Boombod Reviews – Does this UK Weight Loss Shot Drink Really Work?

Boombod is regularly advertised in the media. It is targeted for the UK but the United States are starting to advertise this ‘weight loss sensation’. It is a diet drink that is said to reduce appetite, boost energy and burn fat. It is available in 3 flavours now – mango, lime and the original blackcurrant. Does it really work? Read our independent and impartial review for 2022.

Boombod has benefitted from some heavy media exposure in the UK, US and Australia. This review shall remain impartial

The brand, marketing and message is very good
Contains a good quantity of glucomannan
A high proportion of positive reviews from customers

Some negative reviews from customer are being suppressed
A lot hype connected to the product
Very expensive

Boombod is a very good looking brand. A lot of customers have experienced weight loss using it. Our main beef with Boombod is that it appears they are not too keen on any negative feedback (which is understandable) – but it gives credence and balance. It is an expensive product that is essentially just an appetite suppressant. We would recommend you look elsewhere at a multiple benefit diet supplement.

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Boombod is a diet shot drink that is advertised everywhere – predominately in the UK (the Daily Mail, The Sun and other newspapers and media outlets). Gemma Collins and Kate Price are amongst its celebrity dieters. This review will highlight Boombod’s positive and negatives without adding to the weight loss hysteria that seem to be surrounding it.

Boombod is the most delicious way to lose weight! Boombod is a clinically proven, scientifically formulated meal replacement and appetite suppressant that will help you manage your cravings for sugary treats. It contains the all-natural ingredient glucomannan, which helps take the edge off hunger pangs while also making you feel satisfied between meals. With 100% natural ingredients in every packet (including vitamins and minerals), it doesn’t get much healthier than this!

What Is Boombod

Boombod weight loss shot drink is a weight management product that primarily functions as an appetite suppressant.

It can also decrease bloating. It is gluten free, sugar and aspartame free and only contains 10 calories per serving.

It’s a good looking brand with lots of positive customer back.

There are a few elements though that may cause you to think carefully before buying!

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Boombod Review

Boom Bod has benefited from a lot of media attention in the UK and there continues to be quite a big buzz going on.

Here some of the latest Amazon reviews from customers

Amazon reviews for Boombod
Amazon reviews for Boombod

Easily one of the more expensive weight loss products on the market, it was originally marketed towards women.

results of using Boom Bod for 1 week
Boombod results

There’s now a version for men. It’s called Boombod Black. Whether men would use a slimming product that so female focused is another question.

Boombod Black
BoomBod Black

However, looking at the ingredient information available via the manufacturer’s website, the active ingredients are the same.

The only difference is the black packaging and black cherry flavor.

Is black cherry a more manly flavor for some reason? Apparently so.

Boombod comes in a number of pack sizes. The smallest one lasts for seven days. The largest one is good for 28 days.

Most weight management products are sold in a 30-day supply.

Where to Buy Boombod – it appears that Holland and Barrett and Superdrug have the lowest price (for UK customers) at £29.99 for 21 sachets. This is enough for 7 days and works out to be £1.43 per sachet. In the US it’s $39.99 for the 7 Day Achiever and available to purchase via the official website

However, the smaller pack sizes are not the only thing that’s makes Boombod a little different.

There are many forms of weight management product on the market. Diet pills are the most popular.

Boombod diet drink is a flavored powder you mix with water and consume as a drink.

The powder comes in individual one-shot sachets that provide the correct dose. This is not unique, but it is a good idea.

This type of supplement is also ideal for people who find it difficult to swallow pills.

The unusual thing about Boombod is, the three sachets required per day are all slightly different. It’s intended to be a kind of three-stage system.

Make no mistake about it though the differences are not that great.

The thing all three sachets have in common is a hefty dose of glucomannan.

That’s no bad thing. Glucomannan is one of the best natural appetite suppressing ingredients in the world.

What is Glucomannan and How Does It Aid Weight Loss?

Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber.

It comes from the roots of the Asian konjac plant, which is also sometimes called Elephant’s ear. It has a number of other names as well.

