Slim Tighten Tone Review

A fat burner that is very much focused on a female dieter, Slim Tighten Tone’s formula contains the correct amount of CLA. So how does this women’s dietary supplement stack up agains the competition.

Slim Tighten Tone report

Made by a reputable company.
Good ingredient profile – CLA.
There are some positive reviews.

Some of the reviews may not be genuine.
Rather limited scope in terms of mechanic of action.
On the expensive side.

Unaltered Athletics appears to be a reputable company and there can be no doubting its co-founder’s credentials as an expert on health and fitness.

Slim Tighten Tone is an easy to use, safe way of adding more CLA into your diet. The downside? It’s not the most potent option out there and pricing isn’t always attractive.

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What is Slim Tighten Tone

Slim Tighten Tone is a diet pill for women. At least, it’s marketed that way. However, Slim Tighten Tone a very simple product that contains only one ingredient. More specifically, it’s a gel-type capsule that provides conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Lots of people use similar capsules. People of both sexes. There is no great divide. The ingredient has credibility as a fat burner and it’s popular with many athletes because it may boost testosterone and provide improvements in athletic performance.

CLA has credibility as a supplement ingredient but scientific opinion about its value differs a lot. Some studies are supportive. Others are not. Either way, when it comes to providing improvements in fat burning, CLA is not as potent as some of the alternative options, such as capsicum extract and green tea.

The manufacturer’s website states most “belly fat burner weight loss pills don’t use the correct dose of CLA” and blames this for the lack of results. It goes on to state Slim Tighten Tone is different because it provides the highest CLA potency possible and, if they commit to diet and exercise, it will help women lose their unwanted belly fat and achieve the body confidence they deserve.

Will Slim Tighten Tone be the best fat burner for you? Will it trim your tummy and help you to tone up? This review will help you gain a better perspective on the things this “fat burner for women” is likely to do.


Who Makes Slim Tighten Tone?

Slim Tighten Tone is part of a range of sports supplements distributed under the Unaltered Athletics brand name. The company is run by a couple of bodybuilding enthusiasts who appear to be father and son.

The company website identifies them as pro natural athletes, certified personal trainers, and serial entrepreneurs who have more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Although this is all very interesting, it does not reveal who they are.

LinkedIn is more informative. The Unaltered Athletic profile page states the company has three staff members. One of them is Zachary Munoz, who is pictured striking a pose on the company website.

The other two staff members are a certified personal trainer and a content production specialist who specializes in video editing.

Munoz co-founded Unaltered Athletics in April 2016. He has a background in natural bodybuilding and martial arts and is certified as a Master Trainer with LA Fitness. As an expert on sports and fitness, he has a lot of credibility.

Supplement manufacture is a different field so it seems likely that Unaltered Athletics has partnered with a specialist supplier. There’s nothing wrong with that. Plenty of other supplement companies do things in a similar  way.

Slim Tighten Tone Benefits

  • Avoid stubborn belly fat
  • Reduce bloating
  • Preserve lean muscle
  • Slim and tone stomach
  • Reduces waistline
  • Caffeine-free fat burner

How Does the Formulation Work

Slim Tighten Tone is basically being sold on its ability to provide a potent dose of CLA. Unaltered Athletics states the product is more potent than the alternatives but that’s a hard claim to prove.

As far as ingredient quantity goes, some products provide a little less CLA, while others provide more.

However, Slim Tighten Tone is certainly a product that may have the potential to help people (men and women) to burn more fat than they could with diet and exercise alone. It’s also stimulant-free. Many alternatives are not, but the product’s stimulant-free nature is common to any supplement that only provides CLA.

Fat burners usually work by increasing metabolism. This helps you burn more calories per day. When your diet is already short on calories, a faster metabolism increases the need to burn body fat for fuel.

When the body begins burning fat, it may also burn a little muscle. This is not desirable. Especially for people who have worked hard to gain it. CLA is one of a number of ingredients that may boost fat loss while also protecting muscle mass.

Nevertheless, Unaltered Athletics makes it clear that women using Slim Tighten Tone will need to have the “grit” and determination to commit to their personal fitness goals. It states, “there is no such thing as a magic pill” and it’s right about that.

What is the Best Way to Use Slim Tighten Tone?

Correct Dosage and Other Usage Considerations

The dose is three capsules per day. You take the first one with breakfast, the second one with lunch, and the final one with dinner.

To get results, you need to take a serious attitude about fat loss by committing to a low-calorie diet and getting plenty of exercise.

Ingredient Profile

Each (3-capsule) serving of Slim Tighten Tone provides 2,400 mg (2.4 g) of CLA, sourced from safflower oil. There are no other active ingredients but the softgel casing is made from gelatin. That means Slim Tighten Tone is unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians looking for a supplement to help them to lose weight.

Ingredient Potential

CLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that’s present in certain foods. Primarily dairy and beef. However, the form used in supplements is normally plant-based. This is the case with Slim Tighten Tone. Like many other supplements, the CLA in Slim Tighten Tone comes from safflower oil.


When used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, it seems likely that CLA will have a favorable influence on body composition by helping to reduce fat and supporting or improving existing muscle mass.

Some research supports using CLA supplements in this role. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of studies that do not.

