Phena-Lean Review – Weight Loss Aid for Men and Women

Phena-Lean is a weight loss pill and dietary supplement that is suitable for men and women. It is designed to help support weight loss and boost energy. There are stimulants in the formula that help reduce body fat by triggering thermogenesis. Read the review and find out if it will work for you. POSITIVESSome good … Read More

Vidaslim review

VidaSlim Review – 30 day Supply of Appetite Suppressant with Tejocote Root

If you are thinking of using Vidaslim for help with weight loss. Our review can give some information and pros and cons before you buy POSITIVESNatural productVegan-friendlyPossibility of appetite suppression NEGATIVESMay cause severe side effectsExpensive for such a simple productNo money-back guarantee SUMMARYIf VidaSlim does have any value for helping users lose weight, it’s probably … Read More


PhenAprin Review – Appetite Suppressant and Energy Boosting Weight Loss Supplement

Can PhenAprin really suppress appetite and give you an energy boost? Read our review and find out. POSITIVESContains some good ingredients.There are some positive reviews.Reasonably well priced. NEGATIVESThe manufacturers may be priming the product for an update so it would be unfair to to highlight any negatives until the new product is released SUMMARYPhenAprin is … Read More

Stress Eating

How to Control Stress Eating

Stress eating is a vicious cycle. You eat to try and relieve stress, but then you feel guilty afterwards for giving in to your cravings. How can you break the loop? It’s not easy, but there are some things you can do to get a grip on it. Do you find yourself eating more when … Read More

Roxylean Review

Roxylean Review – Fat Burner from BPI Sports

RoxyLean is one of the most advanced, innovative ways to lose weight. This thermogenic fat burner doesn’t just suppress appetite and raise your metabolic rate – it can even improve focus and mood. With RoxyLean’s powerful blend of high-quality ingredients, you’ll finally be able to reach your fitness goals with ease! That’s according the official … Read More

Xanthomax review

XanthoMax Review – Immunity Boost and Weight Loss

This is an opinion based review of XanthoMax. We will explain what it is, what it does and what the positives and negatives are. POSITIVESReputable company.Some good ingredients.Has shown some level of success for immune system boosting. NEGATIVESNot totally convincing as weight loss supplement. SUMMARYCustomer reviews show the supplement helps some people manage pain and … Read More