SuperGreen TONIK Review – All Your Daily Goodness in a Glass

Is it the best greens superfood powder? The one thing that got me to try SuperGreen Tonik was a random line on the official website. “All your vegetables in a glass”. I know all about the benefits of super greens, being in the trade an all… but my other half doesn’t. So when I told him to drink this and I won’t pester him to eat his 5 day he didn’t hesitate. He is now a customer.

Supergreen Tonik has 15 superfoods (minerals and vitamins) that supports energy levels, better focus and concentration, sleep, anxiety, health and better working immune function

Supergreens are not new they have been around for a good few years. But the products have either been super healthy and taste horrible or lovely tasting and full of additives.

This product is über healthy, tastes nice and also soothes the conscience as a $1 is donated to children less fortunate from every sale. There is also a 365 day guarantee – the longest in the industry by a country mile.

It’s ultra healthy
Made from organic ingredients with no added rubbish
It tastes nicer than competing brands
It is made by a company that cares (they donate a portion of every sale to children)
It is well priced
The guarantee is 365 days – one year.

Pricing is a bit confusing…just put the actual price man
No different currency options

There are several supergreen powder supplements on the market. In my mind this beats them all, it has the perfect balance. It’s made from organic ingredients, there is no soy and no dairy and no other pointless additives AND it tastes NICE

Some other brands taste like I’m drinking liquidized stinging nettle and I just hold my nose and concentrate on it’s wholesome green goodness.

But this one …. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is on a par with a Pina Coloada but I would wager it will be one of the nicest tasting green drinks you will drink.


The official website is the only stockists. The options are 1 tub at $89 or 3 tubs at $74 each. There is also a full year (365 days money back guarantee).

SuperGreen Tonik Review

There’s no great mystery here, the name says it all. SuperGreen TONIK is a supergreens product. Supplements of this type always take the form of a green powder.

Like the products, the color is natural. It’s due to the fact such formulations consist of powdered fruit and vegetables, many of which are green.

According to the marketing material, a single serving of SuperGreen TONIK is enough to cover your daily requirement for fruit and vegetables. It also states the formulation is far superior to any multivitamin product.

Can a scoop of powder really be the equivalent of the five servings of fruit and vegetable people are meant to eat per day? The answer to that is yes… sort of.

The thing to remember is most of the bulk in fruit and vegetables is water. Once that’s removed, there’s not a lot there. Using spinach as an example, would you believe each leaf is actually 91% water?

Once you remove the water from fruit and vegetables, all the vitamins and minerals should still be there.

The antioxidants should be too.  So, in theory, a single scoop of SuperGreen TONIK could be seen as being as good as several servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

However, in reality, it would be unwise to think of this or any other supergreens powder as a food substitute.

These types of product work best when you make efforts to eat healthy and use the powder to “supplement” your daily nutritional intake.

Supergreen powders sometimes are let down by the taste… not this one. It is the ultimate fuel for you body and min

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Who Makes SuperGreen TONIK?

As is often the case with many one-off supplements, SuperGreen TONIK is not just the name of the product, it’s the name of the company that produces it too.

It’s based in Delaware and uses a manufacturing plant in the USA.

The company was founded in early 2019 by Adam Wright. A former competitive Triathlete with a BSc in Sports Science, Adam created SuperGreen TONIK in response to his personal experiences with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Seeking a natural way of treating the condition, he tried a number of different brands of supplements.

None of them helped so he decided to try and come up with something better.

SuperGreen TONIK is the result.

Adam has been using his formulation to ward off fatigue and invigorate his body for several years. He’s now turned it into a commercial product.

However, it’s important to point out he did not go it alone.  Adam perfected his formulation with the help of a top US manufacturer.

Although Adam is very proud of his product, he continues to strive for perfection and plans to continually update and improve SuperGreen TONIK in response to the latest research and customer feedback.

It’s a nice story but many companies claim to have similar roots and goals.

The important thing to know is SuperGreen TONIK is a reputable company that offers good customer service along with a lengthy money back guarantee.

Advertised Benefits

  • Provides long-lasting energy
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Supports the immune system
  • Fights stress and aids relaxation
  • Delivers an increased feeling of well-being
  • 15 organic fruits & vegetables in a single drink

How the Formulation Works

SuperGreen TONIK is marketed as the “ultimate supplement for body and mind“.

The plant extracts, amino acids, and nutrients it provides are there to blow away mental fog and support healthy cognitive function, while also invigorating the body and supporting healthy immune function.

If you want to be the best you can be, both physically and mentally, your body requires the correct balance of nutrients.

Moreover, it requires this each and every day. As with all supergreens powders, SuperGreen TONIK is highly nutritious and presents a good way to help keep nutrient intake on track.

super green powders
You can make it fancy or just neck it from a beaker the results will be the same

SuperGreen TONIK Contains 16 Active Ingredients.

