Lady Boss Lean Review – Weight Loss Benefits? Protein Shake for Women

What are the weight loss, digestion and all round health benefits of Lady Boss Lean? This natural protein shake for women is used as a meal replacement, a post work out supplement and weight loss aid. How does it work – and does it actually work?

Lady Boss LEAN for women protein drink

Contains some good ingredients.
Good looking brand.
Reputable company behind it.
Some positive customer reviews.

Offers too many angles to be effective.
Marketed via autoship – can be hard to cancel.

Lady Boss Lean isn’t a bad option, and it’s not the worst protein shake we’ve reviewed. If you want to buy something that will taste good but is also nutritious , Lady Boss Lean could work for you!

If you want to lose weight or pack on decent amounts of muscle, there are specialized products that you should consider using instead.

LeanBean (Ultimate Life) produce a range of supplements for women that are pretty much dominating at the moment. Check out LeanBean for women.


One of the selling points about this product is that it has a powerful protein blend. In fact, because Lady Boss Lean claims to be able to replace your meals as well as help you recover from exercise more quickly and feel fuller throughout the day, some users have claimed they saw weight loss results after using it for just 30 days.

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What is Lady Boss Lean?

Lady Boss Lean is a protein shake for women. It’s a little different from other protein shakes because it doubles as a meal replacement shake.

Cutting to chase, Lady Boss Lean could perhaps best be described as a nutrient-rich drink mix designed for women who want to lose weight and/or improve their physiques.

The supplement also aims to support improvements in gut health, boost immune function, and control sweet cravings. If you can believe the marketing spiel, this vanilla cake-flavored drink pretty much does the lot.

But can you believe the marketing spiel and is Lady Boss Lean capable of giving you the kind of dietary support you need?

This review provides an unbiased evaluation to help you decide.

Lady Boss Lean protein shake for women
Lady Boss Lean multi-purpose supplemental shake. Advertised to aid weight loss, digestive health, and provide immune support.

Who Makes Lady Boss Lean?

Lean is part of a range of supplements distributed by Poulin Ventures LLC under the Lady Boss brand name.

The company was founded by, husband and wife team, Brandon and Kaelin Poulin. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur. Kaelin is a weight-loss expert and best-selling health and fitness author who also holds the distinction of being the fastest International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro card earner.

Working together, the Poulins have turned Lady Boss into a multi-million dollar brand. The present Lady Boss range is quite diverse. Among other things, it contains a vitality-boosting supergreens drink, a pre-workout formula, and a collagen-boosting anti-aging formula.

Lady Boss also offers several body-transforming programs that provide a combination of dietary and workout advice.

Lady Boss Lean Benefits

  • High in protein
  • Provides weight loss and craving support
  • Ideal meal replacement
  • Immunity and digestive support

Who Is Lady Boss Lean For?

Although it’s marketed towards women, there’s nothing to stop men from using Lady Boss Lean too. It’s a supplement that provides nutrients and digestive enzymes. Most adults should be able to use it.

However, in reality, Lady Boss Lean isn’t a product that’s likely to attract the attention of men. It’s going to be a lot more appealing to women who are trying to lose weight, increase their muscle mass, or tone up an already slim body.

Lady Boss Lean is also a good replacement for junk food and on-the-fly snacks. If you don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy meal, you can drink a Lady Boss Lean shake instead of swinging by the pizza parlor or getting a home delivery via speed dial.

Kaelin Poulin also encourages people to use Lady Boss Lean as a baking ingredient but doing so is probably not the best way to take advantage of this product.

How to Use Lady Boss Lean

Presuming you don’t want to use Lady Boss Lean as a baking ingredient, the best thing to do is use it to make nutritious health shakes.

To make the shake, mix one scoop (28.8 g) with six to eight ounces of water.

If you want to make the shake extra nutritious or add to the flavor, you can use milk, almond milk, juice, etc. as a substitute for water.

Although you should be able to mix the drink by shaking or stirring, you will get a superior texture by using a blender.

When to Use Lady Boss Lean

There are no hard and fast rules about when you should drink the shake. Lady Boss Lean is a versatile product that you can use in the ways that best fit your needs.

