Bio X4 Review – Weight Management Probiotic Supplement from Nucific

This is a complete review of Bio X4. I will provide a full list of questions you may have such as: what is in it, how does it work and what do past customers say and provide answers. Probiotics such as Nucific Bio X4 are in high demand as they keep our digestive system healthy and reduce gas and bloating.

Nucific Bio X4
Bio X4 from Nucific – a probiotic supplement that can also aid weight loss. Does it actually work?

Any claims that are made (by the manufacturers) if they are true I will provide a link out to clinical references. I will also provide some Bio X4 customer reviews, comments and testimonials – good and bad.

Reputable manufacturer
Contains some credible ingredients
Money back guarantee

Expensive product
Unlikely to be as powerful as some competing products
Some customers complain of side effects


As a weight management product, Bio X4 may offer value, but the level of benefit provided is likely to be quite low. It does not provide value for money in our opinion if used for weight loss. See recommended alternatives


What Is Bio X4

Bio X4 is a four-in-one probiotic supplement. It’s intended for men and women who wish to lose weight naturally without resorting to medication, difficult diets, or radical lifestyle changes.

Apart from weight loss, the product also boosts energy levels and improves digestive health.

However, it is not solely a probiotic. The formulation also contains digestive enzymes, along with a little green tea and caralluma fimbriata.

So, in theory, it should offer more benefit than you’d get from a probiotic drink or yogurt. That’s a good thing to because it is is an extremely expensive product.

What are the Benefits of Nucific Bio X4

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Take control of your appetite
  • Manage food cravings
  • Improve your digestion
  • Burn more of your fat
  • Get the energy and nutrients you need from food
  • Avoid gas and bloating after eating
  • Feel better than ever
Nucific Bio X4
Nucific Bio X4 dietary supplement. A 4 in 1 weight management probiotic

Who Makes Bio X 4?

It is manufactured in the USA by Nucific. The company also produces a number of other health and wellness products.

Several of them are also probiotic in nature, but the range also includes joint-care capsules and a krill oil product that provides Omega-3 fatty acids.

However, most of the Nucific range aims to provide weight management benefits in one form or another.

It’s also interesting to note Bio X4 is the most expensive option the company has. Many of its other products retail at close to half the price.

The most important thing to know about Nucific is it’s a reputable company. It also shows some admirable ethics by trying to conduct its business in an earth-friendly way.

The company only uses energy from renewable sources and its products are packed and shipped in using recycled material.

In fact, the Nucific fulfillment center is recognized as a green business by the city of Los Angeles.

It’s always good to deal with a respectable company, but the ability of a product is as important as its source. Let’s take a closer look at it and see what it’s likely to do.

Nucific Bio X4 Method of Action

Appetite suppression and fat burning are common diet pill features. The majority of diet pills boost energy levels too. The main difference between Bio X4 and competing products is it’s loaded with probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Hunger can destroy resolve and cause diets to fail, so it’s good if Bio X4 can actually keep it under control.

Improvements in fat burning are invariably the result of a faster metabolism. When the metabolism is faster you burn extra calories and are more likely to run short and have to begin burning fat.

This is all basic diet pill stuff. Now let’s take a look at the more specialized benefits it brings to the table.

Biox4 Probiotics
Bio X4 contains probiotic bacteria. This supports good health by controlling the amount of bad bacteria present in the gut.

1. Contains Probiotic Bacteria

There are two main groups of bacteria present in the human gut. One type is bad for the health, the other is beneficial. Probiotic bacteria are the “good” type.

Although both types are always present in the gut a “healthy” balance needs to be maintained.

If too much bad bacteria builds up it can have a negative effect on the overall health and may cause disease. It also slows the metabolism, which may lead to weight gain and feelings of fatigue.

Probiotic bacteria supports good health by controlling the amount of bad bacteria present in the gut.

Research proves the probiotic bacteria is beneficial.

It’s not just a myth. That’s why probiotic products have become so popular. ShapeLine is another example of a probiotic supplement promoting good bacteria.

