XLS-Medical Ultra 5 Review – Can You Lose 5x More Weight

Can you really lose 5x more weight compared to dieting alone. XLS Medical’s new Okranol diet pill binds with dietary fats providing healthy and effective weight loss. That’s the theory, read the review and see if it actually works!

XLS Medical Ultra 5 is very popular in the UK and Ireland. It is known as Forte 5 throughout Europe.

Reputable company.
Some good ingredients.
Has shown some level of success.

A fair helping of hype.
Very UK and European focused.
Doesn’t include a fat burning ingredient

It’s pretty difficult to escape the marketing of XLS Ultra 5 – especially if you are in the UK or Ireland.

A regular feature in the Daily Mail.

As a weight loss product it isn’t bad – but isn’t good enough to make our recommended list.

Not Recommended

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In Depth XLS-Medical Ultra 5

XLS Medical Ultra 5 is a new fat binding supplement that’s been getting a big shove by the media lately, particularly the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail is promoting the product via AD Features. If you are not familiar with Ad Features, let me explain.

An Ad Feature is a form of paid advertising. Manufacturers pay newspapers for publishing them.

It’s often hard to distinguish an Ad Feature from a normal article because that’s what it appears to be.

However, the law forces publishers to identify such articles to make it easier for readers to realize they are looking at paid advertising.

In the case of XLS-Medical Ultra 5, the Daily Mail does this by placing a small line of text below the headline that states “AD Feature by XLS-Medical.” The text is highlighted in blue but many readers may miss it or fail to grasp what it means.

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 In the Media: A Typical AD Feature Scrutinized

An XLS-Medical Ultra 5 AD feature published by the Daily Mail in September 2020 tells the story of a former model losing her “post-baby bod” by using the supplement every day.

It’s a story many women will be able to identify with. As the Daily Mail points out, it’s often hard for a woman to return to her pre-baby weight.

The Story

The woman in the story is called Katie Green and the Daily Mail tells us she is 32-years old. Prior to becoming a mum, Katie spent 15 years traveling around the world modeling lingerie and became aware of the unrealistic expectations placed on her and the other models.

The Daily Mail tells us this realization encouraged Katie to discourage this type of behavior by supporting brands that do not use underweight models.

Katie originally had no problems maintaining a healthy weight. That changed in 2017 when she gave birth to her first son. A post-natal photograph revealed she had become overweight. Even her face was swollen.

When Katie’s agent sent her for a modeling assignment for an XLS-Medical advert it was a turning point. To cut a long story short she began using the supplement and lost all her excess weight.

The Accompanying Pictures

The Daily Mail advertorial shows before and after pictures of Katie but skeptics may notice the before picture shows no swelling of the face.

They may also point out the dress she is wearing in the after shot is so tight it hugs the figure, while the denim skirt and shirt she is wearing in the before shot are so baggy Katie appears to be using her hands to hold her skirt up.

So how good is XLS-Medical Ultra 5 and will it help you to lose weight? This review provides the facts about the product to help you decide.

What Is XLS-Medical Ultra 5?

XLS Medical Ultra 5 with Okranol
A weight loss pill that can lower BMI, reduce existing fat and give you healthy and effective weight loss

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is the latest in a line of fat binding weight loss pills produced in Europe and marketed under the XLS-Medical brand name.

Other products in the range include XLS Max Strength and the original Fat Binder.

This time around, the manufacturer has chosen to produce a fat binder in capsule form. The earlier versions were tablets or edible powders.

Capsules tend to have greater bioavailability and the capsule casing protects users from strong smells or tastes. All things considered, XLS-Medical’s latest offering could be seen as an improvement.

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 – The Promised Benefits

  • Clinically proven to help you lose up to 5 times more weight than you could by dieting alone
  • Reduces existing body fat
  • Lowers BMI
  • Reduces circumference around the waist and hips
  • Aids healthy weight loss
  • Results might be visible after a month
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

How Does XLS-Medical Ultra 5 Work?

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is a fat binder. The contents of the capsules soak up dietary fat and bind with it to form an indigestible compound.

Fat is high in calories. It provides nine calories per gram. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, you need to be aware protein and carbohydrate are only four calories per gram.

That means each gram of fat you eat provides more than double the amount of calories you would get from eating a gram of protein or carbs.

Any fat bound by the supplement will pass through the body undigested. That means it will be unable to release any calories.

When used alongside a sensible low-calorie eating plan, a product of this nature should help you to lose more weight than you could by diet alone.

