Does Burn XT Work – Review on this Thermogenic Fat Burner

We noticed Burn XT was one of the most popular fat burning pills on Amazon and so decided to review it. It is advertised as a thermogenic fat burner, appetite suppressant and energy boosting supplement. It sounds good but does it work? This review has been updated for 2022 with new customer feedback

Burn XT reviews
Burn-XT review – thermogenic fat burner from Jacked Factory

Reputable company
Strong ingredient profile
Some good customer reviews

Heavy on the caffeine for general weight loss
Some of the good reviews look a bit suspect

Burn-XT is targeted towards gym goers – both men and women. It has a lot of stimulants in the formula, perhaps too much for someone who is just want to burn excess body fat or lose weight (not a body builder or body conditioner)

Alternative Recommendation: I would recommend looking at PhenQ if your main aim is to lose excess body fat.

PhenQ has multiple weight loss mechanisms within the formula. It can burn excess body fat as well as stop a percentage of new fat form the food you eat. You can read more about it here

What is Burn XT

Burn XT is a thermogenic fat burning product made in America by Jacked Factory.

The company also markets a number of other products such as Lean PM – a fat burner and sleep aid. Most of which are aimed at bodybuilders and other sporty individuals. Burn XT is no exception.

According to the Jacked Factory website, Burn XT contains a synergistic formula that helps men and women burn fat and preserve lean muscle mass.

How Does Burn XT Work

It is advertised as able to provide the following benefits to weight loss.

  • Increases energy
  • Suppresses hunger
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Helps you to burn more calories
  • Increases fat loss
  • Improves the mood

The truth of the matter is, the formulation contains some very good fat burning ingredients, but it’s also heavy on caffeine.

Many sports supplements are and the people who use them build up a tolerance that helps them avoid side effects.

The average person who wants to lose weight may not have such a good tolerance. That means, for them, Burn XT could be more trouble than it’s worth.

What are the ingredients of Burn-XT
What are the ingredients of Burn XT

What are the Ingredients

Although the formulation is not a particularly adventurous one, the ingredients are good and Jacked Factory has even provided the inclusion rates.

That’s good to see.

Too many manufacturers hide their ingredients in proprietary blends because it allows them to keep everything secret.

Green Tea Extract450mg
Caffeine Anhydrous270mg

Burn XT Formula

Okay, let’s take a look at the claims Jacked Factory is making one by one and see if the formulation has what it takes.

1. Increases Energy

Two capsules provide 270 mg of caffeine. That’s a lot and caffeine is renowned for its ability to provide extra energy so it could provide a pretty good energy boost. They don’t put caffeine in Red Bull for nothing, you know, and Red Bull doesn’t contain nearly so much.

However, this is a supplement aimed at people who spend a lot of time at the gym. Those who are used to consuming high doses of caffeine might have built up such a good tolerance, Burn XT may not provide enough of a buzz.

Fortunately, caffeine is not going it alone here. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a scientifically-proven energy provider too. [SOURCE]

2. Suppresses Hunger

Is Burn XT going to be any good for suppressing hunger? It should help because caffeine is a mild appetite suppressant. Capsimax should help as well.

It’s known to be the best form of capsicum extract you can get and capsicum is a proven appetite suppressant. [SOURCE]

3. Boosts the Metabolism

Will this formulation boost the metabolism? Again the answer is likely to be yes. Research shows caffeine boosts the metabolism while also encouraging thermogenic fat burning.

Capsicum and green tea have both these abilities too. [SOURCE]

4. Helps You Burn More Calories

The formulation contains three good metabolism boosters. When the metabolism is faster it causes your body to burn more calories. The same ingredients encourage thermogenic fat burning.

This causes the body to lose extra energy in the form of heat so this one is a no-brainer. If you take Burn XT you should burn more calories.

5. Increases Fat Loss

This one is not by any means a given fact. If your hunger is under control it becomes easier to eat less. If you are burning more calories that’s also a good thing, but neither one guarantees fat loss.

Anyone who is eating less food, but still swinging for high-calorie options could still provide their body with more calories than it needs. Burn XT will only increase fat loss if it is used alongside the correct lifestyle changes.

6. Improves the Mood

This one seems highly unlikely. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is alleged to have this ability, but further study is needed.

Usage Instructions

Two capsules are required each morning. These should be taken on waking and washed down with a glass of water.

People who wish to do so can take a further two capsules five to six hours after the first dose. However, taking the pills close to bedtime is not a good idea because the caffeine content may disrupt sleep.

New users are warned to begin with an initial dose of only one capsule per day. If there are no tolerance issues the full dose can be taken from day three onward.

For best results, Jacked Factory suggests a usage period of at least 60 days. The company also recommends using Burn XT alongside diet and exercise.

