StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets with K-CYTRO

K-CYTRO is the secret ingredient in Stripfast 5000 Fire Bullets fat burner. What does is it and what does it do?

Fire Bullets Fat Burner

Reputable brand
Some good ingredients such as cayenne and green tea
Well priced

Some of the ingredient appear to be under dosed
Possibility of the jitters
Other fat burners appear more interesting

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets is a fat loss pill you can only buy online. It’s primarily intended to be a fat burner but is allegedly beneficial in other areas as well.

It’s a good looking brand and made by a respectable company but we feel the formula is lacking in key areas.

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StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets is a supplement you can only buy online. It’s primarily intended to be a fat burner but is allegedly beneficial in other areas as well.

Fire Bullets is distributed by TTWC Beauty Products Limited. StripFast 5000 is only a brand name.

TTWC Beauty Products is a British company that appears to be based in Sheffield. It was incorporated in 2013 and, although it operates a StripFast 5000 website, the site contains no company information at all.

As with a lot of companies that are distributing health and wellness products, TTWC Beauty Products makes a lot of big claims for its supplement but provides no useful information to back any of them up.

The company also markets its products on Amazon, where the overall lack of information is the same.

According to company information available at, TTWC Beauty Products is a company involved in retail sales via mail order houses or the internet. It’s not a supplement manufacturer so Fire Bullets is probably a private label product produced by a specialist supplier.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ascertain who makes the pills or where. StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets may even be a white label product. If it is, the manufacturer may be packing the same pills into bottles bearing labels belonging to different brands.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea of white-label products. Some of them are pretty good but they don’t tend to be good enough to compete with the products that appear on all the “best diet pill” lists.

Fire Bullets K-CYTRO

What Customers are Told to Expect

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets is marketed a little differently than most other diet pills.

TTWC Beauty Products appears to be keen to extend the product’s reach by making it attractive to a wider customer base that includes people who need extra mental focus for work or study and people who are trying to get into shape to show their ex “what they’re missing.”

Promised benefits include:

  • Burn fat
  • Supercharge your energy levels
  • Become more productive
  • Be more motivated to train
  • Enjoy increased libido

How Do Fire Bullets Work?

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets provides seven key ingredients, most of which have associations with weight loss. There is also the K-Cytro ingredient.

What isK-Cytro – The K-Cytro ingredient is an interesting blend of Citrus Auranthium Powder and Raspberry Ketone Extract. It’s supposed to work as both, but it seems like this may not actually be the case for two reasons: firstly becauseCitrus Aurantium has side effects which we will talk about in our Stripfast Fire Bullets Side Effects section; secondly when taken by itself without any other nutrients or substances present (like fat burning boosters) its only been seen effective at promoting weight loss in rats studies – not humans

However, although some of the ingredients, such as green tea and cayenne, are very good; like a lot of similar supplements, StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets is overly-reliant on stimulants.

In addition to boosting energy and mental focus, stimulants may increase metabolism. By doing so, they have the potential to help you burn extra calories.

Some people have a problem tolerating stimulants. Even small doses may give them headaches and make them feel jittery and ill. Higher doses can do these things to people who don’t normally experience tolerance problems.

The benefits stimulants provide may also only be temporary. As your body adjusts to their presence, their influence on energy, metabolism, and mental focus, can decrease.

What’s the Best Way to Use StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets?

The dose is one capsule, taken with water, two times per day. You take the first one in the morning and the second one mid-afternoon.

Although some people may be able to take the capsules on an empty stomach, the usage guidelines state this increases the likelihood of heartburn.

To reduce the chances of side effects, the manufacturer suggests new users start with only one capsule per day and stick to this dose for five days while they monitor their tolerance.

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets is not intended for anyone who is under 18-years of age or for women who are pregnant or lactating. If you are taking any medication(s) or have allergies or other health issues, it’s best to consult a doctor before using StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets for the first time.

StripFast 500 Fire Bullets Ingredient Profile

Each (1-capsule) dose provides:

  • Citrus Aurantium Powder Fruit Powder (200 mg)
  • Cayenne Powder (100 mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (97 mg)
  • Green Tea [4:1 Extract] (62.5 mg)
  • L-Phenylalanine (12.5 mg)
  • Green Coffee Extract (5 mg)
  • Raspberry Ketone (5 mg)

What Do the Ingredients Do?

Citrus Aurantium Powder Fruit Powder (200 mg)

Citrus aurantium is a bitter-tasting orange. The form found in supplements comes from the orange peel.

The peel provides several stimulants. The most important one is synephrine. It boosts energy, improves mental focus, and may increase metabolism.

However, a risk assessment conducted in Germany, suggests consuming synephrine in combination with caffeine may be unwise.

Cayenne Powder (100 mg)

Cayenne pepper provides capsaicin. That’s where it gets its heat.

