Best Appetite Suppressants 2024 – Top Natural Supplements for Reducing Hunger

Appetite suppressants are used for reducing hunger and to help people curb food cravings. Cutting back on the amount of food we eat can help up reduce our daily calorie consumption which inevitably leads to weight loss. Here is the updated list for 2024 for supplements that can help to make you feel fuller.

Best Appetite Suppressants
Best appetite suppressants – natural appetite suppressing supplements to help reduce hunger and food cravings

What Are The Best Appetite Suppressants for 2024

The best appetite suppressants are predominately natural, they contain ingredients that come from Mother Nature. We will list the premier weight loss supplements for reducing appetite and stopping hunger.

There are many different ways to suppress appetite naturally. It doesn’t have to involve swallowing powders or pills. Some people do so by applying appetite suppressing diet patches to their skin.

Appetite suppressants are also called: hunger suppressants and appetite reducers.

Like diet pills, diet patches contain natural ingredients. The only difference is the way they get into the body. Instead of being digested, the herbal ingredients and other natural compounds in diet patches are absorbed through the skin.

It’s also important to be aware, the best natural appetite suppressants don’t always have to be exploited via weight loss products at all.

For instance, some foods are more filling than others. So, if you choose the right options, your meals may leave you hunger-free for a number of hours.

High-fiber foods are a good example. When chosen correctly, foods that are high in protein can also be good for assuaging hunger.

Red peppers are good for this as well and it’s easy to slice or chop them and then toss them into a salad.

That’s not to say there are no arguments for using appetite suppressing supplements. Indeed, there are.

The best ones generally contain one or more of the best appetite suppressants, included in concentrated form.

1. PhenQ – Appetite Suppressant / Fat Burner


PhenQ is not just an appetite suppressant it is also a fat burner and fat blocker. It is arguably the best of a new breed of multi action diet supplements.

It can help you feel fuller quicker and for longer reducing the need to overeat.

PhenQ has an excellent ingredient profile and long list of satisfied customers in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

It contains Nopal, a natural cactus extract that can reduce the feelings of hunger and also exhibits antiviral qualities, regulates blood glucose, and lowers cholesterol.

2. LeanBean (for women only)


Another multi action diet supplement that can burn and block fat in addition to reduce hunger cravings. LeanBean has been designed for women only.

It’s main ingredient is glucomannan – also known as the konjac root. It contains 3000mg per serving which makes Leanbean an extremely potent appetite suppressant and a great choice for women who want to lower their daily calorie consumption and curb cravings.

Many trusted sources agree that Glucomannan can suppress appetite.

Those who received any of the glucomannan supplements experienced significant weight loss compared to those taking the placebo

3. Phentaslim


Phentaslim is said to annihilate your body fat and destroy your hunger pangs. A lot of satisfied customer would agree.

The main mantra delivered by the marketing people at Phentaslim is to avoid vert low calorie diets and awful tasting weight loss shakes and instead turn your body into a fat burning machine

4. 7 Day Diet Shake

7 Dat Diet Shake

7 Day Diet Shake is from Bauer Nutrition. It is a high protein meal and snack replacement especially tailored to suit men and women who are lin search of a balanced and nutritious weight loss product.

7 Day Diet shakes are formulated to give you your daily protein needs whilst supporting muscle toning and muscle recovery. Each 7 Day diet shake will give you at least 30% of the RDA for 20 vitamins and minerals

5. Genius Diet Pills

Genius Diet Pills

The Genius brand produce a wide range of supplements with the rather aptly named ‘Genius Diet Pills” being the appetite suppressant.

It contains natural 5-htp and saffron and it is suitable for men and women. It is low on stimulants (no caffeine) and works through reducing hunger & food cravings.

6. Lean XT

Lean XT

Lean XT is a dual action appetite suppressant and fat burner. It does not contain any caffeine or other stimulants. It is suitable for both male and female users.