Additionally, in order to avoid the risk of dehydration, customers should also ensure they drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Burn XT Reviews from Customers

Most of the feedback and reviews left by Amazon customers is very good. Perhaps a little too good.

The people who complain about the product manage to do so in a few sentences or just a matter of words, such as “doesn’t work” or “total garbage”. Many of the positive reviews are unusually long.

When people have too many good things to say about a product it sometimes indicates they have been incentivized to leave a review.

Positive Burn-XT reviews
Positive Burn-XT reviews

A few of the shorter and more believable positive reviews read:

“I’ve been using this for 5 weeks and find it’s good for giving me energy before my morning workout. I’m not certain if I’m losing weight but I can feel my body changing and know it can take some time and patience.”

“Burn XT is working well for me. I’ve lost 12 pounds in three weeks. Of course, I’m eating right and exercising too, but I still think that’s an amazing result.”

“I began with Burn XT 4 weeks ago. It definitely boosts my energy in the morning. Seems to reduce my hunger too. I’ve gone strict with my diet and introduced a cardio workout to my daily routine. I’ve seen some reasonable weight loss and am happy with the results overall.”

A few negative reviews read:

“I have not really noticed any different at all – not weight loss, no increase of energy”

“No change at all. I even took a second bottle they offered me free of charge but it was totally worthless.”

BurnXT negative reviews
BurnXT negative reviews

“Didn’t do anything at all. I think I wasted my money.”

“I hate these pills. They make me sick to my stomach and I always feel really sleepy 4 hours after I take them. I can’t be doing with this.”

Does Burn XT Cause Side Effects

Some customer reviews mention side effects.

The most commonly reported ones are:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Bloating
  • Shaking
  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches

Sweating is a tough call. Depending on how bad it was, it may not be a side effect at all.

Thermogenic fat burners like Capsimax and green tea instigate a slight elevation in body temperature that causes the body to lose extra calories as heat. So light sweating may actually be a sign that the product is doing its job.

Most of the other side effects suggest the people concerned were not able to tolerate the high caffeine content.

Two capsules provide nearly as much caffeine as three cups of coffee. Some people may not be able to cope with such a bit hit of caffeine.

Although caffeine is a stimulant, it can also cause drowsiness. It’s part and parcel of a caffeine crash. [SOURCE]

No matter what the reason, the fact that side effects have been reported makes it wise for all potential users to ask a doctor for advice prior to commencing supplementation.

In fact, anyone who takes time to read the warming on the back of the bottle will see Jacked Factory offers the same advice.

The company also points out Burn XT is not intended for people who are under 18-years of age or for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who are caffeine sensitive are warned to refrain from using the product as well.

In addition to all this, the warning on the bottle also states it is unwise to use Burn XT alongside other sources of caffeine.

Where to Buy Burn XT and What is the Price

You can buy Burn XT directly from the Jacked Factory website, but the company only offers shipping options to Canada and the USA.

The only other option appears to be to make a purchase via Either way, you’re looking at paying around USD $30 per bottle with shipping charges on top.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules. That makes it good for 30 days of use if you are only taking one dose per day. If you take two doses per day, you will need a couple of bottles per month.

Is there a Guarantee

Jacked Factory promises a 100 percent refund to dissatisfied customers who make a return within 30 days of purchasing the offending product.

However, the guarantee may not be all it seems. For one thing, the returns page states the guarantee does not include return shipping and handling fees.

If Jacked Factory is subtracting a handling fee from a refund it cannot possibly be 100 percent. It would also be nice to know how much the handling fee is.

The site Terms and Conditions page raises further questions about the value of the guarantee.

It states:


That could suggest the company may only offer a refund for unused products. If so, that’s a returns policy, not a guarantee.


Burn XT contains some good ingredients and, in theory, they should help the product to do most of the things it’s supposed to do.

That’s presuming the ingredients have been obtained via quality suppliers and blended in an efficient way.

The problem with Burn XT is the caffeine content. It contains so much it will not be a good option for general weight loss. That’s no biggie because that’s not what it’s intended for anyway.

Unfortunately, many of the gym-goers it’s aimed at may find the caffeine contents is too low for their needs.

The other thing to be aware of is, although the formulation is good, it is not one of the best.

If it’s used in a sensible way, alongside the right diet and sufficient exercise, and if there are no tolerance issues, many people may find it gets the job done.

However, those who do not may find they have problems reclaiming their investment via the money back guarantee.

Top 3 FAQ’s

Can men and women use Burn XT

Yes, it is suitable for male and female customers

Is it vegetarian friendly

Yes Burn-XT is suitable for vegetarians

Can I buy Burn XT in Australia (outside of the US)

Yes, but only via the official website – a $30 shipping charge may be added to your purchase

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