Metabolove Review (updated for 2024) – A Best Seller from Love Wellness

Different name but same women’s dietary supplement – Metabolove replaces Lean Queen in name only. Read our impartial review to find out if it works and ultimately worth buying.

Metabolove reviews
Metabolove is the new name for Lean Queen – a women’s dietary supplement

A great female focused health and wellness brand.
Good set of ingredients.
Some good reviews from customers.
A good sense of community from members

An equal amount of negative, bad reviews.
Ingredient profile not the strongest.
Weak refund policy – just 30 days
Other products preferred.

Love Wellness is a great brand – for female customers you see the appeal. There are several complimentary products on the official website. We cannot give our full support though due largely to existing products that compete i the female diet supplement market

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Metabolove was formerly called Lean Queen

What is Metabolove

Formerly known as Lean Queen, Metabolove is a health and wellness supplement for women. It’s made by a company called Love Wellness. The company produces several other supplements. All of them are aimed at women.

The product comes in the form of a pill that’s meant to regulate thyroid activity and metabolism. Apparently, that’s what encouraged Love Wellness to change the name to Metabolove.

Metabolove pills
Metabolove pills – metabolism support for women

What are the Benefits of Metabolove

  • Maintain your metabolism with natural ingredients
  • Get back on track after the big moments in life
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free

How Does Metabolove Work?

Most fat burning diet pills aim to speed up metabolism. They often increase thermogenesis too.

If you’re not sure what metabolism is, don’t worry. I’m going to explain. I’ll bring you up to par on thermogenesis too.

Metabolism isn’t just to do with weight loss. It’s an important part of life. It’s a word that describes all the chemical and biological processes that keep you alive. The way your body takes energy from food and then uses is a metabolic process.

During life, human metabolism is like an engine ticking over 24-hours a day. Sometimes it runs a little faster. At others, it backs off on the gas.

When you are sleeping or taking it easy, your metabolism slows down. If you exercise hard, metabolism increases. That means you use more energy. We use calories to measure how much energy the body uses and, of course, how much it receives (from food).

So, exercise increases metabolism, causing you to burn extra calories. Some natural compounds, such as green tea and capsicum extract can increase metabolism too.

Metabolism Boosting Compounds

These metabolism-boosting compounds actually allow you to burn extra calories while exercising and continue to do so while you are at rest. That’s pretty nifty, don’t you think?

Thermogenesis is another metabolic process that happens 24-hours a day. It’s the process that generates heat within the body and makes your skin warm to the touch.

Some diet pills increase thermogenesis. By doing so they make your flesh a tiny bit warmer. This causes extra calories of energy to radiate from your body into the atmosphere.

Supplements and compounds that can do this are known as thermogenic fat burners.

What Makes Metabolove Different?

Metabolove is allegedly designed to work differently to most female fat burning supplements. It’s primarily intended to improve thyroid health.

The thyroid is responsible for producing the hormones that govern metabolism. Some people have sluggish thyroid glands that give them a slow metabolism and cause them to put on weight.

In many cases, their thyroid is slow because their regular diet does not provide enough of the nutrients the thyroid needs. Selenium plays an important role in thyroid health and thyroid hormone production. However, so does iodine.

Lots of diet pills contain sources of iodine to support thyroid health. Far fewer contain selenium. The Metabolove formulation has selenium, but there is no iodine so when it comes to supporting thyroid function there are no guarantees.

However, supplements that support thyroid function are only likely to benefit people whose thyroid gland is sluggish. For everyone else, they will probably offer no benefits at all.

The good news is, there appears to be some cheating going on because Metabolove contains green tea. It probably won’t do much for your thyroid gland but it should increase metabolism.

What’s the Best Way to Use Metabolove?

The dose is two capsules per day, taken every morning. The product works best when it’s used alongside diet and exercise.

A warning on the box suggests checking with a doctor prior to using Love Wellness. That’s always good advice.

Ingredient Profile

Two Metabolove capsules provide:

Metabolove Proprietary Blend (1,250 mg)

  • L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • Organic green tea leaf powder

What Do the Ingredients Do?

So, how good is this formulation likely to be and will it deliver the goods? That’s hard to say. We can see exactly what we have got but we don’t always know how much. However, It seems likely the Metabolove Proprietary Blend will be mostly green tea. If it is, that’s no bad thing.

Green tea won’t do much for your thyroid, but it does affect metabolism. It’s one of the most popular diet pill ingredients there is.

Let’s take a look at the four ingredients one by one.

L-Selenomethionine (55 mcg)

This ingredient provides selenium. It’s a mineral that’s integral to many of your body’s biological processes. Its sometimes used for treating people who have underactive thyroid glands. That’s the real reason Love Wellness is using it here.

However, taking selenium supplements won’t do a lot for the average woman. It’s only likely to be of value to people who are selenium deficient.

Research suggests 200 mcg of selenium may work well for anyone with an underactive thyroid. And how much is Love Wellness using? Only 55 mcg. That barely scratches the surface. So it’s a case of nice try but no cigar.

