Ketobello Slimming Patch Review – Does this Weight Loss Patch Work?

Many people have contacted us asking if we would do a Ketobello Slimming Patch review. That turned out to be no easy task. It’s easier to find questions about this slimming patch than it is to find answers.

We’ll let you know

Information is very well hidden

A lot of people are asking if Ketobello Patch is legit. All things considered, we have to ask ourselves if it even exists? Either way there are weight loss patches on the market that have great results and a high degree of customer satisfaction.


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KetoBello Patch Review

A lot of people want to know more about Ketobello weight loss patches and where to buy it but finding any useful information about it is like seeking a ghost.

There does not appear to be a Ketobello Patch website, it isn’t available via Amazon and does not have a listing in any of the online stores. It’s a phantom!

KetoBello Patch Review

We don’t like to disappoint our readers, so we have done our best to review Ketobello Patch, but it was very challenging and took a considerable amount of time.

All we could do was pull little nuggets of information from many different sources and check everything for consistency. We are confident the information we have gathered is correct but never before have we encountered a weight management product that appears to be impossible to buy and so difficult to review.

Note: what is the difference between slimming patches and a weight loss patch? Nothing, it is just different terminology for the same thing. Slimming patches are used more often in the UK and Australia, whereas weight loss parches are more commonly used in the United States and Canada.

What is Ketobello Patch?

As the name suggests, Ketobello Patch is a weight management product you stick to your skin. If the idea of a diet patch sounds a little strange, you need to remember plenty of people successfully stop smoking by using nicotine patches on their skin.

Diet pills and weight loss powders are more traditional than diet patches, but they are not as different as you may think.

When you consume a diet pill, the digestive enzymes in your stomach break down the ingredients into particles that are small enough to pass through the walls of your intestines and enter your blood.

Skin patches place the active ingredients next to your skin and hold them in place to give them time to penetrate the dermal layers and enter your blood.

There are many arguments for and against slimming patches, but some of the better patches appear to work reasonably well. However, there are also plenty of low-quality options that are incapable of getting their active ingredients through the skin and into the blood.

If Ketobello Patch was one of the better options, more people would have heard about it. The patch would also be easier to locate and buy. The reality is, Ketobello Diet Patch appears to have sunk without trace.

Ketobello Patch Weight Loss Benefits

Ketobello Patch provides a combination of plant extracts that is designed to trim your waist, firm saggy skin, blitz cellulite, and help you attain a slimmer physique.

Who Makes Ketobello Patch?

The origin of this product is a mystery. It’s possible the patch may come from a company called Ketobello but we have found no evidence to suggest such a company exists.

What’s the Best Way to Use Ketobello Patch to Lose Weight?

Usage guidelines are unavailable. However, this slimming patch is unlikely to be any different from any of the other options.

The normal way to use slimming patches is to apply a fresh one each day and change it every 24 hours.

People normally place the patches on their upper arms, shoulders, back, or inner thighs. Regardless of where you place the patches, it’s best not to use the same area of skin day after day. Doing so increases the likelihood of skin irritations.

So, if you use your left shoulder one day, use your right shoulder the next, then try your arms or thighs. Give your skin a rest.

Ketobello Patch Ingredient Profile

The patches apparently contain four key ingredients. The inclusion rates are unknown.

  • Capsaicin
  • Green Tea Catechins
  • Salicornia Herbacea
  • Sophoricoside

Ingredient Evaluation

Capsaicin and green tea are common diet pill ingredients. Salicornia herbacea and sophoricoside are not.


Capsaicin is naturally occurring in capsicum peppers. It is the compound that provides them with their heat.

Cayenne and capsicum extracts are very popular with diet pill manufacturers. That’s not surprising. There’s a mountain of research that proves capsaicin has value as a weight loss provider.

One of the things capsaicin does is suppress hunger. By doing this, it helps you to eat less food, making it easier to maintain the calories shortage that forces your body to burn its fat.

However, although appetite suppression is important, capsaicin has an even better reputation as a thermogenic fat burner.

Thermogenesis is a biological process that generates heat. By increasing thermogenesis, capsaicin boosts your metabolism by causing you to lose extra energy as heat.

