Genius Burn 2 Review – Fat Burner and Nootropic Supplement

Genius Burn is both a fat burner and a nootropic supplement. It aims to reduce mental fog (or improve brain health) while dieting. It is weight loss capsule with difference. But does it live up to expectation. Read our review.

Genius Burn review
Genius Burn review

Genius Burn is one of several health and wellness products produced by a company called Genius Brand.

It is being advertised now as Genius Burn 2.0 and claims to be a true multi-tiered approach to weight loss.

Made by a reputable company without any prior black marks
Contains good fat burning ingredients such as Capsimax
Contains some good nootropic ingredients
Some good reviews from customers

Not the strongest weight loss formula
Not the strongest nootropic formula
Some reviews from customers could questionable
Money back guarantee is unclear

Genius Burn is a good product but it’s not a great product. Supplements that try to be too many things often fail at everything. If you want a fat burner I wouldn’t buy GeniusBurn .. similarly if I wanted to buy a nootropic I wouldn’t buy Burn either.

I do however fully support multi benefit product in the same genre. For example PhenQ is a fat burner that also offers appetite reduction benefits and also a fat blocking action. I have reviewed PhenQ here


Genius Brand appears to be based in Georgia, USA. The company began by selling products via Amazon and has recently expanded its operations by selling via its company website too.

I did some checks to see if I could find any complaints about the company and never found any, so it appears Genius Brand is keeping its nose clean.

Although the product the company sells on Amazon goes under the name Genius Burn, the product on the Genius Brand website appears under the name Genius Burn 2.0.

The label just says Genius Burn. The important thing to know is both products are the same.

This product has been around for a while. I reviewed it for another site around three years ago.

I still have my original research and it appears the present formulation is a little different to the one used a few years ago. However, the differences are minimal.

Genius Burn fat burner
Genius Burn 2 – weight loss and brain health

Genius Burn Vs. the Alternatives

Genius Burn is an unusual product. It’s supposed to be a fat burner and brain-boosting supplement (nootropic) rolled into one.

I don’t find that a particularly smart combination.

Lots of people take nootropic supplements. There’s a big market for them. The market for fat burners and other types of weight management supplement is bigger still.

The number of people who are looking for both benefits together will be much smaller.

For anyone who does want a fat-burning nootropic, Genius Burn could be right up their street.

However, for those people who are serious about losing their fat, this clever product may be carrying too much dead weight.

Fat burners and appetite suppressants would be a more useful combination.

That’s not to say, the nootropic ingredients don’t have value in weight loss.

Promised Benefits

  • Enhances fat burning
  • Eliminates mental fatigue
  • Maintains stable blood sugar levels
  • Provides thyroid support

What’s the Best Way to Use Genius Burn?

As with any other supplement, the best way to use Genius Burn is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Many diet pills contain ingredients that can fight mental fatigue, but they normally contain other useful weight loss ingredients too.

Genius Brand suggest new users begin by taking one capsule two times per day, for the first three days. This is so they can monitor for tolerance issues.

If no problems arise, it should be okay to take the standard dose of two capsules two times per day. “Accustomed” users who want maximum benefits can up the dose to two capsules three times per day.

The best time to take the doses is 30-45 minutes before meals and Genius Burn also suggests a minimum treatment period of 60 days.

Using Genius Burn alongside diet and exercise is highly recommended.

Genius Burn
Genius Burn smart fat burner with nootropic

Ingredient Profile

Two capsules provide:

  • KSM-66 (300mg)
  • Cognizin (200mg)
  • TeaCrine (100mg)
  • Genius TruLean System-1 (50mg)
  • Capsimax (25mg)
  • L-Theanine (100 mg)
  • AstraGin (25mg)
  • Huperzia Serrata (5mg)

What Do the Ingredients Do?


KSM-66 is a high-concentration ashwagandha root extract. You can find it some diet pills and in certain sports supplements as well.

Some studies show KSM-66 may improve muscle function, stamina, and focus. Hence its use in sports supplements.

Research shows Ashwagandha may also support healthy thyroid function. (

The thyroid is an important gland. It produces the hormones (T3 + T4) that govern metabolism. When the thyroid becomes sluggish it can cause weight gain, so many diet pills contain ingredients that can support thyroid health.


Cognizin is a branded form of citicoline. Research suggests it may be useful for treating memory disorders. This appears to be due to its ability to restore cell lipid structures along with certain neurotransmitter functions.


TeaCrine is a patented theocrine extract. It boosts energy and focus in a similar way to caffeine but does it in a gentler way. This makes it a good option for people who want all the power of a caffeine buzz without any of the nasty side effects.

Genius TruLean System-1

The way this is presented on the label, it appears to be a proprietary blend that belongs to Genius Brand. It’s not. It only contains Paradoxine.

Paradoxine is branded extract taken from the plant Aframomum melegueta. It’s commonly called “grains of paradise” and is a member of the ginger family.

Limited evidence suggests grains of paradise increases energy expenditure and fat loss. (


Capsimax is an award-winning proprietary blend of capsicum extract created by OmniActive Health Technologies.

It harnesses the proven fat burning capabilities of capsicum but has none of the normal capsicum burn that could upset the stomach.

