Alani Nu Fat Burner Review – Promoted by Katy Hearn

Alani Nu Fat Burner is the fat burner that is used by Katy Hearn. It is advertised as the gold standard in all fat burning supplements thanks to their strategic formula. Read the review and find out if it really works.

Alani Nu Fat Burner
Alani Nu’s fat burning supplement is a typical diet pill that uses Instragram as a promotion method.

Nice looking brand.
It’s not that expensive.
Should not cause side effects.

Suffers from too much hype.
Weak ingredient profile.
Other weight loss products preferred.

Alani Nu’s fat burning supplement is a typical diet pill that uses Instragram as a promotion method. There is nothing wrong with this approach but it is important to remember that sometimes hype can cloud that actual efficacy of a product.

We would suggest looking some clinically proven fat burning supplements as listed here

Not Recommended

Alani Nu Fat Burner Review

As the name suggests, Alani Nu Fat Burner is a supplement that’s designed to encourage your body to burn extra fat.

Alani Nu is a brand name used by Katy Hearn Fitness LLC. It’s an American company that belongs to Katy Hearn.

Katy Hearn is a hugely popular Instagram celebrity. At the time of this review, she had 1.8 million followers.

Famed for her fit and curvy body, Katy didn’t always look so good. It’s the result of a lot of hard work and effort on her part.

After she graduated high school, Katy embarked on a wild lifestyle that involved lots of parties, drinking, and unhealthy eating.

This caused her to gain weight and she didn’t like what she began seeing in the mirror.

Things came to a head when she saw pictures taken at her 21st birthday party.

She was shocked by how overweight she’d become and changed her life for the better.

Training hard and using various workout plans, Katy began creating her own workouts and meal plans.

Then after attaining Instagram success, she began her supplement range.

The present-day Katy has supermodel good looks and, needless to say, many people find her very inspirational. Hence the popularity of her products. 

Unfortunately, the product information provided on the Alani Nu website is pretty poor and fails to explain how Alani Nu Fat Burner aims to fulfill the promises made for it.

Katy Hearn fat burner
Promoted by Instagram model Katy Hearn

Alani Nu Fat Burner Advertised Benefits

  • Increases metabolism
  • Boosts energy and focus
  • Promotes fat-loss

How Does Alani Nu Fat Burner Work?

Alani Nu Fat Burner aims to support fat loss by increasing metabolism.

If it can live up to the claims of extra energy and focus it will help people using it to avoid diet-related fatigue.

It may also make it easier to burn extra calories and get in shape by working out.

How Faster Metabolism Supports Fat Loss

Your metabolism consists of all the chemical processes in your body.

One of the things it does is extract energy from food and put it to work.

Your metabolism also stores excess energy as fat and reclaims it to put to use when your diet fails to provide sufficient energy.

When metabolism increases your body uses more energy. Like energy intake, energy usage in the body is measured in calories.

As you are no doubt aware, increasing your activity levels and getting more exercise is a good way to burn extra calories.

That’s because exercise requires you to use extra energy—it increases metabolism.

Certain natural compounds, such as the catechins in green tea and the capsaicin in capsicum peppers, increase metabolism too.

These compounds don’t increase metabolism to the same extent as exercise does.

However, the slight increase they provide allows you to burn extra calories during exercise. It helps you burn more calories while you are resting as well. 

Using metabolism-boosting supplements will never be a replacement for diet and exercise but it is a good way to lose extra weight.

Alani Nu range: pre workout, balance, super greens and BCAA
There are several weight loss and fitness product in the Alani Nu range: pre workout, balance, super greens and BCAA

A Look at the Claims About Increased Energy and Focus

When you are eating a low-calorie diet you are deliberately taking steps that will rob your body of energy.

When you are exercising as well, you are increasing the energy deficit.

Don’t forget, your body is a biological machine. It needs fuel and you are making sure the fuel runs short so it not surprising that dieting can cause feelings of fatigue.

Granted, your body has a secondary fuel source—a reserve supply—in its fat, but that energy is not as readily available as the energy it can extract from food.

That’s why many diet pills, including Alani Nu Fat Burner, aim to increase energy.

One of the simplest ways to increase energy while dieting is via stimulants. Many diet pills use caffeine for this purpose. Alani Nu Fat Burner is one of them and it provides another stimulant as well. 

Stimulants are also good for clearing the mind and improving mental focus. A sharp mind is always desirable.

The problem is side effects are never desirable and stimulants have the potential to cause them.

However, unless stimulants are provided in overly high doses, most people have no product tolerating them.

Nevertheless, if you are unusually sensitive to stimulants Alani Nu Fat Burner won’t be for you. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Alani Nu Fat Burner?