Each of them is included as part of one of three main blends. However, it’s important to point out these are not proprietary blends, as such, because all inclusion rates are provided.

The blends only exist to indicate the main reason for the inclusion. It’s a way of stressing key capabilities, not an effort to withhold weights and measures.

In reality, all the ingredients will benefit the mind and body in numerous ways. The blend allocation is more an indication of the manufacturer’s interpretation of their importance.

For instance, due to its ability to reduce anxiety and improve reaction time and task performance, ashwagandha is part of the Nootropic Blend.

However, although there is research that proves it can do these things, ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a versatile adaptogen herb that can benefit the health in numerous ways.

One of the many things the herb can do is boost testosterone and increase male virility. It also reduces inflammation and may have the potential to lower cholesterol and fight obesity.

The bottom line is, SuperGreen TONIK is a supplement that gives the body a massive nutritional top-up and, by providing important antioxidants, the plant extracts it contains will also help prevent oxidative stress. Antioxidants are important. They detox the body, help prevent disease, and have anti-aging capabilities too. (

How SuperGreen TONIK Compares to Other Supergreens Products

One of the best things about SuperGreen TONIK is the total transparency over the inclusion rates. The manufacturers of many competing products fail to provide this important ingredient information.

SuperGreen TONIK is also marketed in a way that puts facts before hype. Instead of making a lot of wild claims, the manufacturer provides links to studies that show what the ingredients can really do.

The flavor is also a point of interest. SuperGreen TONIK tastes of mint. Most supergreens products don’t have any added flavor and often don’t taste too good. SuperGreen TONIK also contains a little stevia leaf extract to provide some natural sweetness.

Mint is actually an excellent choice. It’s a very refreshing flavor.

Most people like mint. That’s probably why so many brands of toothpaste taste of mint.

The other thing that makes this product stand out from the competition is the guarantee. It’s unusually long. The manufacturers of many other supergreens products provide no guarantees at all.

SuperGreen TONIK Dosage and Usage Guidelines

The dose is one scoop (12 g) per day. There doesn’t appear to be any hard and fast rules about the best time to take SuperGreen TONIK, but the suggested times are in the morning or mid-afternoon.

How to use Super Green Tonik
Usage instructions aren’t super complicated

Making the drink is easy. It’s just a case of stirring the powder into a glass of water or adding it to a smoothie.

Using cool or chilled water will help bring out the best of the flavor. Customers who have an aversion to drinking mint-flavored drinks can mix the powder with their favorite fruit juice instead. This is also a good way to add a little variety to the flavor.

Ingredient Profile

Each 12 g serving of SuperGreen TONIK provides:

Greens Blend (100% Organic Ingredients)

  • Kale Leaf Powder (2,000 mg)
  • Spirulina Powder (2,000 mg)
  • Spinach Leaf Powder (1,000 mg)
  • Barley Grass Powder (1,000 mg)
  • Chorella (1,000 mg)
  • Horseradish (Moringa) Leaf Powder (500 mg)

Nootropic Blend

  • Ashwagandha Root Extract  (500 mg)
  • Rhodiola Root Powder (300 mg)
  • Bacopa Leaf Powder (300 mg)
  • Ginkgo Leaf Powder (250 mg)
  • L-Theanine (250 mg)
  • L-Tyrosine  (240 mg)

Immune Blend

  • Dandelion Leaf Extract (500 mg)
  • Garlic Bulb Extract  (250 mg)
  • Olive Leaf Extract (250 mg)
ingredient profile
What is in the ingredient profile

What the Ingredients Should Do

All the ingredients all have a varied range of capabilities. For the purposes of this review, I’m going to concentrate on the blends and their ability to fulfill their roles in the SuperGreen TONIK formulation.

Greens Blend

The first thing to be aware of is all the ingredients that make up the Greens Blend are organic. Ingredients of this nature tend to have a higher nutritional value. They are also richer in antioxidants.

When crops are grown in an organic way, they are not exposed to pesticides and other chemical compounds that may be passed on to the end consumer. That’s one of the main reasons organic food and products are so popular. (

Of the three blends, the Greens Blend is going to be the most nutritionally rich.

Kale is a major source of nutrients and antioxidants. It contains so much Vitamin C, a single cup of raw, chopped kale can provide double the RDA (recommended daily amount).

Kale is also a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, is high in fiber, and even boasts anti-viral capabilities.

Spirulina is another excellent addition. It’s a species of algae that’s so nutritious NASA has used it to nourish its astronauts while they were in space and you may be surprised to learn it’s super-high in protein. Pound for pound, it contains more protein than lean red meat.

Apart from being a nutritional powerhouse, spirulina reduces blood pressure. It’s a very heart-friendly ingredient as well. All the other inclusion in the SuperGreen TONIK Greens Blend are appropriate inclusions too.

