We check the formulation to make sure it’s capable of doing the things it’s supposed to do. But that’s just the start.

We also take a look at the company behind each product to make sure there’s no history of disreputable practice. If there’s even a hint of a connection to autoship scams or billing problems we’ll detail the problem in the review.

Customer feedback is also important, so we look at that too. The best people to reveal what a product can and cannot do are the ones who are presently using it or have used it before. They are also a good first point of call for finding out about any side effect the manufacturers fail to disclose.

We’ll also let you know how much a product costs and how long it will last. Products that seem cheap can become very expensive if you need to buy a few bottles a month.

A money back guarantee is important too. It shows manufacturers are confident in their products’ abilities. It also gives customers a chance to get their money back.

Our reviews present you with the information you need so you know what to expect—good and bad.

Been burned in the past and don’t want to go down any more dead-end streets? Does all the tech-talk leave you feeling lost? Let Organic Avenue show you the right way to go. 

If you would like to drop us a line, please use our contact page.

Please note this website is a separate entity to any business that shares or has shared a similar name or domain name. We are an online only business and do not sell anything. We do not buy stock or any tangible goods for resale either online or in store. We have never been a high street chain.