New users need to begin with one capsule per day, taken in the morning.

If there are no tolerance issues, it’s permissible to take a second capsule later in the day.

Unfortunately, the back of the bottle explains to say when but most supplements require a gap of four hours between doses. 

Ingredient Profile

One capsule provides:

  • Microencapsulated extended release caffeine (76.5 mg)
  • Coffea arabica   (50 mg)
  • Dimenthylaminoethanol   (50 mg)
  • Griffonia simplicifolia   (50 mg)
  • Grains of paradise   (50 mg)
  • Rauwolfia vomitotia (125 mcg)

What Do the Ingredients Do?


Alani Nu Fat Burner contains two sources of caffeine.

The first one appears to be a proprietary blend and Alani Nu leaves us pretty much in the dark about it.

We are told each capsule provides 76.5 mg but the label also states only 50 mg of that is caffeine.

The rest must be ingredients that encapsulate the caffeine and slow its release.

This will no doubt be to provide longer lasting stimulation. 

The other caffeine-providing ingredient is coffee arabica.

That’s just coffee but, in this case, it’s not normal coffee. It’s a souped-up version that’s been modified to be 99% caffeine.

The label makes this clear.

The total amount of caffeine these two ingredients provide when paired will be just under 100 mg. That’s similar to the amount of caffeine in a standard cup of coffee and most people should be fine with that.

The most obvious benefits caffeine provides are extra energy and improved mental focus.

However, research proves caffeine also boosts metabolism and fat burning.


This ingredient is more commonly called DMAE. It’s faster to write and easier to say.

It’s sometimes included in pre-workout formulations because it boosts mental focus and, in so doing, may help you train with extra intensity.

Griffonia simplicifolia

Griffonia simplicifolia is a species of African shrub.

The ingredient used here comes from the seeds and its standardized to 98% 5-HTP.

5-HTP is a compound that appears to be capable of boosting serotonin production.

The ingredient is often used as a treatment for sleep disorders.

It also appears to have potential as a mood enhancer.

Grains of paradise

Grains of paradise is taken from the seeds of a plant in the ginger family (aframomum melegueta).

The active component is 6-Paradol. It’s an antioxidant that may have tumor-reducing capabilities.

Lab-based research involving rats suggests grains of paradise may have potential as a fat burner.

When administered to the rodents it increased thermogenesis (heat loss) in the brown adipose fat  tissue.

This is certainly promising but further study is necessary.

It would be unscientific to presume the ingredient can do the same for humans.

Hopefully, future research, involving human volunteers will provide the answer.

Rauwolfia vomitotia

Rauvolfia vomitotia is an African shrub.

The extract used here is standardized to be 90% rauwolscine (a stimulant).

Extracts taken from rauwolfia vomitotia are used for treating a variety of ailments including fever and insomnia.

It can also be used to encourage vomiting.

Rauvolfia vomitotia may also present a variety of side effects including shakiness and dizziness.

It’s known to aggravate certain conditions including anxiety and depression. This ingredient is one you need to avoid if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or in poor health.

Are There Any Customer Reviews for Alani Nu Fat Burner?

Customer reviews are mixed. Although Alani Nu Fat Burner appears to work well for certain individuals some people say it did nothing for them at all. 

customer reviews for Alani Nu
Alani Nu Customer Reviews

Is There a Risk of Side Effects with Alani Nu Fat Burner?

Several of the ingredients have the potential to cause some people to experience side effects.

With this in mind, the sensible thing to do is check with a doctor before commencing supplementation.

Hit or Miss? (Can You Lose Weight with Alani Nu Fat Burner?)

If you are eating a low-calorie diet, Alani Nu Fat Burner should be capable of helping you to lose weight faster because it contains caffeine, which is a proven fat burner.

The presence of caffeine will undoubtedly help fulfill the promise of extra energy and mental focus.

The other ingredients may provide further weight loss support but their value is more debatable.

Certain alternative options, such as green tea, have superior capabilities.

The bottom line is Alani Nu Fat Burner has the potential to increase weight loss, but there are better ways to do it.

Alani Nu Fat Burner Purchasing Options and Considerations

Alani Nu products are available via GNC, Amazon, and many other suppliers.

You can also buy them directly from the Alani Nu website.

Regardless of the supplier you choose, the cost of a bottle of Alani Nu Fat Burner is always the same—USD $39.99.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules and will last for 30 days if you are taking the standard dose.


None of the products in the Alani Nu range have a money-back guarantee.

Supplements Similar to Alani Nu Fat Burner

There are several supplements that share similarities such as Razalean, Lean PM and LeanBean. These are ideal for women to use. Trimtone is also a great women’s diet pill

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