Thanks to the use of a clever (patented) “OmniBead” technology, the capsicum is not released until it enters the intestines. This spares the stomach from the heat it may find difficult to handle.


L-Theanine is an amino acid. Green and black tea are both good sources. It has the ability to calm the mind without causing sedation.

Supplement manufacturers often use L-Theanine in combination with caffeine because it can make the stimulant easier to tolerate.

When paired, the combination is sometimes referred to as Smart Caffeine. It provides all the normal caffeine benefits without the risk of jitters or crash. (


AstraGin is a proprietary blend of Panax ginseng extract. The brand name belongs to NuLiv science and the company makes many claims for the abilities of AstroGin.

The main claim regards the ingredients ability to encourage healthier gut function. If it does all the things NuLiv claim, it should help the body absorb nutrients more efficiently and, of course, the important compounds provided by the other ingredients in the Genius Burn formulation.

Huperzia Serrata

This ingredient is also known as club moss. It’s sometimes used in nootropic supplements because it appears to be a natural acetylcholinesterase (AchE) inhibitor.

AchE is an enzyme that breaks down stores of acetylcholine. By doing so, huperzia serrata encourages higher levels of acetylcholine, thereby improving brain function.

Are There Any Customer Reviews?

Genius Burn has attained an impressive number of Amazon customer reviews and most of them are incredibly good.

When I see a product that has such a lot of positive feedback it makes me suspicious so I checked the URL using the FakeSpot website.

FakeSpot gives Genius Burn a “C”. That’s not as good as an “A”, but it’s a lot better than an “F”. It’s also a lot better than I expected it to be.

The FakeSpot engine thinks there may be some level of deception involved, but its analysis suggests 76.2% of the reviews are reliable.

Genius Burn review grade
Genius Burn review grade

Is There a Risk of Side Effects?

Genius Brand doesn’t mention the possibility of side effects.  There is a warning notice on the back of the tub.

It points out the wisdom of not using the product during pregnancy without obtaining medical advice. It suggests the same to people suffering from any known medical conditions. That’s pretty standard stuff.

The company provides a further safety warning to potential Amazon customers.

It recommends significantly increasing water consumption during the treatment period.

This will help users to avoid dehydration, along with the headaches and other problems the condition can cause.

Drinking more water could be good advice. A number of former users say complain Genius Burn caused them to sweat profusely.

Customer reviews also suggest some users may find the formulation may be hard on the stomach.

However, the majority of users don’t report experiencing any negative issues at all. So, bearing in mind the high volume of reviews, the chance of side effects appears to be extremely slim.

Does it Work? (Can You Lose Weight with Genius Burn?)

Genius Burn contains Capsimax. It’s a powerful fat burner so the product should have the ability to help people to lose weight.  The formulation also contains some good nootropic ingredients so it should offer improvements in cognitive function too.

However, if your main focus is weight loss, there are other products that are better geared to give you the help you need. The same can be said about its abilities as a nootropic.

Where to Buy Genius Burn

Genius Burn used to be exclusive to but Genius Brand built a company website in 2018 and now distributes its products via the site as well.

At the time of this review, Genius Burn had a price tag of $49.99 per bottle. At first blush, that seems pretty reasonable.

However, it’s actually an expensive product to use. Anyone using the maximum dose of six capsules per day will find each tub is only good for 10 days.

Even at the standard dose of four capsules per day, a tub is only going to last for 15 days. That means the cost of using Genius Burn will be around $100-$150 per month.

However, although a few customers may fail to realize the true cost implications involved, Genius Brand does not try to hide the fact that Genius Burn is an expensive product to use.

The company admits it on the Genius Burn sales page on Amazon. It explains the extra cost is due to the use of high-quality ingredients.

Like all Genius Brand products, Genius Burn is only available to customers residing in the USA. The company does not ship to addresses elsewhere in the world.

When I visited to check the latest price, Genius Burn was unavailable so I checked the manufacturer’s website. Genius Burn was sold out. So were most of the company’s other products.

Perhaps Genius Brand products are so popular the company cannot manufacture them fast enough to keep up with demand.

Then again, there could be other issues surrounding its manufacture. There is no way to be certain, but one way or another, Genius Burn may be a hard product to get hold of.


Genius Burn has a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, it’s unclear how long it lasts because the sales page on the Genius Brand website states two different durations.

The guarantee presented under the heading “100% Money Back Guarantee” states all purchases have the 90-day Genius promise.

However, the “Genius Promise”, which is located a little higher up the page, states customers who are unhappy with their purchase only have 30 days to return their product and ask for a refund.

90 Days?

90 day guarantee
90 day guarantee

Or 30 Days?

or 30 day guarantee
or 30 day guarantee

Furthermore, the Genius Guarantee states the 30-day period begins on the ship date.

That’s not good. If the postal service is slow it could significantly diminish the value of the guarantee.

Having said that, anyone taking the maximum dose of six capsules per day will only get 10 days out of a bottle.

That may still allow enough time to try the product out and then ask for your money back if you feel a refund is warranted.

All things considered, if I was thinking of buying Genius Burn, and I’m not, I’d only place a single-bottle order.

Even then I’d only do so if I knew my local postal service was working in a fast and efficient way.

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