Weight loss Patches – Do they Work, Which is Best

If diet supplements, fat burning pills or even weight loss injections don’t appeal then there is always the weight loss patch.

Weight loss Patches

Slimming patches (or weight loss patches) are an easy weight loss solution for people you find the concept of taking diet pills difficult.

The problem with we humans is we sometimes spend so much time dreaming about the future we miss the important things that are right in front of our nose. This certainly appears to be the case with weight loss patches.

When scientists in Singapore recently announced they’d developed a new weight loss patch that appears to work well for mice it became big news, but weight loss patches have been available for a long time, patch technology has been improving in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and some of the best weight loss patches have already helped thousands of people to lose weight.

Like the nicotine patches that can be so effective for weaning people off health-damaging cigarettes, patches designed to improve weight loss normally use a delivery method called skin absorption.

When a patch of this nature is placed on the skin, the active ingredients remain in contact with the skin all the time it’s left in place (usually 24 hours) and gradually pass through the skin and enter the bloodstream. The rate at which this happens remains constant.

The same cannot be said for ingredients that enter the body after being swallowed in a capsule or tablet.

When ingredients are delivered to the body in this way there is sudden peak shortly after administration and the amount of ingredients in the blood diminishes over the following hours before peaking again when the next dose is taken, four to six hours later.

People using patches only need to remember to replace their patch at the same time each day and ingredient levels in the blood should remain constant for the entire treatment period.

Although there is no denying the fact that the top diet pills are extremely effective, swallowing pills is not the best way to get things into the blood because the digestive enzymes have such a harsh action diet pills ingredients lose a lot of their potency before they get chance to enter the blood stream.

Skin absorption allows people to get the maximum benefit from weight loss ingredients by bypassing the digestive organs completely and around 95% of ingredient potency is retained. This allows patch manufacturers to use less ingredients while also ensuring patch wearers get the maximum benefits.

How Weight Loss Patches Work

Although weight loss patches use a different ingredient delivery technique, they normally work in the same ways as diet pills.

Likely benefits include:

  • Faster metabolism (burns extra calories)
  • Hunger suppression (makes it easier to be satisfied with less food)
  • Improving the fat burning process

The best weight loss patches on the market are incredibly good, but the patch that the scientists in Singapore are trying to develop does not work by skin absorption or offer any of the above benefits.

With a size of just one square centimeter, it’s only small but it contains hundreds of tiny micro-needles made from bio-compatible polymers that contain an anti-obesity drug.

The patch has to be pressed into the skin and held there for two minutes. This allows the micro-needles time to penetrate the surface of the skin and embed in the fat below.

When the patch is removed the micro-needles stay in place and gradually dissolve, releasing their content into the fat. The drug turns the normal white body fat into energy-burning brown body fat. So far the patch has only been tested on mice, but the results were good. The mice lost over 30% of their body fat in less than four weeks.

Are Micro-Needles Really the Answer?

One of the team’s two principal researchers, Professor Chen Peng, makes it sound like a micro-needle patch is the only answer. “Right now, there’s no way to treat obesity, allowing it to create a great social and clinical burden,” Chen said.

This is far from being true, although there are no magic cures, many people lose weight by using a combination of diet and exercise. People who want to speed things up or need help to deal with hunger cravings   can use diet pills and all the leading brands can produce very good results.

There are also a number of good weight loss patch options available, the best of which is probably Bauer Nutrition’s Slim Diet Patch. There are other patches for weight loss such as the Ketobello slimming patch that we wouldn’t really recommend.

diet patch

It’s powered by 100% natural ingredients, has already helped tens of thousands of people to lose weight, and Bauer Nutrition have so much faith in its ability to enhance weight loss they offer customers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Does the world need a weight loss patch that embeds needles into the skin?

The scientists behind the project appear to believe it does, but the process sounds rather unpleasant, has not been proven to work on humans, and goes against nature to a certain degree by tampering with existing body tissue.

However, speculating the pros and cons of a weight loss patch that may never become available is futile.

The scientists say it could be five to ten years before the patch is ready for market and, even if the project makes it that far, people will not be able to buy the patch unless it receives the necessary approval by government regulatory bodies.

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