Zantrex Reviews – Blue, Black, Red and Skinny Stix

There are several diet pills, fat burners and appetite suppressants in the Zantrex product range. This reviews covers: Zantrex Black, Blue, Red and SkinnyStix.

Zantrex review
Black, Blue, Red and SkinnyStix reviewed

Reputable brand with long history.
Good customer reviews.
Not expensive.

Lots of caffeine (stimulants) – perhaps too many.
Some customers reviews are negative.
The formula’s is not the strongest.

Zantrex has been on the market for many years – it is one of the most recognizable weight loss, fat burning and slimming pill brands.

If you are desperate to purchase we wouldn’t stop you too vehemently – but we would recommend other diet products over and above.

Recommendation Alternative: There are quite a few brands we would recommend instead of Zantrex. We have listed our highest rated fat burners here and ranked them in order.

What is Zantrex

Have you’ve been searching for information and reviews about Zantrex diet pills and become confused?

If so, I’m not surprised. Zantrex is not really one product, as such. It’s a range of products and it’s marketed in a confusing way.

The three standard options are:

  1. Zantrex Red
  2. Zantrex Blue
  3. Zantrex Black

There’s also a new version available as a powder. It’s called Zantrex SkinnyStix and the powder sits inside stick-like sachets. Each sachet contains a measured dose of powder.

Zantrex SkinnyStix

All four options are intended to provide a combination of higher energy levels and weight loss.

The standard options used to be sold as Zantrex-3. The bottles were the same color three colors but had a three on them.

The three is no longer there, but the formulations appear to still be the same.

So, if you hear people talking about Zantrex Blue or Zantrex-3 Blue, they’re actually talking about the same thing.

To make things even more confusing, Zoller often refers to the red, blue, and black options as Zantrex-3 in the marketing material. Many supplement retailers are still doing this too.

Who Makes Zantrex?

Zantrex is manufactured and distributed by Zoller Laboratories LLC. It’s based in Utah and has been active in the supplement industry for more than 15 years.

Despite being an established company, Zoller Labs is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

That’s only worthy of mention because it’s a little surprising.

The important thing is nobody has lodged any complaints with the BBB. Nor could I find any complaints or scam warnings placed at reliable sources. The company appears to have good standing.

Advertised Benefits

Zantrex Red

Red High Energy Fat Burner
Zantrex Red High Energy Fat Burner
  • Active energy booster
  • Workout optimizer
  • Ultimate BMI reducer and body sculptor
  • Advanced thermogenic formulation
  • Drop up to 15.6% body fat

Zantrex Blue

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pill
Zantrex 3 Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pill
  • Intense energy and focus
  • Contains ingredients to control appetite
  • Rapid weight loss
  • The ultimate metabolic simulator
  • Study subjects lost an average of 11.2 lbs in 45 days

Zantrex Black

Rapid Release Formula diet pill
Zantrex Black rapid Release Formula
  • Rapid-release formula
  • Appetite control
  • Mood elevation
  • Provides extreme energy—fast!
  • Our most intense formula

Zantrex SkinnyStix

Skinny Stix
Skinny Stix
  • Mood elevation
  • Energy increases
  • Powerful hunger suppression
  • Focus enhancer
  • Increases in fat burning and stamina

How Does Zantrex Work?

All four versions are primarily marketed on their ability to boost energy and increase weight loss. Zantrex Black has an extra string to its bow because it aims to improve the mood. Zoller makes this claim for SkinnyStix as well.

Except for Zantrex Red, all the versions aim to control hunger too.

It’s also worth noting Zantrex Black is a liquid-type supplement that sits inside a soft-gel capsule. The red and blue options are normal hard-pressed capsules.

Capsules with liquid centers are normally faster-acting than other types of pill. SkinnyStix may be faster still because it will hit the stomach in liquid form.

Appetite Suppression

Three out of the four Zantrex formulations promise to help with hunger. That’s great. Hunger suppression is important. It’s a pity Zantrex Red is not designed to do this too. Appetite suppressing supplements are incredibly popular.

There is no real trick to losing weight. All you have to do is develop a bias for low-calorie food and control how much of it you put in your mouth. It’s so simple! Yet it can be incredibly hard. Hunger is the thing that makes it so.

But what is a low-calorie diet?

A low-calorie diet is any diet that does not provide the body with the energy it requires.  The amount of energy the body receives and uses is measured in calories.

Energy is important. Your body needs it to power your physical activities and keep you mobile.