This versatile plant is a good low-calorie food that’s used in a number of Asian dishes.

Glucomannan weight loss results
Glucomannan appetite supressant

It’s also not without medicinal value. For instance, one of the things glucomannan can do is lower cholesterol. It is one of the most clinically studied slimming ingredients in the diet industry.

However, in the Western World, people are mainly interested in glucomannan for one thing—weight loss.

One of the most unusual things about the fiber taken from glucomannan root is its incredibly absorbent nature.

It can soak up many times its own weight in water and do so quite fast.

Once activated by the water, the glucomannan fibers swell and form a gel.

When this happens within the confines of the human digestive organs, it creates a feeling of satiety that reduces the desire for food.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has examined all the most prominent research and agrees glucomannan can suppress appetite and support weight loss.

Additionally, the EFSA suggests a dose of 1g glucomannan, taken three times per day, before meals. 

The Boombod formulation and usage guidelines match the specified criteria.

Testimonials from customers
Testimonials from customers who have claimed to have lost weight

Boombod Manufacture and Distribution

Boombod weight loss shot drink is manufactured and distributed by Boombod LTD. Everything checks out. It’s a real company that’s registered with the British Companies House.

According to official records, the registered office is in Essex and the company was incorporated in July 2013, under the name WE R Brand Limited.

In February 2016, the company ditched its original name in favor of the present one.

Sometimes companies change their name to make a fresh start after acquiring a bad reputation.

That’s doesn’t appear to be the case here. Everything is all above board.

Neither Boombod nor WE R Brand Limited feature on any scam warning sites or consumer complaint boards.

Before and after Boombod
Before and after Boombod

What are the Boombod Benefits

All three formulations are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. Each one contains just 10 calories and allegedly reduces bloating.

The main claim is that Boombod provides a quick and tasty way to lose weight without feeling hunger. This an ability that all three daily shots share.

Each one also contains a blend of vitamins and minerals intended to provide additional benefits:

  • Morning Energizer: Provides 1g glucomannan, along with Vitamin C,  iron, magnesium, and other ingredients to contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • Afternoon Motivator: Provides 1g glucomannan and also contains vitamins and minerals specially selected to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Night Rejuvenator: Provides 1g glucomannan, along with Vitamin D, biotin, and selenium to contribute to the upkeep of normal skin and hair.

Basically, the first two daily shots should do similar things—help you avoid energy slumps. Most good diet pills do this too.

As for the final shot of the day, it may appeal to women who are looking for something to suppress their hunger at night and help keep them looking beautiful. A few natural fat burners would be more useful inclusions.

Boombod Dosage and Usage Guidelines

For best results, you need to drink the Morning Energizer shot 30 minutes before breakfast. The Afternoon Motivator and Nigh Rejuvenator shots are taken 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, respectively.

There’s nothing complicated going on. It’s just a case of ripping open the relevant sachet and placing it in a medium-sized shot glass.

Next, stirring all the while, add water until the glass is a quarter full.

Then drink it. It’s best not to hang around. The faster you can mix it and drink it the better.

The main ingredient (glucomannan) stars to thicken up fast when it comes in contact with water. Wait too long and you will be drinking something with a texture like wallpaper paste.

Of course, this is not a problem you would have with glucomannan diet pills.

After drinking the shot, it’s necessary to follow it with a full glass of water. This fully activates the glucomannan to produce the maximum appetite suppressing effect.

By the time you eat your meal, 30 minutes later, your stomach should already be feeling pretty full.

This is the beauty of glucomannan.

By filling your pre-meal stomach, it helps you feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

How Does Boombod Work

Appetite suppression is the important feature common to all three blends. Be they diet pills, diet drops, weight loss patches, or drink mixes, products that suppress appetite have a lot of value.

Let’s be honest here though.

Appetite suppressants don’t make you lose weight. It’s your low-calorie diet that does that.

Exercise helps, of course, but a low-calorie diet is the key to weight loss success.