Can be used in tandem (stacked) with other diet pills or fat burners. It is currently one of Amazon’s top selling weight loss products

Why Natural Appetite Suppressants are Best

Suppressing the appetite is one the best weight loss mechanics of action. If you were to visit your doctor and it resulted in a prescription it would more than likely be for a anti obesity medication, such as Phentermine.

Nowadays we have lots of natural alternatives to Phentermine that work in a similar fashion that do not need to be prescribed by a doctor.

Many ingredients that are good for suppressing appetite also speed up weight loss in other ways too. Once again, red peppers are a good example.

Apart from suppressing appetite, red peppers and red pepper extracts are also powerful fat burners that work in two ways.

Firstly by boosting metabolism and, secondly, by increasing thermogenesis. Both these things cause the body to burn more calories than normal.

The other thing to remember is, unlike synthetic compounds, natural ingredients are also highly nutritious.

Apart from providing the body with extra vitamins and minerals, they may also be a source of dietary fiber. They could provide the body with antioxidants as well.

At the start of this article, I said the best appetite suppressants are natural. By now, you may already be beginning to understand some of the reasons why.

natural appetite suppressing supplements
Natural supplements for suppressing appetite

How Natural Appetite Suppressants Work

Natural ingredients that suppress the appetite may do so in one or more of a number of different ways such as making the stomach feel full and/or delaying gastric emptying.

Satiety, Hunger, and Appetite

Hunger is a motivational state. Its sole purpose is to encourage you to eat. Appetite is the desire to eat food. Satiety is the complete absence of hunger. It’s what happens when the stomach feels nice and full.

When you have just eaten, and for some time afterward, the physical presence of food in the stomach provides satiety and your hunger is gone.

However, when the stomach is empty it triggers the release of a hunger hormone called ghrelin. It’s actually produced on the spot, in the stomach itself.

Once produced, ghrelin gets picked up by the blood and transported to the brain.

A specific area of the brain has the task of controlling hunger. It’s called the hypothalamus. When it detects the hormonal messenger ghrelin, it knows the stomach is empty and responds to this by initiating feelings of hunger.

Hunger remains until the presence of food in the stomach puts a stop to ghrelin production. Then, of course, the hypothalamus switches hunger off again.

Gastric Emptying

Gastric emptying time is the time it takes for food to empty from the stomach into the small intestine.

Using dietary fat as an example, it’s slick, greasy stuff that will slip through quite fast. Foods that are high in protein and fiber are coarser and harder to digest. They are more apt to remain in the stomach longer. By doing so, they prolong satiety and help keep hunger away.

Some people try to fend off hunger by drinking copious quantities of water. This can and does work, but water doesn’t stick around in the stomach for long, so the benefits can be short-lived.

There’s always the option of topping up with more water, of course, but this has a drawback that will likely go unappreciated by anyone who doesn’t like sitting with crossed legs or making numerous trips to the toilet each day.

Some Good Natural Appetite Suppressants

Although it’s often customary to save the best until last, for the purposes of this article I’m going to do it the other way around. I’m placing glucomannan at the top of the list. It’s one of the best natural appetite suppressants in the world. it is the staple ingredient of a supplement called LeanBean


Glucomannan is an ingredient that comes from the root of a plant. The plant is called konjac and it’s native to a number of countries in Asia.

Glucomannan weight loss results
Glucomannan’s value as an appetite suppressant is immense

Konjac is a perennial plant with a single leaf that can measure up to 1.3 meters across and consists of numerous smaller leaf-like appendages.

This plant, which goes by many other names, including voodoo lily, also has a distinctive purple flower that can be up to 55 cm long.

However, the part that rests below the ground is the most interesting thing of all.

The thick tuber-type roots of the konjac plant can reach a diameter of 25 cm, but that’s not what makes them so special.

Konjac root is a high-fiber ingredient that can soak up many times its own weight in water.