However, although probiotic bacteria play an important role in good health, many experts frown on the idea of consuming it and argue a top-up is not necessary.

2. Contains Digestive Enzymes

The digestive organs use enzymes to reduce nutrients into molecules that are small enough to be absorbed through the intestinal walls and into the blood. These enzymes are manufactured within the body.

Some people believe consuming extra enzymes is beneficial. They think it enhances the digestive process, thereby providing the body with extra energy and nutrients.

The enzymes in supplements are plant-based. For instance, pineapples provide the enzyme bromelain, which breaks down protein.

Bio X4 Ingredient Profile and Value

Probiotic Blend:4 Billion (bacteria)

  • L. acidophius
  • Lactobacilius plantarum
  • L. rhamnosus
  • Bifidobacterum Blend
  • B. lactis
  • B. animalis 5

Digestive Enzyme Blend: 43mg

  • Bromelain
  • Amaylase (from Asperigilus Oryzae)
  • Lipase (from Rhizopus Oryzae)

Craving Control Blend: 166mg

  • Slimaluma (Caralluma Fimbriata)

Weight Management Blend: 100mg

  • Green Tea

Probiotic Blend (4 Billion Bacteria)

The Probiotic Blend provides two different groups of beneficial bacteria. Both types are included in most probiotic yogurts and drinks.

  • Lactobacillus Blend: Lactobacillus acidophilus is present in several areas of the body including the mouth and intestines. It’s alleged to help with lipid metabolism, but further research is required.
  • Bifidobacterium Blend: A bacteria you can get from dairy products and human breast milk. Preliminary research suggests it may have value for soothing digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It’s early days yet, but research is ongoing.

Digestive Enzyme Blend (43mg)

Protein, carbohydrate, and fat are the three nutrients that feed the body. These three enzymes break them down so they can be put to work.

  • Bromelain: A pineapple-derived protease enzyme that digests protein.
  • Amylase: The enzyme that processes carbohydrate. It’s the same enzyme carb blocking products work on.
  • Lipase: This digestive enzyme breaks down dietary fats. This is the enzyme fat blocking products aim to weaken.

In all probability, the Digestive Blend will improve digestive capabilities. On the one hand, this should help provide the body with extra energy and nutrients. On the other hand, it could be counterproductive.

Many people who are trying to lose weight take carb and fat blockers especially to reduce the capabilities of amylase and lipase. By doing so, such products reduce calorie intake. The Digestive Enzyme Blend is likely to do just the opposite.

Craving Control Blend (Slimaluma)

Can a single ingredient be classed as a blend? Apparently so.

Slimaluma is a branded caralluma fimbriata cactus extract that’s standardized for consistency.

Research proves caralluma fimbriata can suppress hunger. It’s a good inclusion, but the inclusion rate may be too low. Research suggests 1g per day is effective.

Bio X4 provides just under half this amount.

Weight Management Blend (Green Tea)

Green tea is one of the most popular diet pill ingredients on the planet. It’s a fat burner and there’s a mountain of research that proves that it works.

One study suggests green tea can deliver a metabolism boost that may last for up to 24 hours.

It’s a good ingredient.

No doubt about it. However, you don’t need to buy an expensive product like Bio X4 to reap the benefits of green tea.

BioX4 Usage Guidelines and Considerations

How to Take Bio X4

  1. Take 3 capsules per day

    The first one should be taken with breakfast, the second with lunch, and the third with the evening meal

  2. Are There Any Precautions

    No, Bio X4 does not contain any lactose or fillers. It’s free from gluten and allergens and is vegetarian-friendly too.

Known Side Effects

Probiotic products can cause side effects for a minority of people. Bloating and stomach problems tend to be the main issue, but symptoms often disappear after a few weeks of use.

Additionally, probiotics may not be suitable for people whose immune system has been compromised by diseases or other issues.

Products that contain digestive enzymes can also cause stomach issues.

This is only the case for a minority of users, but many experts believe such supplements are unnecessary for healthy individuals.