A good low-calorie eating plan will cause and energy deficit that forces the body to burn its fat as fuel. If no other changes are made, XLS-Medical Ultra 5 should increase the energy deficit because some of the fat the diet provides may as well not be there.

Ultra 5 Key Ingredients

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 contains an unspecified amount of Okranol. It’s the only active ingredient.

Okranol is a patented ingredient developed by InQpharm. It provides natural fiber via extracts taken from okra pods along with inulin from chicory.

Okranol Potential for Weight Loss

Although okra’s ability to absorb water and swell may give it value as a hunger suppressant, it’s not normally associated with fat absorption.


Inulin doesn’t seem to offer any value in this regard either. However, it’s prebiotic nature makes it a good source of food for the probiotic bacteria present in the gut. [1]

At the time of this review, the only data that suggests Okranol can bind fat comes from a single clinical trial and one of the study authors was an InQpharm employee.

It was a 12-week study and 108 people took part. All of them were overweight to moderately obese.

Some of the volunteers got Okranol (IQP-AE-103) three times per day with their meals as either a full or 50 percent dose. The full dose provided 330 mg dehydrated okra powder and 85 mg inulin.

A third group got a placebo. Participants from all three groups had to maintain a low-calorie diet.

The data from the end of the study shows the people taking the placebo only lost 0.98 kg in weight. However, the study participants that got the full dose of Okranol lost 5.03 kg.

This is the basis of the claim that XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is proven to help you to lose up to five times more weight than you could be dieting alone.

Usage Instructions for XLS Medical Ultra 5

You need to use XLS-Medical Ultra 5 in association with diet and exercise. The manufacturer states the supplement is one of three steps necessary for weight loss results:

  1. Eat better
  2. Move more
  3. Take XLS-Medical

The dose is two capsules and you need to take three doses per day.

  • Two Capsules after breakfast
  • 2 Capsules after lunch
  • 2 Capsules after dinner

All three doses need to be taken with a full glass of water. If you skip a meal, you still take the capsules at the normal meal time.

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 Customer Reviews

Customer feedback suggest XLS-Medical Ultra 5 only manages to impress around 50 percent of users.

Side Effects and Other Health Considerations

Fat binders occasionally cause stomach upsets and diarrhea. The latter is not surprising considering the way such products work.

Using any brand of fat binder while eating high-fat foods will greatly increase the chances of negative effects and may result in explosive diarrhea.

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble. You need to get them from dietary fat or supplements. In the case of Vitamin D, your body may be able to manufacture it if your skin gets sufficient exposure to the sun.

Fat binders have the potential to cause deficiencies in the aforementioned vitamins so, if you decide to use XLS-Medical Ultra 5, you may need to take a vitamin supplement as well.

XLS Ultra 5 Purchasing Options and Considerations

At the time of this review, XLS-Medical Ultra 5 was easy to buy in Europe and the UK but harder to get hold off in other parts of the world.

In Europe and the UK, the supplement is available in many pharmacies. Some of the larger supermarket chains sell it as well. XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is also available via Amazon and some online stores.

If you live outside of Europe, buying online will be the only option but there might be difficulties in finding a supplier who ships to your area.

Each box of XLS Medical Ultra 5 provides 84 capsules. That’s enough to last for two weeks. Prices can vary from one store to the next but are generally in the range of £45 – £60 per box.

The most common stockists of XLS Medical Ultra 5 are Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett.


XLS-Medical Ultra 5 does not have a money-back guarantee.

XLS Medical Ultra 5 Review Summary

The results of one study suggest the key ingredient in XLS-Medical Ultra 5 may be able to help you to lose up to five times more weight than you are already losing through dieting. 

That’s a significant difference. However, you need to remember one of the people in charge of the study was an employee of the company that manufactures Okranol.

Paid AD features also suggest XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is a weight loss aid that works. “Paid” is the crucial word in the last sentence. Stories like the one published by the Daily Mail may look like normal articles but they are not printed due to newsworthiness. They are only there because someone has paid for their publication.

Reviews written by normal people who are commenting on their experiences with XLS-Medical Ultra 5 are less than thrilling. That’s not good for such an expensive product. Using it may entail a spend of up to £120 per month and the product as no money-back guarantee.

Will XLS-Medical Ultra 5 help you lose a little more weight than you could just by dieting?

There’s a good chance that it may but the same can be said for many other products, some of which are cheaper and offer a greater level of support.


Is XLS Ultra 5 suitable for vegans?

Yes, there are no animal products in the formula or capsule

Can I buy XLS Ultra 5 in Australia?

Yes but all purchases should be made from the official website.

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