Most people are aware of the health-boosting capabilities of spinach. Few are likely to realize the value of barley grass, chorella, and horseradish. All of them are highly nutritious and full of fiber. Horseradish is also antibacterial so, in actual fact, it would be an equally good fit for the Immune Blend.

Nootropic Blend

This is the brain blend. It consists of four plant extracts and two amino acids. Ashwagandha root provides compounds that prevent anxiety and stress. They achieve this by lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

This popular medicinal/nootropic herb enhances memory function and supports improvements in reaction time, task performance, and attention.

Rhodiola rosea is a perennial, flowering plant grows in various parts of the world and is sometimes propagated as a groundcover.

One of the things it’s known for is its ability to reduce mental fatigue. Additionally, rhodiola rosea can also boost motivation, fight stress, improve the mood, and increase mental focus.

Bacopa monnieri is a popular nootropic ingredient that comes from a creeping plant. Among other things, it improves memory and enhances clarity of thought.

Many people say bacopa monnieri provides brain-boosting benefits that are at least similar to those of the medication Piracetam. Some people even claim the plant extract is superior.

People use ginkgo biloba to boost memory function. It achieves this by boosting blood flow to the brain.

L-theanine and l-tyrosine are amino acids. As such they are vital to protein synthesis and cellular repair. However, both of them also boast various nootropic capabilities as well.

Immune Blend

Less complex than the other two blends, the Immune Blend still contains some valid inclusions.

Dandelion is generally best known for its ability to function as a diuretic and prevent water retention. However, the ingredient can do much more.

Often cursed as a weed, dandelion is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K; along with potassium and magnesium.

However, the fact that it provides inulin is probably of greater value here. Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that feeds the good bacteria present in the gut. These “probiotic” bacteria boost immune function and support good health in numerous ways.

Garlic is an equally fitting inclusion. Boosting immune function is just one thing it can do. Garlic has a long history of medicinal use and is famous for its natural antibacterial capabilities.

Several studies suggest this somewhat smelly bulb can reduce susceptibility to colds by as much as 60%.

Olive leaf extract is another good addition. Apart from modulating immune response, the compounds the ingredient provides can reduce inflammation and are also good for the heart.

SuperGreen TONIK Customer Response

At the time of this review, SuperGreen TONIK was still pretty new to the market and customer reviews were in pretty short supply. However, the overall response to the product is very good.

customer reviews and testimonials
customer reviews and testimonials

SuperGreen TONIK Side Effects

SuperGreen TONIK is a natural product that only contains organic ingredients. There are no known side effects. Nor are side effects likely.

Super greens are one of the healthiest supplement types on the market. Unless you are allergic to spinach or one of the other natural ingredients the powder provides you should be able to use SuperGreen TONIK without any negative issues at all.

Hit or Miss? Does SuperGreen TONIK Work

The manufacturer makes certain claims for this product and the good news is those claims can be supported by the abilities of the ingredients it provides. It’s a damn good supergreens product. It should also taste a lot better than the other options on the market.

Although taste should not be the main consideration when choosing a product such as this, for many people it is. That makes it all the more unfortunate that so many supergreens taste so bad. No doubt the minty taste of this one will help further boost its popularity.

There are no real negatives to worry about here, but one aspect of the way SuperGreen TONIK is marketed is not ideal.

No matter how good it is, the product should never be seen as a substitute for fruit and vegetables.

By stating “All your daily vegetables in a glass” the SuperGreen TONIK website may encourage people to think of the product as a valid replacement. This is my only real gripe.

However, SuperGreen TONIK is easily one of the best supergreens products on the market and, if used in combination with a healthy, well-balanced diet, it should have much to offer.

Highly Recommended

Where to Buy SuperGreen Tonik

You can only buy SuperGreen TONIK directly from the manufacturer’s website. Each tub provides a 30-day supply of servings. As far as the price goes, the cost per tub is normally $89.

However, bulk buy discounts bring the price down to just $74 per tub when customers add an extra couple of bottles to their orders.

Buy SuperGreen Tonik
For special offers and savings visit the official website


As far as the guarantee goes, SuperGreen TONIK is pretty much unbeatable. It’s good for 365 days.


Is SuperGreen TONIK suitable for vegans?

The formulation contains Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol. The compound is made by the ultraviolet irradiation of 7-dehydrocholesterol extracted from lanolin found in sheep’s wool. For this reason, SuperGreen TONIK is unsuitable for vegans.

Does the formulation contain any GMO ingredients?

No. none of the inclusions come from sources that have been genetically modified in any way.

Why is drinking SuperGreen TONIK better than taking vitamins and minerals?

Although pills provide a quick way to get extra vitamins and minerals into the body, that’s all they do. SuperGreen TONIK provides antioxidants and natural fiber as well. Many of the inclusions also have medicinal value and can be good for the health in many other ways as well.

Can I buy SuperGreen Tonik in Australia

Yes it is available for purchase in all countries but orders are made exclusively on the official website

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