A low-calorie diet is just what it sounds like. It’s a diet that’s low in calories.

Actually, to be effective it has to be so low that it fails to provide your body with the energy it needs. That’s what forces it to start burning fat.

There are two aspects to a low-calorie diet. First of all, it shouldn’t involve foods that are high in fat or sugar.

Foods of this nature are very good at pushing your daily calorie intake over the top.

Secondly, a low-calorie diet involves eating smaller portions at meal times and resisting the tendency to snack.

The problem is, as soon as you start eating less your body is likely to respond by hitting you with hunger pangs.

Often times, these pangs can be extreme, leading to untold misery. Show me a person who says they don’t mind being hungry and I’ll show you a liar.

The distracting, unpleasant nature of hunger is one of the main reasons so many diets fail.

Appetites suppressants reduce hunger, taking much of the misery out of dieting and making it easier to lose weight. This is what Boombod is designed to do.

However, each of the three formulations also provides some extra whistles and bells. Though, if you look at the three formulations side by side you will see there is not a great deal of difference between them.

The Morning Energizer

The Morning Energizer helps you to eat a smaller breakfast without feeling hungry before lunch.

Will it really energize you? It may do because the formulation contains Vitamin B6. It helps the body get energy from food and put it to use.

Boombod Morning Energizer
Boombod Morning Energizer

Vitamin B6 is an energy drink ingredient. However, in energy drinks, it doesn’t have to go it alone.

It’s normally paired with Vitamin B12, which has similar abilities. Energy drinks have other energy-boosting ingredients too, such as taurine.

Here, Vitamin B6 is more or less going it alone.

The Afternoon Motivator

The second shot of the day should help you to eat less at lunch and, hopefully, remain hunger-free until your evening meal.

Will it motivate you during the afternoon and help you avoid fatigue? It got a few good vitamins and minerals that may perk you up.

Boombod Afternoon Motivator
Boombod Afternoon Motivator

It’s also got that other energy drink ingredient, Vitamin B12, but no Vitamin B6. The truth is, you’d probably be better off with a cup of coffee. But, hey! At least Boombod is 100% stimulant-free.

The Night Rejuvenator

The third shot of glucomannan should help you keep your evening meal portion size under control.

Boombod Night Rejuvinator
Boombod Night Rejuvinator

As for its other raison d’ê·tre (hair and nails),the presence of biotin in the formulation should be able to take care of that.

It’s also good for the nerves. (

Boombod Customer Reviews

The Boombod website pulls in the latest Trustpilot customer reviews and uses them. At the time of this review, there were 1,357 reviews and the overall rating was “Excellent”.

However, it has to be said, Boombod is monitoring the site closely.  I found a negative review that was published a few days previously and Boombod had already reported it to Trustpilot.

Boombod review

That meant I couldn’t read the review because the site was still investigating Boombod’s claims that it violated the site rules.

I found many more reviews that were removed, pending investigation. In fact, several reviewers state they feel it’s difficult to publish an unfavorable review.

It’s also worth noting most of the reviews were being made by people who had never reviewed products for the site before. That’s a little strange.

Boombod reviews from Trustpilot
Boombod reviews from Trustpilot

However, most of the negative reviews that have got through are mostly from people complaining about delivery problems and poor customer service.

Few of them are by people saying the product does not work.

Boombod Amazon

Boombod products are also available via other sources including Amazon and Holland & Barrett (in the UK).

Both sites provide further sources of feedback.

Although most of the Holland and Barrett reviews are good, Amazon feedback is a mix of good and bad.

Celebrity Endorsements

A number of celebrities admit to using Boombod, including the former Page 3 girl and reality TV star, Katie Price and Gemma Collins

She has a lot of good things to say about the product. However, it’s important to point out there are allegations things may not be as clear cut as they seem.


Gemma Collins before and after
Gemma Collins before and after with Boom Bod

Does Boombod Cause Side Effects?

Glucomannan is not an ingredient that normally causes problems. The various vitamins and mineral involved are unlikely to present issue either.

