High School Genes – Goop Diet Pills, Does it Support Your Metabolism

Goop have been around for a while and had their fair share of criticism. High School Genes is the weight loss product in the range. This review intends to find out if it is really worthy of the negatives reviews or actually worth buying.

High School Genes review
Goop High School Genes. Advertised as being able to support your metabolism. A months worth of vitamins and minerals divided into convenient daily doses.

It does contain a few good ingredients such as green tea.
Nice looking brand.

Some ingredients lack clinical proof.
This is not really a weight loss formula.
Quite expensive.

Goop has come under fire over the years. Some of the criticism levelled is that Goop supplements are nothing more that minerals and vitamins that have been cobbled together to form an overpriced and trendy product.

In my opinion if you wanted a female diet supplement addressed the reasons why women put on weight I would suggest LeanBean.

It is a fat burning supplement that has been formulated expressly and especially for the female body


What is High School Genes

High School Genes is a supplement for women. It’s manufactured in America by Goop and marketed as part of their Goop Wellness product line.

Goop is owned by the actress and food writer Gwyneth Paltrow and all the companies products, be it clothes or fragrances, are intended for women.

It’s a lifestyle brand that has been criticised for many of the ideas it puts forward, but High School Genes has a little extra credibility because it was created by Dr Sara Gottfried.

She’s an expert in hormones and has written a best-selling book on the subject.

High School Genes by Goop
High School genes by Goop – Dietary Supplement 30 packets

Who is High School Genes For?

High School Genes is intended for women who are going through the menopause and for those who are in the periods leading up to and following it.

The female menopause causes many hormonal changes some of which have been linked to weight gain.

Is High School Genes a Weight Loss Product?

Goop issue a disclaimer that states the product is not for weight loss, but the product is marketed in a way that will make it appealing to women who have become overweight and blame it on “the change”.

According to the product description, High School Genes “addresses numerous systems in the body that may contribute to weight gain when not functioning properly”.

It is deemed to be particularly beneficial for women who have a body that is no longer responding to diet and exercise in the way that it used to.

The disclaimer that states the product is not for weight loss can only be accessed by a drop-down menu, so it seems likely many Goop customers who buy High School Genes will do so because they need help to lose weight.

“Containing an industry expert-curated collection of vitamins in each sachet, the supplements are sort of like trail mix for your mood.”

Elle Magazine

How is High School Genes Used?

The product consists of five different pills. Only one is in capsule format, the rest are tablets.

The pills are packed into small paper envelopes. Each envelope contains the correct amount of pills for the day.

There are six pills in total because two metabolism boosting tablets are needed per day. The pills have to be taken in one sitting and the time of day appears to be optional.

“Goop’s iteration is both simple and comprehensive, with [five] daily protocols targeted to different needs, like a multiple-choice test for the


What are the Ingredients?

Here are the ingredients at a glance

  • 1X OMEGA 3 EPA DHA 1000

Goop don’t take the time to differentiate between the five products.

The supplement facts group everything together because the combination of pills is considered to be a single product.

Women who take the six pills per day will receive around 50 different ingredients.

A lot of which are vitamins, the most prevalent of which is Vitamin B. It’s present in several different forms including niacin and biotin.

Each form offers individual benefits, such as help with DNA and cell creation, and all of them help provide an efficient metabolism. However many of the vitamins present are included in high doses.

The amount of Vitamin A provided is 100% of the RDA. This means any Vitamin A provided by food will not be necessary and the body may get too much Vitamin A.

This may lead to side effects. Some of the other vitamins inclusion rates far exceed recommendations and in the case of Vitamin B12 the amount provided is more than 4,000% RDA.

Some of the minerals provided are necessary for certain glandular secretions. The thyroid gland needs iodine to make the hormones the body uses to govern the speed of the metabolism.

Zinc is also a good addition. It has a role to play in many important biological processes, including ovulation and boosting the immune system.

High School Genes also contains a number of fruit extracts, including blueberry, that are high in antioxidants and should help protect the DNA and promote good health in many other ways.

We also see some green tea and chromium. Both are diet pill regulars. Green tea boost the metabolism and encourages fat burning.

Chromium can prevent the sugar urges that may lead to snacking.

Unfortunately, there are so many ingredients in the formulation there is no way to predict what kind of changes this Goop product may produce in the body.

High School Genes Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is useful because it provides an insight into how past users have responded to products (benefits/side effects). Unfortunately we were unable to find any feedback for this product.

However, we found an article written by a reporter who had used Goop’s “Balls in the Air” and experienced “weird side effects”.

This is interesting because the formulation contains many of the same ingredients that are used in High School Genes.

Are There Any Reported Side Effects of High School Genes?

If past customers have reported side effects Goop don’t disclose it.

The formulation contains a lot of ingredients and in many cases the quantities involved are quite high.

So we suggest all potential users ask their GP’s advice prior to using High School Genes.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy High School Genes?

The product costs $90 (£69) per 30-day supply. Customers who buy using auto-ship get it for $75 (£57.50).

Is Goop High School Genes Available in the Shops?

The product is exclusive to the Goop website, but no international shipping options are offered.

So, if you don’t live in the USA, you cannot buy High School Genes.

Is High School Genes Good For Weight Loss?

Some of the ingredients used, such as green tea and chromium, may help with weight loss, but it is highly questionable if the product will be able to tackle the changes that occur during menopause.

Women who need to lose weight, at any period in their life, will probably have much better success using a specialist weight loss product.

Recommended Alternative

We suggest LeanBean because it contains several proven ingredients that can suppress the appetite, boost the metabolism, and support weight loss in other ways as well.

It also especially formulated for women and contains ingredients that balance hormones.

LeanBean is also cheaper than High School Genes and customers who buy it are given a 60-day money back guarantee. This is unlikely to be needed because thousands of satisfied customers confirm that it works.

What do customers say about LeanBean – click to find out


Is High School Genes Available to Buy In Canada?

Yes is available buy in Canada but only from the official website

How much is Goop High School Genes?

The cost for one month supply is $90 USD – or $75 USD under the subscription scheme

Is High School Genes Suitable for men?

Goop state that this product is for women only due to its formula being specifically created for a woman’s body

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