However, each pouch only contains 30 servings so, if you are drinking more than one shake per day, Lady Boss Lean is going to be a pretty expensive product to use.


Having a shake for breakfast is a good way to get your day off to a healthy start.

Lots of people skip breakfast. Doing this deprives the body of nutrition and makes you more likely to grab unhealthy mid-morning snacks.

Lady Boss Lean is quick and easy to make so, even if you are pushed for time in the mornings, there is no excuse for missing the most important meal of the day.

Of course, if you are trying to lose weight, you will need to use Lady Boss Lean as a breakfast replacement, not a breakfast addition.

Post Workout

Drinking a serving of Lady Boss Lean is a good way to reduce muscle soreness after a workout. The protein, vitamins, and minerals it provides will also boost muscle growth by providing the muscle with the raw materials they need to heal at the time when they need it most.

As a Meal Replacement

Lady Boss Lean is high in nutrition and low in calories. Replacing one to two of your daily meals (including breakfast) with a shake is a good way to further your weight loss goals.

However, you will need to use it as part of a structured, low-energy diet plan.

As a Snack

Lady Boss Lean is also designed to be a healthy alternative to snacks and its vanilla cake flavor was chosen specially to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Once again though, if you want good results, you will still need to watch your overall calorie intake and make sure it does not become too high.

How Lady Boss Lean Works

Lady Boss Lean is a nutritious drink you can put to use in several ways. Many people’s normal diets lack important nutrients. A supplement like this can fill in the gaps. However, using a good multivitamin and mineral tablet would be a cheaper way to do it.

In addition to nutrients, Lady Boss Lean provides digestive enzymes. 

The digestive organs produce various enzymes and use them to break down nutrients. The enzymes in supplements do a similar job once they reach the stomach.

There are many arguments made for using supplements that provide digestive enzymes. In theory, one of the things they may do is help you absorb extra nutrients.

However, the value of digestive enzymes in supplements remains a hotly debated issue. (

Lady Boss Lean also works as a protein shake and it compares well to many of the alternatives. Granted some brands of shake may provide more protein but many won’t have so many additional nutrients.

Lady Boss Lean has pretty good credentials as a meal replacement shake as well. One glass should provide all the nutrients you would get from a meal. Depending on your dietary habits it may even provide more.

Replacing a meal or two with a low-calorie shake is a good way to create/nurture the energy shortage that forces the body to burn its fat.

Lady Boss Lean Nutritional Value

Lady Boss Lean provides 15 g of protein per scoop and 110 calories.

A typical meal would provide a lot more calories so Lady Boss Lean hits the target as a meal-replacement shake. However, the formulation does not provide any dietary fiber. This may reduce its ability to keep the stomach feeling full.


Fifteen grams of protein per serving is okay if you are using Lady Boss Lean as a meal replacement shake but most protein shakes provide double this amount or more and are often enriched with branched-chain amino acids.

If you need a protein shake that will support serious muscle growth, Lady Boss Lean is likely to fall well short of the mark but it will be okay for women who only need to tone up a little and get in better shape.

Vitamins and Minerals

The vitamin and mineral content is okay too and it’s great to see some Vitamin D. Many people don’t get enough of this important fat-soluble nutrient.

Women who have a low-calorie diet that contains very little fat are even more likely to become deficient. That’s not good because Vitamin D plays an important role in immune function. (

Your immune system also needs sufficient Vitamin C and zinc so it’s good that Lady Boss Lean provides these too.

In addition to supporting healthy immune function, zinc also supports testosterone production. Although this is the male sex hormone, women need a sufficient amount of it too.

As with men, women need testosterone to support muscle growth and a healthy sex drive.

When female testosterone levels are low, it can result in weight gain, vaginal dryness, and irregular menstrual cycles. (

It’s hard to fault this product’s overall nutritional content. 

Digestive Enzymes

The formulation also provides a helping of Prohydrolase digestive enzymes. This is not mentioned on the nutrition facts but the omission is not important. They are unlikely to add significant value to the blend. 

