Glutenoff Review: Carb Blocker for Gluten-Intolerant People to Lose Weight

A carb blocker that is designed gluten intolerant men and women to help losing weight. Does Glutenoff work, what is in it and what are the side effects.

Glutenoff review

Reputable brand
Simple to use
Some good ingredients

No real weight loss value
Quite expensive
Not available in some countries

GlutenOff has no real value whatsoever as a weight loss pill. The formulation will not block carb absorption, boost metabolism, control hunger, or do any of the things weight loss supplements or diet pills do.

Not Recommended

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What is GlutenOff

GlutenOff is a Spanish carb blocking supplement that’s strongly marketed towards people who are glucose intolerant.

Gluten is a protein that’s present in some carb-providing grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. It has a binding effect that helps hold the food together but some people suffer stomach issues, skin rashes, joint pain, and other unpleasant reactions due to gluten in their food.

What is GlutenOff

GlutenOff is allegedly a good option for people who do not suffer from Celiac disease but are sensitive to gluten.

If you have Celiac disease, this supplement won’t help you to escape the need to avoid gluten in food.

Although the official website makes many claims for this product it provides no proof to back them up. Nor does it provide a snapshot of the label or a list of ingredients. It took hours of research to discover the ingredients that make this starch blocker tick.

Despite the marketing material stating otherwise, GlutenOff has no value as a carb blocker. Nor is it likely to support weight loss. It may help ease minor glucose intolerance issues. Then again it may not.

If you have such issues, the only way to find out if GlutenOff works for you would be to try it and see. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive product that does not have a money-back guarantee.

Who Makes GlutenOff?

The company responsible for this product is unknown. It may be Spanish but could just as easily be located in any other country of the world.

Even the GlutenOff website fails to provide any clues but a quick look at the footer reveals the site is operated by a Cyprus-based company called MultiBrands Digital. It’s an online performance marketing firm that generates online traffic for its customers in a return for a share of the revenue.

It’s unlikely that MultiBrands Digital is responsible for creating GlutenOff and there does not appear to be any way to discover who is.

Benefits of Using GlutenOff for Weight Loss?

According to the official site, GlutenOff offers the following benefits:

  • Provides advanced enzymes that aid the breakdown of gluten
  • Aids gluten digestion
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Helps to eliminate other health problems too
  • Lose up to 2 lbs in 2 weeks
  • Quickly and effectively reduces carbohydrate absorption
  • Boosts metabolism to encourage fat burning
  • Protects tissue cells
  • Reduces insulin and suppresses appetite
  • Aids the metabolism of fats

How Does the Formulation Work?

You can forget most of the claims the official website makes for this product. The ingredient profile does not support them.

It’s possible GlutenOff may aid gluten digestion, but it is unlikely to support weight loss. If anything, it’s more likely to contribute to weight gain.

The claim that GlutenOff will “quickly and effectively reduce carbohydrate absorption is ridiculous. As you will see in the ingredient breakdown in the next section, GlutenOff provides enzymes that enhance carbohydrate absorption.

Nor is GlutenOff likely to boost metabolism, encourage fat burning, or suppress appetite.

It is likely to aid the metabolism of fats but, if you are trying to lose weight, you don’t want that. Better fat metabolism will only cause you to get extra calories from your food.

The claims on the GlutenOff website are so ridiculous it’s obvious the product information was compiled by someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

This may seem a harsh stance to take but you will understand why we are taking it when you have a better understanding of the ingredients and their abilities.

GlutenOff Ingredient Profile

GlutenOff provides a proprietary blend that consists of undisclosed amounts of the following three ingredients:

  • Amyloglucosidase
  • Fungal Amylase
  • Peptidase

GlutenOff Ingredient Evaluation

GlutenOff provides three ingredients that enhance enzyme activity in the gut.


Amyloglucosidase is a yeast-based enzyme that’s used for fermenting low-carb beers. The results of one study suggest it can increase starch digestion in wild mice

The researchers who conducted the study believe the compound may do the same for people as well.

Here’s the problem – the study suggests the ingredient increases starch digestion. That’s another way to say it increases carb digestion. GlutenOff is meant to reduce carb absorption, not increase it.

Fungal Amylase

Amylase is the digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. Carb blocking supplements restrict its activity.