There’s more to it than that though. All the biological processes that occur during life, such as eating, breathing, and even thinking require energy. Collectively these processes are known as “metabolism.”

The process of extracting energy from food is also part of human energy metabolism. That’s why there’s so much talk about metabolism and weight loss.

A low-calorie diet causes an energy shortage. The body responds to this by reclaiming the energy stored as fat. That’s how a low-calorie diet helps you lose weight and burn calories quickly.

If Zantrex can provide hunger suppression, it will make it easier to eat less food and maintain a low-calorie diet.

Provides Energy and Weight Loss

The body gets energy from food. When it doesn’t get enough, it can reclaim it from it’s fat.

We’ve already established that. However, improving the body’s ability to extract energy from food allows you to feel the benefits sooner. That’s one of the ways energy drinks work. What they are doing is boosting metabolism.

When metabolism increases, the effects are two-fold. Apart from getting your energy more quickly, you also use it faster. If you are doing a low-calorie diet, this will increase the energy shortage in your body.

The result of this is simple—you will need to burn more fat.

Stimulants boost energy levels as well. They do so by acting on the central nervous system.

Caffeine is probably the most commonly-used stimulant. People often take advantage of it by drinking coffee. You can get caffeine by drinking energy drinks too.

Stimulants also boost mental concentration and focus, but they need to be treated with care. High doses can cause side effects such as jitters and heart palpitations.

Boost Metabolism

The other thing stimulants do is boost metabolism. They have more uses than you may have previously thought.

A minority of people have such a poor tolerance to stimulants it doesn’t take much to make them feel ill. 

However, some diet pills rely on stimulants to make them work. Pills of this nature are seldom the best way to go.

Zantrex also contains thermogenic fat burning ingredients. This type of ingredient works by turning up your body’s thermostat.

This causes you to lose extra energy as heat. The process is known as thermogenesis.

What’s the Best Way to Use Zantrex?

If you want to get the best from Zantrex, or any other weight management supplement for that matter, you need to use it alongside a low-calorie diet. I cannot stress this enough.

Supplements don’t make you lose weight they support the efforts you are making with diet. Getting more exercise can speed up your weight loss too.

If you are using Zantrex Blue for weight loss, the dose is two capsules, taken with water, 15 minutes before main meals.

If you are using it as an energy-boosting supplement you just take one or two capsules when needed. However, in all cases, it’s important never to exceed six capsules in any 24-hour period.

The usage instructions for Zantrex Black are the same.

Zantrex Red is a slightly different story. You take two capsules in the morning then take two more with your main meal of the day. Four capsules per day is the maximum dose and you need to be sure to take your doses with plenty of water.

The guidelines for Zantrex SkinnyStix are different again. If you are using them to lose weight, you mix the contents of a sachet with water and drink the lot, 15 minutes before meals.

When you are using SkinnyStix for energy, you make the drink in the normal way and sip on it as and when you wish.

In all cases, the maximum dose is three Zantrex SkinnyStix per day.

What Are the Ingredients in Zantrex and What Do They Do?

All four diet pill formulations are different. Zantrex Red is the simplest. It only has eight active ingredients.

At first glance, Zantrex SkinnyStix appears to be the most complex formulation. It has 20 ingredients but most of them are fruit extracts that are probably only there to help with the flavor.

One thing all the formulations have in common is a lack of inclusion rates. All the ingredients are housed in proprietary blends.

That means you know what’s there but not how much.

Things being what they are, it’s impossible to predict how well any of the formulations may work.

However, all four formulations contain ingredients that have the potential to help with fat burning if the inclusion rates are right. The other thing they all have is stimulants. Lots and lots of stimulants.

Notable Inclusions

Green Tea

All of the Zantrex capsules contain some green tea. It’s an incredibly popular diet pill ingredient and there’s plenty of research that shows that it works.

Green tea is also renowned for its health-boosting capabilities. The results of a study from Japan show ingesting green tea contributes to decreases in body fat, reduces LDL cholesterol, and reduces systolic blood pressure as well.


The SkinnyStix formulation contains cayenne. None of the others has it. That’s a pity because it’s a respected ingredient.

Cayenne is a source of capsaicin. It’s the compound that spices it up. Some research supports the use of capsaicin for appetite suppression, but that’s not its main claim to fame. Cayenne increases metabolism and thermogenesis so it’s more popular as a fat burner.


All the formulations provide caffeine from several sources. Trimethylaxanthine is the chemical name for caffeine. When you see it on supplement labels you have to presume you are looking at caffeine in its pure form.

