How to Lose Arm Fat? – Get Rid of Those Flabby Arms

Flabby arms need not be a problem if you do two ket things – that are pretty obvious. Cut calories and exercise your upper arms. This article explains how to lose arm fat.

woman with toned arms
Women tend to suffer more from arm fat than men. Working out using an exercise similar the one in this picture can tone your arms.

How to Lose Arm Fat – Flabby Arms

If you are currently struggling to get rid of unsightly arm fat, this article is for you.

Believe it or not, arms are a common problem area and many people are so ashamed of their “bingo wings” they hide their fat arms inside baggy-sleeved shirts, even on hot summer days.

Along with stomach fat, arm fat is arguably the most difficult to lose. Arguably the biggest tell tale sign you have put on extra weight is a fatter face though.

So if the current state of your arms is getting you down try and console yourself with the knowledge that you are not alone.

Of course, hiding your arms is not a solution. If you want to lose arm fat you have to take action. You are the only one who can make those bingo wings go away.

The thing to remember is fat is your enemy, not your bingo wings.

If you’ve already let it build up enough to spoil the look of your arms you will have it in other places too. It doesn’t matter where it is on your body, fat never looks good.

If you are looking for a way to target arm fat, you could be looking for a long time.

Although plenty of people may tell you it’s possible, those people are wrong.

Instead of thinking about how to lose arm fat, you need to focus on losing weight.

Along with the fat on other areas of your body, sooner or later the arm fat will go.

The best way to lose body fat is by using a combination diet and exercise and that goes for arm fat too.

Although all exercise will keep you moving in the right direction, certain exercises can be particularly beneficial if you want to tone-up your arms and make them look good.

How to Lose Arm Fat by Dieting

When you want to lose fat, the only way to do so is to encourage your body to begin burning its fat to get energy.

It only does this when it becomes so short of energy it has no other choice. The best way to cause this type of shortage is to follow a low-energy diet.

A low-energy diet (foods low in calories) is a diet that does not provide the body with enough energy to keep it going, even during times of rest. 

Calorie burning
If you want to lose fat (and just arm fat) counting calories is a sure fire way to reduce your body fat

The average man needs 2,500 calories per day. The average woman needs 500 calories less.

That’s how many calories are needed to sustain all the body’s normal functions such as breathing, digesting food, and circulating the blood.

Tip: try to eat fat burning foods – foods that help the fat burning process. Eat more foods that increase your metabolism and thermogenesis.

If you are serious about losing your arm fat, your diet needs to provide less. Try eating foods that naturally curb your hunger

According to the Mayo Clinic, cutting your calorie intake by 500 – 1,000 per day would enable you to burn one to two pounds of fat per week.

Where the fat loss first occurs will vary from one person to the next but, sooner or later, those bingo wings will take flight. 

Exercise is a good way to increase the energy shortage caused by your fat-loss diet.  The more exercise you do, the more calories you burn.

Of course, sticking to a diet is hard. You need to avoid high-calorie foods. You also need to keep your portion sizes under control and try to eat no more than three meals a day.

Don’t kid yourself. Losing that arm fat will be hungry work. Fortunately, there are many good appetite suppressing pills that can help by controlling your hunger. The best of them will help you to burn extra fat as well.

How to Get Your Arms Looking Good with Exercise

If you want to have good-looking arms, you need to make the right choices when you decide which exercise pursuits you choose.

woman bench pressing
If you want toned arms then you are going to have workout. There are no short cuts.

For instance, jogging is a good way to burn extra calories and fat but your legs will be doing most of the work.

If you want to lose arm fat, swimming is a better option. It exercises the whole body and your arms do a lot of the work.

You burn around 350 calories during an intense 30-minute swim and while you are doing so you will be toning the muscles in your arms.

Using a rowing machine can be equally beneficial. It will help you to burn your fat and tone-up your arms.

If you are an avid jogger and prefer to burn your calories by running, adding some weighted straps to your wrist will help you make sure you are working your arms as well.

Good Arm-Toning Exercises — A Few Suggestions

There are lots of arm-toning exercises you could try. Some of them involve weight or specialist equipment, others do not.

Exercises to Do In the Gym

If you have access to a gym, good arm-toning exercises you could try include:

  • Concentration curls (biceps)
  • Barbell curls (biceps)
  • Hammer curls (biceps)
  • Tricep extension (triceps)
  • Tricep kick-back (triceps)
  • Dip machine (triceps)
  • Lateral raise (delts)
  • Front raise (delts)

When you are training to tone the muscles instead of adding extra bulk, go for lighter weights and do higher reps (12 – 15)

2 Exercises to Try at Home, in the Park, or Anywhere Else

1. Push-ups

Some people hate doing this exercise but push-ups are a great option if you want to lose your arm fat and have toned muscles instead.

man and woman doing the plank
Push ups are great for the upper body and arms. The plank is great a well. it not only strengthens the core but also the upper arms a well

They work the entire arm as well as the chest. 

But what if you are severely overweight or the muscles in your arms and chest are too weak?

Don’t worry. If you cant’ do a normal push-up, you can begin with an easier version. 

Instead of the standard plank-like position, where your weight is on your toes, you can do a push-up from your knees instead. 

2. Tricep Dips with a Chair

Tricep dips are a good way to get the back of your arms into shape and you can do them from a chair.

Begin by finding a sturdy chair. Sit on the edge and place your hands next to each hip, pressing with your palm heel on the front of the chair. 

Next, grip the underside of the chair with your fingers, extend your legs and allow your bottom to drop forward from the chair.

This forces your triceps and heels to support the full weight of your body. 

Lower your bottom towards the ground and then push-up. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can.

If you can’t do many repetitions, split the exercise up into several short sets with a rest period in between.

When you are exercising outside, instead of a chair you could use the bars of a gate, the trunk of a fallen tree, or a low wall.

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