XLS Medical Max Strength Review – with Clavitanol

XLS Medical Max Strength is available in the USA, UK and mainland Europe. It is one of the most recognizable weight loss products on the market. A fat blocker by definition, XLS has positives and negatives – find out what they are in this review

XLS Max Strength with Clavitanol

XL-S Medical Max Strength is a weight management tablet produced in Europe by Omega Pharma.

The company produces a vast amount of products under several different brand names. The XLS Medical range of products are all designed to provide weight loss.

As is usually the case with XLS Medical products, Max Strength is designed to work as a blocking mechanism.

The company already markets a fat blocker and a carb blocker, so the fact that they have now developed a product that is designed to block carbs, fats, and sugars could be seen as a natural progression.

The latest product to hit the shelves is XLS Medical Ultra 5 with a new ingredient called Okranol.

Reputable company
Good ingredient profile
Long history

Formula starting to look dated
Not as effective, in our opinion of competing slimming products

Although one of the industry’s stalwarts XLS is starting to look old. Fat binders and Fat blockers are effective but we prefer weight loss supplements that offer multiple benefits. PhenQ can offer several weight loss benefits by burning existing fat, reducing calorie intake and stopping the production of new fat cells. It is available without prescription in the UK and Ireland and offers customers direct purchasing with a 60 day money back guarantee – read more on PhenQ here

Possible Benefits Include:

  • Reach your weight loss goal even faster
  • First slimming aid that reduces calorie intake from carbohydrates, sugar and fat
  • Clinically proven to be gentle on your system

How the Formulation Works

Fats, carbs, and sugars all share a common quality—they are calorie providers.

Calories are the fuel that is necessary to keep the body functioning, but when the body gets more calories than it needs it stores them away and gets fat.

XLS Medical Max Strength is designed to limit the amount of calories fats, carbs, and sugars provide by blocking their assimilation.

XLS Medical are responsible for serval other slimming products including XLS Medical Carb Blocker, Calorie Reducer as well as arguably the best selling of the range

Active Ingredients

The tablets only contain one active ingredient.

It’s called Clavitanol and one clinical trial, conducted in 2013, suggests its use can improve dieting success by 33% (compared to the placebo group).

Once ingested Clavitanol gets to work inside the stomach and inhibits the function of alpha amylase, alpha glucosidase and lipase.

These are the digestive enzymes that are responsible for the smooth digestion of fats, carbohydrates and sugars.

By impeding the function of these important enzymes, Clavitanol causes the aforementioned nutrients to pass through the digestive system more or less untouched carrying their calorie content with them.

Because the calories are not released they are lost and the body is then more likely to be starved of energy and forced to commence fat burning to compensate for the deficiency.

XLS Max Strength

How to use XLS Medical Max Strength

XLS Medical Max Strength should always be taken with water.

Two tablets are required twice per day and should be consumed before the two main meals of the day.

The manufacturers also recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

XLS Medical Max Strength Customer Testimonials

Although there are a few extremely positive reviews, the majority of past customers appear to either be unsure about how well the product has worked for them or slam it for not working at all.

“I can’t leave a positive review. I did not notice any weight loss while I was taking the tablets even though I followed the advice about diet and exercise.”

DD, London UK

“My wife took these for a month. She works out regularly at the gym and eats a healthy diet, but needed a little extra help to shift some belly fat. These tablets turned out to be a complete waste of time and money.”

Alan G, Detroit USA

XLS Medical Max Strength Side Effects?

The tablets are unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and should also be avoided by anyone who is allergic to corn, grapes, or any product that contains their derivatives.

Use of the tablets could also present issue for diabetics and some adjustment of medication may be necessary to prevent hypoglycaemic attacks.

However, overall the formulation should be tolerated well by the majority of users, with the most likely side effect being intestinal wind, caused by the presence of partially digested carbohydrates.

XLS Medical says such a reaction is only likely to be a problem during the first few days of supplementation, but a number of customer reviews indicate otherwise.

Anyone who is taking medication or has existing health issues should always seek medical advice before using any form of weight management supplement.

Where to Buy XLS Medical Max Strength in the UK

XLS Medical Max Strength weight management tablets are available from several online suppliers including Lloyds Pharmacy, and Boots.

The price per bottle can vary considerably from one supplier to the next, but customers who buy online from Boots can expect to pay just under £64 for a bottle of 129 tablets (price correct at the time of this review).

Where to Buy XLS Medical Max Strength in the US

It is available in many pharmacies (Walmart, CVS etc..) as well as several online stockists such as Amazon

Guarantee Period

XLS Medical does not offer customers a money back guarantee.

Are They Recommended

Although XLS Medical is a highly reputable brand we feel you can experience more success elsewhere.

Alternatives / Recommended

In our opinion PhenQ offers dieters a high chance of success with its multi faceted approach.