That’s why some capsicum users notice they are sweating more than normal. Some people have even experienced this increase in thermogenesis after eating chili, curry, or other hot and spicy foods.

More recently, researchers have discovered capsaicin further enhances fat loss by browning white adipose tissue (WAT).

Most of your body fat is WAT. Your body also has a small amount of brown adipose tissue (BAT).

Capsaicin converts some of your WAT to BAT. This is beneficial because higher levels of BAT increase daily energy expenditure by elevating non-shivering thermogenesis.

However, although capsaicin is a versatile weight loss provider, all the top studies involved oral doses. It may not work the same when delivered to the blood via the skin.

Green Tea Catechins

Catechins are a special type of antioxidant that are present in green tea. As with all antioxidants, they purge the body of free radical toxins and help support good health.

Green tea catechins also support weight loss. They do this by initiating increases in metabolism and thermogenesis. There is plenty of research that shows this but, as with capsaicin, all the studies involved orally taken doses, not skin absorption.

Perhaps this is neither here nor there because, regardless of how the ingredients in this product are delivered to the blood, we do not know how much of each one is present.

However, research published online in the journal Drug Delivery (Oct 2021) shows a combination of green tea and hybrid chitosan-lipid nanoparticles appear to reduce cellulite when it’s absorbed through the skin.

This is interesting bearing in mind the claims being made for Ketobello Patch in relation to cellulite. The problem is these results were made possible because the chitosan-lipid nanoparticles were so effective at carrying the green tea extract through the skin.

Ketobello Patch probably does not offer this useful pairing and there is no way to know if it has a suitable alternative.

Even if Ketobello Patch can get green tea through the skin to act on cellulite, the activity will be mostly in the areas under and around the patch.

Slimming patches are small. There do not appear to be any advantages to trying to treat such a limited area. Good cellulite-reducing creams have a lot more to offer.

Salicornia Herbacea

This extract comes from a succulent plant. In some countries they eat it and, in Hawaii, it goes by the name sea asparagus.

When you apply Salicornia herbacea topically, it may aid skin hydration, helping to delay the onset of wrinkles.

This makes Salicornia herbacea a valid ingredient for beauty creams that you can apply to the areas necessary. Again though, it’s not an ability that’s a good fit for a patch.

Some research suggests Salicornia herbacea may also provide a skin-whitening effect. That’s definitely not something that you want happening underneath a skin patch.


Sophoricoside is an isoflavone Genistein glycoside that comes from the fruit of the Japenese pagoda tree.

Although extracts from the fruit are often used in traditional Chinese medicine, there is a lack of evidence to prove its therapeutic value in any area.

However, the results of one study suggest Sophoricoside may be useful for treating dermatitis in mice.

Are There Any Ketobello PatchCustomer Reviews?

There are plenty of people asking questions about this product but not a single customer review – anywhere. We have to wonder if this product even exists/existed.

Is There a Risk of Side Effects Using Ketobello Patch?

There is no way to know if Ketobello Patch has caused anybody to experience side effects because nobody appears to have used it.

However, some people cannot use skin patches because they find the patches irritate their skin. Due to its fiery nature, capsaicin is the ingredient most likely to do this.

Due to the skin-whitening effect the patches may provide, there’s also a possibility of white marks and blotchy-looking skin.

Where to Buy Ketobello Patch – Purchasing Options and Considerations

It’s unclear where you can buy Ketobello Patch and equally difficult to find anywhere that it has previously been sold.

We found one source that claims a box of 18 patches costs $19 but it does not say where you can buy them. Another source claims the patches cost $29 per box but states it does not know where to buy them. In that case, how does it know how much they cost? As with everything else about this product all the information appears to be anecdotal.


No guarantee information is available.

Ketobello Patch Review Conclusion

A lot of people are asking if Ketobello Patch is legit. All things considered, we have to ask ourselves if it even exists. Like we said at the beginning of this review, Ketobello Patch appears to be a phantom. Bearing in mind all the unanswered questions regarding Ketobello Patch, it’s certainly not a slimming patch or weight loss product we can recommend if you want to lose weight.

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