The overall consensus of opinion appears to support using CLA to lose extra weight. However, expert sources point out the difference it makes is likely to be quite small.

Studies evaluating CLA‘s ability to safely improve fat loss suggest using a dose of 3 g to 6 g per day.

Slim Tighten Tone only provides 2.4 g per day. So, although it’s marketed on the back of big claims about potency, it could easily be argued the product is underdosed. (

Slim Tighten Tone Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are predominantly good. However, if you take the time to read through a few pages of them, you will notice many of them appear to be stuffed with keywords, such as “stubborn belly fat”, “flatter tummy”, and “lose weight after my baby.” This does not seem natural.

A lot of the reviewers are one-hit wonders who don’t have a history of leaving reviews on Amazon. All things considered, it’s hard not to be suspicious about review integrity.

Before you trust the reviews, read a few of them and then trust your gut.

Positive Customer Reviews

Here are some positive customer reviews that said that had a positive experience

I had been struggling for a long time to lose weight. I tried dieting and exercising, but nothing seemed to work. Then one day my friend recommended me this new product called Slim Tighten Tone fat burner supplement. When I searched the website it looked pretty convincing so I decided to buy some and try it out. After using the product for about 3 months I could finally see results! It was incredible how quickly the pounds started dropping off of me! My stomach got flatter, my skin became more radiant, and more importantly-my energy level increased without making any other changes in my lifestyle! Now that’s what you call an all natural miracle worker!!

Sally M, USA

Had tried every diet pill and supplement on the market to try and lose weight. I would take a short cut with some of them and only lose about 10 pounds, then gain it back when I stopped taking it. Slim Tighten Tone fat burner supplement was different for me because not only did I lose 20 lbs in two weeks but my stomach is now flat as well! Now that my clothes fit better and my stomach is flatter, people at work keep asking what I’m doing differently. No big secret; just took this new product called Slim Tighten Tone fat burner supplement . It’s amazing how much weight can come off so quickly too!


Negatives Customer Reviews

Here are some negative review that said that that didn’t feel as they didn’t lose weight or have a positive experience

I think I’m gonna start off by saying that the product didn’t work for me. It says it should help with weight loss, but when I looked at my scales this morning there was no change in weight. Which is a bit problematic.”

Bal B, Canada

I was so excited to try Slim Tighten Tone after hearing all the reviews about the weight-loss within a week. I have been working with my trainer for over six months without any progress and am starting to feel discouraged. After just one week, I saw no difference in my weight or waist circumference, and it only gave me upset stomachs.”

Carly K, USA

Possible Side Effects

Slim Tighten Tone does not have any known side effects and CLA is a natural compound most people should tolerate well. However, A minority of people may experience side effects while using supplements that contain CLA.

Possible side effects may include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Backache
  • Fatigue

Most of the CLA you consume is metabolized in the liver. People who have liver problems should play it safe and ask for a doctor’s opinion before adding CLA supplements to their daily routine.

CLA also has the potential to interact with certain medications including blood thinners and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). So, if you have any existing health issues or would need to use Slim Tighten Tone alongside medication, it makes sense to obtain medical approval first.

Where to Buy Slim Tighten Tone

Slim Tighten Tone is mainly distributed via Amazon. Each bottle provides a 30-day supply of pills (90 capsules) and generally costs around $45.

This is a simple product that only has one active ingredient, so $45 is expensive. Go to Walgreens or a similar supplier and you can buy an alternative brand of CLA for $10–$15.

Customers who want to commit to future deliveries and buy Slim Tighten Tone via Subscribe & Save can save around $10 per bottle but it’s still a lot of money to pay. Slim Tighten Tone isn’t a complex formulation of ingredients. It’s only branded CLA oil. The price should reflect this but it does not.

Customers from other countries such as the UK, Canada or Australia will have go via the official website to order.

Is there a Guarantee

Unaltered Athletics appears to be offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company website states people who are “genuinely putting in the work, consistency, and commitment” to achieve their fitness goals can request a refund if they feel their product is not helping them get where they need to be.

It’s great to see a guarantee but will you need to prove you have the commitment and have been genuinely putting in the work? And, if so, how?

Slim Tighten Tone Review Conclusion

Unaltered Athletics appears to be a reputable company and there can be no doubting its co-founder’s credentials as an expert on health and fitness.

Nevertheless, for such a simple product, Slim Tighten Tone is overpriced in our opinion and, like a lot of so-called female fat burners, it’s equally suitable for men.

One of the best things about Slim Tighten Tone is the lack of stimulants. For a lot of people, that’s going to be a selling point in itself. fat burners without stimulants are just as effective as the higher dosed.

Will the recommended three capsules per day produce any improvements in body composition? It’s certainly possible, but current research suggests a need for a higher dose.

If your main focus is weight loss, Slim Tighten Tone is unlikely to be a big hitter. There are several alternatives that will pack more of a punch. The same is true if you need something to help you slim down without loss of muscle mass.

There is nothing wrong with Slim Tighten Tone. It is what it is–a supplement that provides CLA. However, if you are determined to try and improve your weight loss with CLA it’s possible to buy alternative products that have greater potency and have a moire attractive pricing structure.

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