Skinnytabs Review – Natural Fizzy Tablet

Skinnytabs claims to help customers boost metabolism, burn calories, reduce bloating and fight craving. All this with a fizzy tablet that you drink. Read the review and find out if it works.

Skinnytabs Review
Skinnytabs, a fizzy tablet dietary supplement – that has helped 150,000 customers boost metabolism, fight cravings, control appetite, increase energy, cleanse, flush toxins and lose weight! 

Nice looking brand.
Made by a reputable company.
Some positive customer reviews.

Not ideal if weight loss is your main reason for using.
Claims appear to be unsubstantiated.
Reasonably expensive.

Skinnytabs has some level of success for some people but it’s primarily a detox supplement. It’s never going to be capable of going head to head with any half-decent diet pill.

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Skinnytabs Review

Skinnytabs is a detox product. It comes in the form of a berry-flavored tablet you dissolve in water and consume as a drink.

It’s not unlike Boombod. It is also in the same genre as SuperGreen Tonik – a green powder drink

Detox products are quite popular because detoxing the body may improve the health, increase vitality, and make you less susceptible to disease.

A detox also has the potential to support weight loss so the manufacturers of some detox products market them toward people who want to lose weight.

That’s very much the case with Skinnytabs. The product is sold alongside the claim it provides 15 superfoods to help you slim down naturally.

Dietary Supplements

Skinnytabs Benefits

  • Flush away toxins
  • Boost energy
  • Suppress appetite
  • Burn fat
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce bloating
  • No laxatives

Who Makes Skinnytabs?

The Skinnytabs brand name is owned by Apptivi LLC. The company head office is in Texas and Skinnytabs appears to be its only product.

The company was incorporated in October 2018, so it’s not been around for long and it’s unclear what experience it has (if any) when it comes to producing health and wellness supplements.

Even though the company is still relatively new, it’s already got issues with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB website has an alert that accuses Apptivi of making false marketing claims.

Additionally, the BBB has questioned the company’s claim that the product originates in the USA.

Apptivi has provided proof the tablets are manufactured in the USA, but not where the ingredients come from.

At the time of this review, the BBB was still waiting for clarification of the ingredient origin and Apptivi was refusing to modify its marketing claims.


Skinnytabs BBB
Skinnytabs – can it really flush toxins, burn fat, boost energy and reduce bloating?

How Does Skinnytabs Work?

Every day we breathe in toxins. We also consume them with our food and even absorb them through our skin.

Tobacco smoke, fumes from vehicles, and household detergents: these are just a few of the things that present this threat.

The ingredients in Skinnytabs are meant to provide antioxidants and other natural compounds that purge the body of toxins and help you lose weight.

Is doing a detox really a good way to lose weight? Yes and no. Unfortunately, although a detox can help, a combination of diet and exercise should help you more.  So will any half-decent diet pill.

A detox is not without value though. When toxins build up in the body it can cause the metabolism to slow. This makes us burn less calories per day, making it easier to gain weight than it is to lose it.

The bottom line is Skinnytabs offers theoretical weight loss benefits. Just don’t expect it to get your body ready for the beach at a particularly rapid rate.

The official website claims it can boost metabolism, burn calories, reduce bloating, fight cravings, suppress appetite, increase energy, and help you lose weight.

Detoxes are quite controversial. Some experts say your body is more than capable of detoxing itself. It’s also likely that any weight you lose during a detox will be strictly short-term.

How Do You Use Skinnytabs?

You dissolve the tablets in water and take them before meals, up to three times per day.

If you are taking the maximum dose you will be going through three bottles of Skinnytabs per month. That’s going to make it an expensive product to use. You may want to bear that in mind.

Apptivi advises new users to begin with only one dose per day and to possibly only take half a tablet. If you

using cold water, it may take up to 8 minutes for the tablet to dissolve.

If you use warm water, you may only have to wait a couple of minutes before the solution is ready to drink.

Apptivi states it’s best to keep on using Skinnytabs for 2-3 months. If you want to use them for longer, Apptivi states that’s good too but the tablets contain aloe vera and it’s not suitable for use over long periods of time.

Skinnytabs Ingredient Profile and Blend Potential

The key ingredient is a proprietary blend. The tablets also contain sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, and potassium bicarbonate.

The two forms of sodium are common additions to dispersible tablets. Their presence helps the tablet dissolve.

Apptivi doesn’t explain why the tablets contain potassium. However, potassium is often added to sports drinks because the body uses it as an electrolyte.

Electrolyte imbalances in the body are often due to loss of fluids. Skinnytabs contains several diuretics so potassium may be included to prevent problems due to excessive urination.

The Skinnytabs Proprietary Blend (400 mg)

As is normally the case with proprietary blends, we can see what we have but don’t know how much. Bear that in mind as you continue to read.

No matter what an ingredient’s potential may be, it will only offer value if the formulation contains enough. Some ingredients may also cause problems if the inclusion rate is too high.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the 15 ingredients one by one.

1. Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea is a respected metabolism booster and fat burner.

Apart from supporting weight loss, it’s an excellent source of antioxidants.

Antioxidants help rid the body of free radical toxins. 

2. Matcha Green Tea

More green tea. Matcha is not an extract. It’s powdered leaf. It can be more potent than normal extracts but it doubtful this formulation will contain much at all.

3. Elderberry

Elderberry fruit is a good source of antioxidants but it’s not a common inclusion in formulations such as this.

4. Beetroot

Possibly an odd choice for a detox formulation, beetroot is an excellent source of nitrates.

A popular NO (nitrogen oxide) boosting food, it benefits the body and mind by improving the circulation. A main ingredient in Skinnytabs.

5. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is often included in detox products that aim to support liver health. Some bodybuilders use milk thistle alongside steroids in the hopes it will stop the steroids from causing damage.

6. Dandelion

Dandelion is a popular addition to detox products because it cleanses the liver and kidneys.

It’s a diuretic though. That makes it a good natural remedy for water retention.

6. Dandelion

Regardless of whether you have a problem with water retention, it will make you pee more.

Less water in your body will make you lighter but don’t mistake it for fat loss. As soon as you stop taking diuretics the water comes flooding back.

Dandelion may also boost appetite. That’s not ideal when you are hoping to lose weight.

7. Burdock

Burdock is full of antioxidants. It’s a good detox ingredient but it’s also a diuretic.

8. Ginger

Ginger aids digestion. It also has diuretic capabilities and may help lower cholesterol. Some people find ginger stimulates their appetite.

9. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm belongs to the mint family. It aids digestion and can be an effective natural remedy for an upset stomach.

10. Asian Ginseng

A famous “life-giving herb” that’s a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine. Ginseng is good for the mind and good for the body.

It’s also an aphrodisiac of longstanding reputation. Another main Skinnytabs ingredient.

11. Goji Berry

Many health claims are made for goji berries.

Glucose regulation, anti-aging, and better skin are just a few of the reasons people favor them.

Some research suggests goji berries are also very good for the liver.

12. Pomegranate

It may seem a strange addition to detox blend but pomegranate is rich in Vitamin C.

Apart from being good for the immune system, Vitamin C is also an antioxidant.

13. Chlorella

Chlorella is a type of algae that’s added to detox products because it may help rid the body of heavy metals. Animal studies support this theory, but there’s a lack of proof it can do the same for humans.

14. Wheat Grass

Wheatgrass is a more common addition to super-greens products. It’s very nutritious and included in Skinnytabs.

Tests on animals suggest it may also lower cholesterol and fight inflammation.

15. Aloe Vera

Wow! Aloe vera. What’s that doing here? It’s one of the most famous laxatives in the world and a damn odd inclusion for a formulation that’s sold with the promise it’s laxative-free.

aloe vera

No wonder the BBB dislikes some of the Skinnytabs marketing claims.

Aloe vera is often added to detox products because it can give your intestines a good cleanout.

However, experts say it’s not good to use aloe vera for long periods of time.

Apptivi suggests using this product for several months. That might be unwise. Having said that, there might not be enough aloe vera present to have any effect—good or bad.

Skinnytabs Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is plentiful but the reviews are a mix of good and bad. Some people rate the product highly, others say it does nothing at all.

Customer reviews for Skinny tabs
Customer reviews for Skinnytabs

Known Side Effects

Although many customers seem to be able to use Skinnytabs without issue, some people say the product made them unwell.

Reported side effects include:

  • Itchy skin
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Increased hunger
  • Jitters
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Dizziness

It’s never good to hear about side effects. The fact that this product contains aloe vera, which is not suitable for long-term use, is also an issue. It never pays to take chances. The best thing to do is to seek a doctor’s approval before adding Skinnytabs to your daily routine.

Is Skinnytabs Good for Weight Loss?

The product appears to work for some people but it’s primarily a detox supplement. It’s never going to be capable of going head to head with any half-decent diet pill.

I’ve also got to ask myself if the people who say it works for weight loss are not confusing water loss with fat loss. That’s an easy mistake to make with this type of product.

If it functions well as a laxative, that will confuse things even more.

It’s also worth remembering the entire propriety blend is only 400 mg. With 15 ingredients involved, a lot of inclusion rates have got to be very low.

Seriously! How powerful can this product be? Think about that question before you decide this product may be for you.

Where to Buy Skinnytabs

If you want to buy this product the two best options are the manufacturer’s website and Amazon. Unless you are willing to buy several bottles at once or commit to an auto-ship commitment, expect to pay between USD 50 – USD 80 per bottle.

If you want to take the maximum dose of three tablets per day, you will be looking at buying three bottles each month. Ouch! That’s a hefty price to pay for a product of such limited capabilities.


Skinnytabs has a 30-day money-back guarantee. It does not apply if you buy via auto-ship.

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