The konjac root in supplements has been dried and reduced to a powder.  Due to its special affinity with water, konjac supplements are always taken with one to two glasses of water.

Once inside the stomach, the konjac powder soaks up the water and expands considerably. The resulting amalgamation is best described as a gel and, unlike the water it contains, it’s not so quick to leave the stomach area.

Not surprisingly, the presence of the gel in the stomach provides a feeling of satiety.

Numerous studies prove, glucomannan’s value as an appetite suppressant, but it’s best to take it three times per day. For maximum benefits, this should be around 30 minutes before the three main meals of the day. Typically breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The recommended dose is one gram, so that’s three grams per day.

When used in this manner, glucomannan makes it easy to eat smaller portions of food without feeling hungry.


Also known as prickly pear, nopal is a cactus extract. In actual fact, apart from being a popular name for this member of the Opuntia cacti family, “nopal” is also the name used for the cacti’s distinctive, prickly pads.

Nopal appetite reducer
Nopal appetite reducer

Nopal cactus flesh is highly nutritious and a good source of amino acids.

It’s used as an ingredient in many Mexican dishes, including soups and stews. In its raw form, it also makes a good addition to salads. It is also a key ingredient in the popular multi action weight loss supplement PhenQ

Much more than just a nutritious cheap source of food, nopal cacti also boast medicinal value. Among other things, nopal exhibits antiviral qualities, regulates blood glucose, and lowers cholesterol.

People living in the areas where it’s indigenous have known these things for many generations. The same can be said for nopal’s appetite suppressing capabilities.

Hundreds of years ago, people were eating chunks of raw nopal flesh especially to ward off hunger. Back then, all anyone knew was that it worked. Nobody knew how. Modern-day science reveals nopal suppresses appetite by providing a feeling of satiety.

Additionally, in more recent years, researchers have discovered nopal can further assist weight loss by functioning as a fat blocker.

This means it limits the digestion of dietary fats.

Fats provide nine calories per gram, so this is a useful ability. However, many people who are trying to lose weight won’t need the help of a fat blocker. Nopal’s natural appetite suppressing ability is arguably more valuable because most dieters find it extremely difficult to battle hunger and win.

Hot Peppers

Red and green chili peppers provide a phytochemical called capsaicin. Sweet peppers contain the same compound, albeit in lesser amounts.

Chilli peppers can reduce hunger
Chilli peppers can reduce hunger

Capsaicin is a kind of self-defense mechanism that helps the peppers to thrive. It’s the compound that makes chili peppers so hot and spicy. In doing so it makes the fruit less palatable to animals and insects that may otherwise see it as a source of food.

This fiery compound also has untold value as a natural weight loss aid. Apart from being a proven hunger suppressant, capsaicin is also a powerful fat burner. That’s why cayenne and capsicum extract are key ingredients in so many of diet pills and other weight management aids.

Some of the best commercially available appetite suppressants contain concentrated pepper extracts that can work incredibly well. However, eating slices of red pepper can also be a good way to keep hunger urges under control.

Plenty of research proves the relationship between capsaicin and hunger. Two of the more interesting studies were carried out at Canada’s Laval University in Ste-Foy, Québec.

Study no. 1

The first study involved women, while the second one was carried out on a group of men.

For the purposes of the first study, the researchers gave the women one of four different types of breakfast. In all cases, the calorie intake was the same.

One group got a high-fat breakfast that included red pepper, another group got a similar breakfast without red pepper.

The other two types of breakfast were high in carbohydrate instead of fat and were either with or without red pepper.

The resulting data shows the addition of red pepper significantly reduced post-breakfast hunger and helped keep it away until lunch.

Study no. 2

In the second study, all the men got a standardized breakfast. At lunchtime, they were given either an appetizer, a mixed diet and appetizer, or a mixed diet and red pepper.

The results show the red pepper reduced energy intake during the lunch as well as during the snack period, several hours later.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a species of tropical fruit native to India and South-East Asia. Its other names are Malabar tamarind and Garcinia gummi-gutta.