It would be particularly unwise to take Bio X4 or any other brand of dietary supplement during pregnancy or while nursing a child.

People who have existing health problems should also seek their doctor’s approval before commencing supplementation. As should anyone who would need to use the product alongside medication.

Nucific Bio X4 Customer Reviews

Most customers rate this product highly, but there are a few who say it’s a fail.

A few positive comments read:

“I’ve only been taking it for 3 weeks and I already feel great. Oodles of extra energy. Going to start aerobics next week and I’m hoping I’ll be losing some weight soon.”

“I totally love Nucific. It fills me with lots of good clean energy. That’s what I was hoping for and it’s what I got. The only bad thing about it is the price. I don’t know why the company feels the need to charge so much.

“Love it! I’ve always had a problem with constipation. I tried lots of other probiotic products but they did zilch. Now I’m regular as clockwork and I’ve even lost a few pounds. Feel a lot better now.”

A few negative comments read:

“I’m presently 5 days into the treatment period and I’m going to stop. It’s upsetting my stomach and making me feel really off.”

“I regret to say I cannot recommend this product at all. It gives me the most horrific heartburn and I don’t seem to have lost any weight at all.”

“I began with this last march and began a new diet and started exercising 5 days a week too. Nothing has changed. I don’t feel any different inside and I haven’t lost any weight. It seemed like such a great product but it’s doing nothing for me.”

Where to Buy Bio X4

Bio X4 is only obtainable via the Nucific website and it’s an incredibly expensive product to buy.

A 30-day bottle of pills costs an astonishing $99. That’s almost double what it would cost to buy any of the leading brands of diet pill.

However, customers who place an order for three bottles secure a 12% discount. Customers who order six bottles get an 18% discount but they will have to part with nearly $500 to do it.


It has a 90-day money back guarantee. This is the norm for Nucific products.

Bio X4 Pros & Cons


  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Contains some credible ingredients
  • Money back guarantee


  • Expensive product
  • Unlikely to be as powerful as some competing products
  • Some customer complain of side effects

The Bottom Line

Bio X4 is primarily a weight management product. It contains green tea and caralluma fimbriata. Both are good ingredients but they are more or less going it alone.

Lots of people use probiotics to support good health. They may help with weight loss too, but they are not power ingredients.

Ingredients like capsicum extract and a-Laceys Reset can provide a superior level of fat loss. Especially when paired with ingredients like green tea.

The addition of digestive enzymes is also questionable. Two of the three enzymes included aim to enhance the digestion of the same two nutrients many weight management products attempt to block.

As a weight management product, Bio X4 may offer value, but the level of benefit provided is likely to be quite low. It does not provide value for money. It may cost a lot but it’s unlikely to become a big noise in the weight loss community.

However, it’s produced by a reputable company that’s offering a generous money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose by giving it a go.


Is Bio X4 suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

the capsule casing and contents don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients at all.

Is Bio X4 better than probiotic foods?

That’s a matter of opinion. It provides the same type of bacteria as most probiotic foods.

Does it cause gas?

All probiotic products can do this, but most people are not affected in this way. Those who are often find the issue resolves itself after the body adapts to the presence of extra probiotic bacteria.

Is Bio X4 safe to use?

It contains safe and natural ingredients. However, people who have problems with their health would do well to be extra cautious and get medical approval prior to commencing supplementation.

Is Bio X4 a Diet Pill?

Not strictly speaking no. It can contribute towards weight loss but it is best used as a probiotic supplement

What Do Probiotic Supplements Do?

Probiotics provide good bacteria that keep your gut healthy.

Where to Buy Bio X4

The official Nucific website is the best place to order

How Much Does Bio X4 Cost

One bottle will cost $49.99 from the Nucific website. One bottle should last approximately one month. The best value is buying 6 bottles for $240 – this equates to $40 per bottle

Does Nucific Bio X4 Delivery to Australia

No, the only other countries that Nucific deliver to part from the US are Canada and the UK

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