Guarana is common to all four products. It’s a berry extract that’s notable for its caffeine potency. Fortunately, it releases it slowly instead of hitting you with it all at once.

Coffee bean extract is another source of caffeine but no big surprise there. Kola nut is also full of caffeine. Cacao and yerba mate have it too.

Caffeine sharpens mental focus and, due to its value as an energy provider, it’s often used for boosting athletic performance.

Thanks to the way it stimulates the central nervous system, caffeine might boost metabolism by up to 11% and help you to burn up to 13% more fat. Of course, that’s only going to work if you’ve got your diet right. It’s not a magic bullet.

Citrus Fruit Extract

The Red formulation contains a citrus fruit extract. That could be anything, but I’m guessing it’s probably citrus aurantium. Obviously, I have no way of knowing this for sure, but the possibility worries me.

Citrus aurantium is also known as bitter orange. It provides synephrine. It’s a powerful stimulant. Zantrex Red contains several sources of caffeine adding another stimulant to the mix seems unwise.

Are There Any Customer Zantrex Reviews?

There are plenty of customer Zantrex reviews available for all four versions. In every case, it’s a mixed bag. Some customers say Zantrex works for weight loss and energy, others say it did nothing for them at all.

I also found a disturbing amount of reviews left by people who said Zantrex made them feel ill.

Zantrex customer reviews
A selection of reviews left customers who have bought Zantrex

Is There a Risk of Side Effects?

Customer reviews suggest all four versions present the risk of side effects, but Zantrex Black appears to be the worst offender.

A lot of the side effects customers mention, such as racing heartbeat, nausea, insomnia, and headache are similar to the ones you’d experience if you overdid it with caffeine. Of course, other ingredients can do these things as well, but Zantrex appears to be a stimulant-rich range of products.

No matter what the root cause may be, side effects have been reported. This is worrying. If you are thinking of using Zantrex it may be wise to talk to your doctor first.

Does Zantrex Work – Should I Use It?

Plenty of people claim Zantrex has been successful for them – by providing positive Zantrex reviews.

The problem is, it appears to rely too much on stimulants to get the job done. Even though the inclusion rates are not provided, it’s easy to see all of the formulations contain caffeine in several forms.

There are plenty of non-stimulant ingredients that can boost metabolism and thermogenesis.

There are non-stimulant ingredients that can boost energy too.

Pumping people full of caffeine is not the only way to go. Other ingredients can do the same job without presenting the same risk of side effects.

Now I’m familiar with the ingredient profiles, it does not surprise me that so many customers complain Zantrex made them feel unwell.

If you are wondering why some people say Zantrex did nothing for them at all—good or bad—I have an explanation for that too.

When people consume a lot of stimulants for a long time, they develop a high tolerance. That means it takes higher doses to get the job done. Some people develop a high tolerance due to being overly fond of drinking coffee or energy drinks. Other do so due to supplement use.

Stimulant-driven supplements present a double-edged sword. If you don’t normally use stimulants or have an inherent low tolerance, stimulants may affect you in unpleasant ways. If you are a hardcore stimulant user—whether you see yourself that way or not—even high doses may offer little benefit at all.

The people who get the most benefit will likely be those who occupy the middle ground. However, long-term use will increase tolerance and results will dwindle and disappear.

Where to Buy Zantrex Diet Pills

If you want to buy Zantrex it should be pretty easy to do. You can get it from Walmart, Target, Kohl, and many of the other larger stores and pharmacies. It’s also available on Amazon.

How much you pay will depend on where you go but if you are paying more than $20 for a 30-day treatment someone is ripping you off. Most retailers mark the price down.

As a last resort, you could buy Zantrex from the Zantrex website, but it’s not the best way to go. The on-site price is almost $40.


When I read product reviews I’m always keen to know if there is a money-back guarantee.

There’s a good chance you’re like that too. Many people are and rightly so. Nobody wants to be lumbered with a product that doesn’t work or to see their money go up in smoke so when there is no guarantee it can be a deal-breaker.

The good news is, if you buy Zantrex you do have the benefit of a guarantee.

The bad news is, it only lasts for 30 days. If you think that’s not long enough to see what Zantrex can do, I’d have to agree. Most of the top-diet pills have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

A guarantee like that allows you to use the product for a month. Then if you are unhappy with it, you’ve still got plenty of time to go through the process of getting your money back.

So, yes, Zantrex has a guarantee but it’s more of a token gesture than an attempt to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. I hope you enjoyed reading my Zantrex reviews.

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