Chromium picolinate (35 mcg)

There are certain ingredients that turn up in diet pill formulations again and again. That’s the case with chromium. It’s harder to find diet pills that don’t contain it than to find the ones that do. To say chromium is a diet pill regular would be an understatement at the very least.

There are several ingredients manufacturers can use to provide the mineral chromium, but chromium picolinate is generally acknowledged to be the best because it’s the easiest to absorb.

Chromium helps insulin do its job. It may also improve blood sugar levels. There’s evidence to suggest it can reduce hunger and cravings as well.

So can chromium supplements help you to lose weight? They may. An analysis of 11 different studies suggests the mineral may support a weight loss of 1.1 pounds if you keep on taking it for 8-12 weeks.

Unfortunately, the dose provided here is likely too low to do much at all.

L-Carnitine tartrate

L-Carnitine tartrate provides L-Carnitine. It’s an amino acid derivative that’s sometimes added to weight loss formulations. You can find it in nootropic supplements too because it may enhance the way your brain performs.

There are several forms of L-Carnitine. The tartrate version is more likely to turn up in sports supplements. The good thing about it is it can be quick and easy to absorb.

The main thing L-Carnitine does is help with energy production. It carries fatty acids to the cells so they can be processed and used as fuel.

It’s hard to say how well L-Carnitine works for weight loss but it’s been speculated it may offer the most benefit to those who are obese or getting on in years.

Organic green tea leaf powder

Okay, the final ingredient is green tea. To be honest, I don’t care if it’s organic or not. Although people often claim organic products are better, experts have yet to prove this is true. To me, green tea is green tea.

Most diet pills contain green tea. Manufacturers add it because it increases metabolism and thermogenesis. This can help you burn a few more calories than you were burning before.

Burning extra calories is good, but it won’t help a lot unless you have successfully implemented a low-calorie diet and are already losing weight.

Lots of reach studies support the use of green tea as a weight-loss aid.

For the purposes of one study, researchers in Thailand set out to investigate the fat-fighting abilities of green tea on overweight Thais.

Sixty people took part and the study ran for 12 weeks. During that time, the Thais getting green tea burned 183 more calories than the placebo group did. They also lost more weight (7.3 pounds).

The researchers put the difference in figures down to green tea’s ability to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

Are There Any Customer Reviews?

Customer review taken from the official website
Customer review taken from the official website

Customer reviews are available. They suggest the product does what some women are hoping it will do. 

However, there are plenty of women who are saying it did nothing for them at all. I also found several complaints about the way the pills smell and taste.

Metabolove customer reviews on Amazon
Customer reviews for Metabolove are mixed.

Is There a Risk of Side Effects?

Some ladies say the pills caused them to experience stomach pain. The problem appears to only affect a minority of women. It’s just the luck of the draw.

Hit or Miss? (Can You Lose Weight with Metabolove?)

So, how good is Metabolove and will it help you to lose weight? The good news is it very well may, but it probably won’t do it in the way the marketing material leads you to expect.

If you have a sluggish thyroid that’s making and keeping you fat, the extra selenium may help. Especially if you are selenium deficient.

However, the dose provided is low. If you want my opinion, the real power ingredient here is green tea.

Even though Love Wellness has neglected to provide an inclusion rate, it seems likely there will be a significant dose. Making the proprietary blend mostly L-Carnitine tartrate would not make good sense.

Low Calorie Diet

If you are eating a suitably low-calorie diet and (hopefully) keeping nice and active, the green tea in Metabolove may help you lose a little more weight than you were losing before.

Apart from providing a metabolism boost, the formulation may not do a lot. If you have a problem controlling your hunger, and most women do, using this product isn’t going to be a lot of help. The formulation contains no powerful appetite suppressing ingredients at all.

Chromium may help a little, with sugar cravings, but probably not. The dose is too low.

Customer reviews are not confidence building either. This is a hit and miss product at best.

Women who are using it to boost metabolism may burn slightly more calories per day but, unless they can control their hunger they may continue to gain weight.

Purchasing Options and Considerations

Metabolove and other Love Wellness products are available from Ulta Beauty stores all over the USA. If you don’t have a local Ulta, you will need to buy Metabolove online and there are only three places to go.

The first option is to make a purchase from the manufacturer’s website.

The second option is to buy Metabolove from Amazon and, of course, if you want to you can buy the pills from the Ulta Beauty online store instead.

Either way, the price will be the same. A 30-day supply of Metabolove costs $24.99. There is no getting away from it, this is a cheap supplement to buy.

Of course, if the pills fail to deliver the goods, it’s still money down the drain because Love Wellness isn’t offering a money-back guarantee.

Top FAQ’s

Are Metabolove and Lean Queen the same?

Yes, the product is the same it is only the name that has been changed

How much does Metabolove cost?

A 30-day supply of Metabolove costs $24.99

Does Metabolve have a guarantee?

Only products that haven’t been opened and are sealed in their original packaging may be returned for a refund, within 30 days of your purchase. Shipping charges are non-refundable and are not refunded in the event of the return of a product.

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