By restricting the activity of amylase, the supplements disrupt the body’s ability to digest carbohydrates causing a percentage of the carbohydrate in food to pass through the body untouched, without releasing any calories.

Fungal amylase is a fungal-based enzyme that’s very similar to the form present in human digestive organs. It has value as an addition to supplements that aim to enhance digestion but is totally unsuitable for a carb-blocking product.

Fungal amylase enhances carb digestion instead of hindering it. []


Peptidase is an enzyme that breaks down dietary fats making them easier to digest. This is another ingredient that works well in supplements that aim to improve digestion and overall gastric health.

However, it’s an odd fit for a supplement that aims to promote weight loss. Fat blocking products support weight loss by hindering the digestion of dietary fats. Fat provides nine calories per gram so this type of supplement can be beneficial if it’s used in the correct way.

If anything, the presence of peptidase in this supplement will cause you to absorb more calories from your meal.

What is the Best Way to Use GlutenOff?

You take one pill before meals. It is permissible to take it just before eating or up to 30 minutes before your meal.

The manufacturer recommends taking three capsules per day, so that’s one capsule before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

GlutenOff Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any GlutenOff customer reviews .

GlutenOff Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely but all carb blocking supplements have the potential to cause stomach upsets and intestinal gas.

In this case, that’s probably not going to be a problem because instead of blocking nutrients, this product will enhance their digestion.

However, although most people tolerate peptidase supplements well, some people using them report nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and similar gastrointestinal side effects.

Where to Buy GlutenOff – Purchasing Options and Considerations

Although it’s possible the product may become available in some of the online supplement stores, at the time of this review, GlutenOff only appeared to be only available via its official website. It’s a curious site that presents all the information in Spanish and the prices in US dollars.

A single bottle of GlutenOff costs $89. There are 90 capsules per bottle so, when you are using the recommended dose, each bottle will last for 30 days.

It’s possible to get discounts by ordering two or three bottles instead of one but, even when you are getting three bottles for $190, GlutenOff is still an expensive option to choose.


GlutenOff does not have a money-back guarantee.

GlutenOff Review Conclusion

This carb blocker has no value whatsoever as a weight loss aid. The formulation will not block carb absorption, boost metabolism, control hunger, or do any of the things weight management supplements do.

As we mentioned earlier, the supplement may prevent or ease some of the symptoms of glucose intolerance but its ability to do this will largely depend on the way people respond to gluten on an individual level. This can vary a lot. It would be unwise to use a product like GlutenOff without discussing your intentions with a doctor or nutritionist first.

One of the best ways to manage gluten intolerance is to closely monitor your diet and avoid foods that cause a reaction. A food journal can help you to do this.

GlutenOff is an expensive product of unclear origin. There is no way to be certain where it is manufactured or how high the quality standards are and it does not build confidence to see any product being marketed with such ridiculous claims. This is a product that enhances carb absorption, yet it’s allegedly a carb blocker. It doesn’t get any more wrong than that.


Is GlutenOff a good supplement for blocking carb absorption?

No. It increases carb absorption.

Does GlutenOff help with weight loss?

No. By enhancing carb and fat absorption, it is more likely to contribute to weight gain.

How does GlutenOff compare to alternative Gluten Blocking supplements?
GlutenOff is more expensive than most of the alternatives, many of which have superior ingredient profiles.

Some of the alternatives have customer reviews. GlutenOff does not. If there were any reliable sources of customer reviews it would reveal the product’s potential to help ease symptoms of glucose intolerance. As it is, all anyone can do is buy the product and hope for the best.

Is GlutenOff a a good natural treatment for celiac disease?

No. Although some people who are sensitive to gluten might notice some benefits, the official website specifically states GlutenOff is not intended as a treatment for celiac disease. If you are looking for treatment for celiac disease, your physician will be the best person to help.

Alternative Effective Weight Loss Supplements

If your main goal is to lose weight there are several weight loss supplements that have a high degree of success that are similar to GlutenOff.

  • All natural Tejocote Root weight loss supplement from Alipotec. Popular in Mexico (Raíz de tejocote) this review focuses on the US version of the natural diet pill.
  • Weight loss injection – Saxenda can help obese patients reduce their BMI and body weight.
  • Phen Gold – a natural weight loss supplement that burn excess body fat and reduce food cravings.
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