However, the shots contain acidity regulators, artificial sweeteners, and food colorants. That means it’s hard to rule out side effects entirely.

As with any other supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing a child, or under medical supervision, it’s advisable to check with a doctor before using Boombod.

Does Boombod Work? Can it Help You Lose Weight?

Boombod contains one of the best natural appetite suppressants in the world and the inclusion rate is bang on.

If people use it correctly, the product should help them to reduce their portion sizes and eat less without feeling hungry.

The other ingredients may help the three formulations to provide the additional benefits Boombod promises.

The company is obviously policing it’s feedback and trying to suppress negative comments.

However, if there is a problem with Boombod it’s more to do with administration and delivery than product ability.

Although a few people claim the product let them down, this is likely to be due to failure to follow the right kind of diet.

Appetite suppressants only help you to eat less.

That won’t be much benefit if the food you do eat is high in fat and sugar. Sacrifices have to be made.

Use this product correctly and it will control your appetite. However, it does not contain any powerful fat burning ingredients, so there are other products that will surely help you more.

The other problem with Boombod weight loss shot drink is the price. It’s expensive. You could get a similar level of appetite suppression by buying a bog-standard glucomannan diet pill. Do that and you will pay considerably less.

As for the other Boombod benefits, you could probably attain similar results from a good multivitamin and mineral product. Again, this would be a much cheaper way to go.

Boombod is a well-presented diet product that should do what it says on the tin. However, it’s going to be an expensive way to go. If help with hunger is your primary concern and you don’t mind paying top-dollar prices, by all means, give this one a go.

Where to Buy Boombod

It very much focused towards the UK and Ireland. The marketing is mainly in Britain.

Having said that it is possible to buy Boombod in Australia, Canada and the United States. Amazon would possible best bet.

Although it’s possible to buy Boombod via the manufacturer’s website, doing so may not be the best option.

There are too many complaints about delivery delays and poor customer service.

With this in mind, buying via Amazon or Holland & Barrett may be a better idea – (especially if you are from the UK or Ireland).

The flavor choices are blackcurrant, lemon-lime, and orange mango. There’s also a black cherry option, called Boombod Black, that’s aimed at men.

How Much Does Boombod Cost

Boombod is available in 7-day, 14-day, and 28-day pack sizes:

It is typically sold in the UK and pricing is as follows;

  • 7 Day Achiever  (£29.99)
  • 14 Day Achiever (£59.98)
  • 28 Day Achiever (£119.96)

It is also sold in the the United States with typical prices being:

  • 7 Day Achiever  ($39.99)
  • 14 Day Achiever ($79.99)
  • 28 Day Achiever ($159.99)

Make no mistake about it, using this product will be a costly way to lose weight.

The official site sometimes has buy one get one free deals across the complete range of products.

That certainly sweetens the pot but, even then, using Boombod is likely to cost you double what you would pay for an alternative product.


Boombod customers don’t get the reassurance of a money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternative

Recommended alternative: We view PhenQ as a better alternative. It contains highly effective ingredients for weight loss. In addition it contains thermogenic fat burning ingredients to help actively reduce existing body fat. Read more about it here


Can I drink alcohol while using Boombod?

There is nothing in the product that will interact badly with alcohol or prevent you from drinking it. However, alcohol is high in calories.
In its pure form, alcohol provides seven calories per gram. This is on top of the calories provided by the ingredients it contains. If you are serious about losing weight you may want to consider reducing or avoiding alcohol consumption.

Does Boombod burn fat?

Not directly. That’s one of its greatest failings. Although it can help you stick to a low-calorie diet that necessitates the need for fat burning, the product does not contain any natural metabolism boosters or thermogenic fat burners to encourage you to burn extra calories and fat.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are not likely. However, if you have any existing health problems or concerns,  or are pregnant or nursing a child, you should check with a doctor before using Boombod

Does it matter which diet plan I use?

No. Any low-calorie diet will do. Getting more exercise is also a good idea. It will speed up the results.

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