Garcinia cambogia is a natural appetite suppressant
Garcinia cambogia is a natural appetite suppressant

Garcinia cambogia is an edible fruit but the flesh tastes too acidic to eat raw. The rind of the fruit is more useful. It’s dried and used in place of tamarind or lime for adding extra flavor to curries.

The ingredient you find in so many natural weight loss supplements also comes from the rind, not the flesh of the fruit. The active component is hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

Its ability to support weight loss has been studied. Unfortunately, the conflicting nature of the study results suggest that, although it can work well for certain individuals, for others it may do little or nothing at all.

There are many claims about garcinia cambogia’s ability to boost serotonin and help provide ongoing satiety throughout the day. Animal studies suggest this may be so. Unfortunately, there is a lack of human-based studies that suggest the same.

That does not mean the ingredient does not work, but it does scream the need for further study.

Many dieters state garcinia works well for controlling their hunger and a lot of manufacturers offer products where it has to go it alone.

Apart from functioning as a natural appetite suppressant, garcinia cambogia extracts may also support weight loss in other ways.

Some research suggests HCL may act as a fat burner, but this is not a primary claim to fame. The HCA in the fruit extracts appears to block the digestive enzyme, citrate lyase. The body uses this enzyme to store excess calories as fat. If citrate lyase cannot function correctly, it may reduce the amount of fat the body can store.


Fenugreek is a popular herb and cooking spice. More often than not, when you see fenugreek on a supplement label you will be looking at an ingredient made from the seeds. These are the most commonly used part of the plant.

Like a number of other natural weight loss ingredients, fenugreek is high in dietary fiber. Research shows it can provide many health benefits including lowering cholesterol. It also functions as an appetite suppressant.

Fenugreek suppresses appetite by delaying gastric emptying. It may further assists weight loss by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates and dietary fats.

The 18 obese volunteers who took part in one study reported a reduction in appetite.

This carried forward to the following meal, helping them to eat less next time around.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a trans fat that occurs naturally in meat and dairy products. It has the ability to benefit the health in many ways and can also help with weight loss.

CLA is an appetite suppressant
CLA is an appetite suppressant

There are 28 different forms of CLA, but the differences are minor. The main thing to know is, CLA is essentially a form of polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid.

Research shows CLA is an appetite suppressant that works by increasing satiety.

As with so many other natural ingredients that control hunger, CLA supports weight loss in other ways too.

One way is by enhancing fat burning capabilities. CLA also improves lipolysis.

A review of no less than 18 different research studies confirms a dose of 3.2 grams CLA per day produces fat loss. It’s also worth noting there do not appear to be any adverse effects if the dose is increased to 6 grams per day.

Due to its viscous liquid nature, CLA is generally incorporated into gel-type capsules. It’s often used as a standalone ingredient but can be combined with other beneficial oils.


As you are no doubt aware, like a lot of other natural ingredients, including guarana berries and kola nut, coffee contains caffeine.

Coffee weight loss

Caffeine is the most popular legal stimulant in the world. It’s great for clearing fog from the mind, boosting concentration, and increasing energy.

Although a minority of people have tolerance issues that prevent from consuming caffeine, it has many interesting capabilities.

One thing it does well is help the body burn fat. It achieves this by increasing metabolism and thermogenesis.

Although this is a lesser-known capability, coffee and other ingredients that contain caffeine can also reduce appetite.

Research suggests caffeine achieves this by delaying gastric emptying and influencing the activity of hunger hormones.

However, some evidence shows the appetite-controlling ability of caffeine may work best for men.

When a mixed-sex study group was given 300 mg of caffeine it suppressed male appetite sufficiently to reduce calorie intake by 22%. It did not affect the women’s calorie intake at all.

This concludes this article about buying appetite suppressants in 2024 I hope this has helped you to make an informed choice.

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