Cayenne is a very popular diet pill ingredient and not without good reason. Many studies prove capsaicin’s ability to accelerate metabolism and fat burning.

Additional research shows capsaicin is good for suppressing appetite as well.

Caffeine Anhydrous (97 mg)

Caffeine is a popular stimulant that’s good for boosting energy and mental focus.

Research shows caffeine is also good for boosting metabolism and fat burning.

Each “Fire Bullet” provides a similar amount of caffeine as a standard cup of coffee.

Green Tea [4:1 Extract] (62.5 mg)

Research shows green tea supports improvements in fat burning and 24-hour energy expenditure.

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets only provides a low dose but it’s allegedly a 4:1 extract that is concentrated to four times normal power.

L-Phenylalanine (12.5 mg)

L-Phenylalanine is an amino acid you can get by eating meat, fish, or eggs.

Its abilities require further research but some studies suggest it may boost dopamine and, by doing so, help improve mood.

Green Coffee Extract (5 mg)

Research suggests the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans may reduce BMI and waist circumference. 

However, the study participants were given 369 mg of pure chlorogenic acid per day. Even the control group (which lost very little fat) got 35 mg of chlorogenic acid per day.

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets only provides 5 mg of green coffee bean extract. Green coffee beans are normally only three to seven percent chlorogenic acid. StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets does not provide anywhere near enough. 

Raspberry Ketone (5 mg)

Raspberry ketone is a phenol that comes from fruit. It aids weight loss by suppressing hunger and enhancing the action of a fat-burning hormone called adiponectin.

Unfortunately, it’s very expensive to extract raspberry ketone from fruit so many manufactures use a synthetic alternative. Although it’s cheaper, it lacks potency.

It’s unclear which form this supplement provides. Either way, good results would require a higher dose.

Are There Any Customer Reviews for Fire Bullets?

Amazon has plenty of customer reviews and a high percentage of them are good. Some reviewers mention significant weight losses but far more appear to be awarding the pills top marks based on their ability to boost energy.

Although negative reviews are in the minority, a lot of them mention side effects. There also appear to be issues with the way the supplement tastes and smells, and more than one reviewer says the pills are overly large and difficult to swallow.

A few sample 5-star reviews:

And a few sample 1-star reviews:

Is There a Risk of Side Effects from StripFast 5000?

Some customers complain about side effects. Headaches and stomach issues are among the most commonly mentioned negative issues.

There are also some reports of jitters.

Some of the experiences customers mention in their reviews could be due to their response to caffeine. The dose is not unduly high but this product contains an additional stimulant (synephrine) as well.

Where to Buy StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets

Although it’s possible to buy Fire Bullets from the StripFast 5000 website,  it only offers shipping to addresses in the UK.

However, the company handles most of its distribution via Amazon so, if you live in North America, you may be able to order StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets via


The official website says all StripFast 5000 products have a lifetime money-back guarantee. On the face of it, that sounds very good but the site fails to mention if any terms and conditions apply.

green tea is an excellent fat burner but 62.5 mg is a low dose

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets Review Conclusion

Some aspects of this supplement are good. Others are not so good.

For instance, green tea is an excellent fat burner but 62.5 mg is a low dose. However, if the 4:1 extract is up to par and really does have the potency of 250 mg of standard green tea extract, it will certainly be enough to increase metabolism and fat burning.

But is it potent enough? When it comes to extracts like this, there’s never any way to know. You just have to take the manufacturer’s word for it.

Cayenne is another good ingredient that may be hampered here by quality issues.

Standard cayenne is a fiery ingredient that can be hard on the stomach.

Although many of the top diet pills have cayenne, they often provide it in the Capsimax form.

Capsimax is a patented extract that uses a special technology that does not release any capsaicin until it reaches the intestines.

That low down the digestive tract, it does not cause any discomfort and is quickly absorbed into the blood.

However, the biggest problem with this supplement is the stimulant content. Although the dose of caffeine is acceptable, StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets could be greatly improved if the citrus aurantium was taken out.

Ditching this additional, unnecessary stimulant would reduce the likelihood of side effects and make the supplement safer to use.

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets is a hit-and-miss product. Depending on the way you respond to stimulants, it may provide improvements in fat burning. Or it may make you feel jittery and ill. It could be worth taking a gamble, but there are better products you could use instead.

Other Fat Burners to Consider Instead of Fire Bullets

Here are few comparable fat burners to Fire Bullets:

  1. Fat Stripper from LA Muscle – stimulant-free fat burner encourages the body to metabolize its fat without triggering changes in thermogenesis.
  2. Trimtone for Women – a female friendly diet pill
  3. Sculpt Nation Burn – made to skyrocket your metabolic rate and force your body to produce belly-fat blasting B.A.T
  4. Alani Nu Fat Burner – is the fat burner that is used by Katy Hearn.
  5. Dr Emil Bed Time Burn – a diet pill for use at night that also helps you sleep

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