PhenQ recommended

Not only is PhenQ a fat burner and an appetite suppressant but it can also stop the creation and production of new fat cells. It also includes an antioxidant ingredient. It has a 60 money back guarantee. Read more here


Does XLS Medical cause gas?

The manufacturer admits XLS Medical Max Strength may cause gas, but assures potential customers the problem will only last a few days. Most products that offer a carb blocking action present this kind of risk. It’s how the body responds to the presence of undigested carbohydrate in the gut.

What happens to the fat after it’s blocked?

The fat that is blocked passes through the intestines in an unprocessed state. Eventually, it leaves the body as part of the stool.  However, its presence is likely to make the stool softer and greasier than normal.  It’s also possible that small amounts of fat may exude from the rectum and cause greasy spots to appear on the underwear.

Is XLS Medical Max Strength better than the original product?

InQpharm state it’s 33% more powerful than the original product. However, the product offers a combination of fat blocking and carb blocking. It seems probable people who have a specific need for fat blocking would find the original product may be most suitable for their needs.

Who makes XLS Medical Max Strength?

It’s made by InQpharm Group. XLS Medical is just a brand name the company uses for marketing certain products. The company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and operates on an international level. It maintains offices in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and many other countries all over the world.

How does XLS Medical help people to lose weight?

Products that block fat and/or carbohydrate absorption assist weight loss by providing calorie control. A gram of fat contains 9 calories. A gram of carbohydrate has 4. When you eat food that provides fat and carbohydrate, after the nutrients are processed, the energy (measured in calories) is absorbed and used for energy. If the body does not need the energy it stores it as fat. Nutrient blocking supplements prevent some of the nutrients from being processed. This is how they control calorie intake.

Do you need to diet and exercise with XLS Medical Max Strength?

Although exercise may not be strictly necessary, upping levels of physical activity always aids the weight loss process. A low-calorie diet is more important. All weight loss supplements only work when used alongside this type of diet. They cannot replace it.

Will XLS Medical Max Strength help me on my cheat days?

If you are serious about losing weight, there should be no cheat days. Using this type of product while eating large quantities of fat or carbohydrate is not healthy and may upset the stomach. Furthermore, eating too much fat with any brand of fat blocker can result in explosive diarrhea.

Is it available as a capsule?

No. XLS Medical Max Strength is only available in tablet format and as a powder. The powder is packed in individual one-shot sachets that are poured into the mouth and can be taken without water.

Are the sachets better than the tablets?

Both contain the same ingredients, so they should work in a similar manner. However, the sachets will be a much better option for anyone who finds it difficult or unpleasant to swallow pills.

How does the product block fat and carbohydrate absorption?

It blocks both nutrients by suppressing the abilities of the digestive enzymes that break them down into particles small enough to be absorbed. There are many digestive enzymes involved in digestion. The enzyme lipase is responsible for processing dietary fat. Amylase processes carbohydrate. XLS Medical Max Strength works by inhibiting both enzymes. The proteases and peptidases that breakdown protein are not affected, so protein is digested as normal.

How many ingredients are there in XLS Medical Max Strength?

It only contains one active ingredient. It’s a proprietary blend called Clavitanol. This, in turn, may contain other ingredients. Such is the case with proprietary blends. The problem is,  InQpharm is very cagey about revealing the true nature of the ingredient. Apparently, it’s a plant-based phenol. Nothing else is known. This is a very poor state of affairs because there is no way of knowing what plant it has been taken from.

How many times do you take XLS per day?

You take two tablets or one sachet two times each day. The best time to use the product is 30 minutes before the two largest meals of the day.

Does XLS Medical Max Strength help control hunger?

Although some degree of appetite suppression may be possible, this is not an area in which the product is likely to excel. If you are trying to lose weight and find it hard to get to grips with your hunger, there are other products that will help you more.

Does XLS Medical Max Strength help with fat burning?

Only in an indirect fashion. When used alongside a low-calorie diet, the nutrient blocking action of the product will further lower the calorie intake. The extra shortfall of calories will cause a greater need for fat burning. Genuine fat burning supplements attack the problem of weight loss from the other side. Instead of reducing calorie intake they speed up metabolism to increase calorie burn.

Does XLS Medical have a guarantee?

No. XLS Medical products never have a money back guarantee.

Do I have to buy XLS Medical Max Strength online?

No. Like all the XLS Medical products, it’s possible to buy Max Strength in most good pharmacies. You can also find it on the shelves of many supermarkets chains.

Are there any special deals?

InQpharm never offers any special deals. It’s possible that certain third-party retailers may do so but any savings involved are likely to be quite small. The retailers’ ability to make any kind of price reduction will be limited by their own purchase costs, which are likely to stay pretty much the same.

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