Lady Boss Lean Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for this product vary according to the source. Needless to say, the ones on the Lady Boss website are all very good. But that’s a biased source.

Amazon is a more reliable source of reviews and although a few people are not impressed by Lady Boss Lean, the overall vibe is good.

However, reports of weight loss are few and far between.

A positive comment

After my third workout, I was exhausted and worried about not being able to make it through the week. That’s when I started using Lady Boss Lean shake, and everything changed for me. It helped me get that extra boost of energy that I needed after a workout in order to keep going strong throughout the week. And even on days where there wasn’t time for working out, it gave me an extra amount of motivation that helped me stay active!

A negative comments

When I started Lady Boss Lean, it was a great way to start the day and get pumped for my weightlifting session in the late mornings. After about two weeks of drinking it daily, I found myself feeling sluggish while at the gym. My workouts were less intense and less often as well. It turns out that my protein shake from Lady Boss Lean wasn’t working as well for me because of how much heavy lifting I do in addition to cardio on most days.

Known Side Effects

Several customer reviews mention side effects, mostly gut-related and/or related to artificial sweeteners.

Unfortunately, the Lady Boss website does not provide a full list of ingredients. If you buy the product, you will need to take a long, hard look at the information printed on the back of the pouch and make sure all the ingredients are ones you are happy to consume.

If you are unsure about any of the ingredients, it’s best to show the label to your doctor and ask for their advice.

Where to Buy Lady Boss Lean

Although it’s sometimes possible to buy Lady Boss Lean via Amazon, it’s generally best to get it via the manufacturer’s website. It cuts out an unnecessary middle-man.

The only problem with buying directly from the boss lady is her site does not initially reveal how much a pouch of Lady Boss Lean costs.

You cannot obtain this valuable information without providing your email address and telephone number first.

After you enter your contact details you will discover Lady Boss Lean costs around $60 per pouch. That’s roughly $2 per shake but you can save a little money by adding an extra pouch or two to your order.

It’s possible to make a further saving of 15-20 percent by joining the “CLUB” and agreeing to receive future shipments by auto-ship. This may be inadvisable though.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has an alarming number of complaints by people who found it difficult to cancel their membership. (

A Look at the Lady Boss Guarantee

Lady Boss backs Lean with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All the best diet pills have guarantees that are good for at least 60-days. However, Lady Boss Lean is a shake, not a pill so 30 days should be ample to see what the product can do.

Although the guarantee initially looks okay, there might be a hidden sting in the tale. Many customers complain they had difficulties getting a refund. They state they could not proceed with their email requests without having a phone consultation with a company representative first.

There’s nothing wrong with that, as such. If you get to try it and then decide not to buy it, the company is bound to want to know what went wrong.

Lady Boss Lean Review Conclusion

Lady Boss Lean is a supplement that aims to be somewhat of a jack of all trades. This make it a master of none.

It’s a protein shake, a meal replacement shake, a vitamin and mineral product, and a possible cake ingredient if you want to get creative next time you bake.

The problem with this type of multi-use approach is you end up with a product that does a bit of this and a bit of that but doesn’t do enough in any specific areas.

The average woman who buys a protein shake probably has a keen interest in muscle growth. A traditional protein powder may not taste as good as Lady Boss Lean but it will provide a lot more protein.

The average woman who buys a meal replacement shake probably wants to burn her fat and lose weight. Lady Boss Lean is so low in calories it will work well in this role but there could still be hunger issues.

It may be possible to remove this obstacle to weight loss by taking an additional product but that will entail further expense. Lady Boss Lean isn’t a cheap product to use so it would make more sense to use a good multi-functional diet pill instead.

As for the nutritional value, there is no denying this product is pretty good but if you only want to get extra vitamins and minerals, there are cheaper ways to do it.

We can’t fault Lady Boss Lean or say that it’s rubbish, because it’s not. If you want a tasty shake that’s nice and nutritious and don’t mind paying top dollar for it, give it a go. 

However, if you want to lose weight or pack on decent amounts of muscle, there are specialized products that you should consider using instead.

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