Iron Brothers Thermo Burn Review – Pros and Cons

Thermo Burn from Iron Brothers promises you will lose weight and get lean fast. This thermogenic fat burner for men and women contains lots of caffeine – is this a good or bad thing though? Read the review.

Good looking brand.
Strong formula.
Some good customer reviews.

Lots of caffeine (stimulants) – perhaps too many.
Some customers complain of side effects.
The formula is not our favorite.

There is no doubt it is a strong formula – the official Thermo Burn page on the Iron Brothers admit to this product being ‘packed with caffeine’. This is not always a good thing.

Recommendation Alternative: There are quite a few brands we would recommend over and above Thermo Burn. We have listed our highest rated fat burners here and ranked them in order.

What is Iron Brothers Thermo Burn

Thermo Burn is a thermogenic fat burning supplement distributed by Iron Brothers LLC.

The company is based in Las Vegas. All its products are aimed at bodybuilders and other athletes who like to lift.

According to the company website, Iron Brothers was founded by Mark Burton, who continues to be the company’s CEO.

Apparently, Marc is a “die-hard lifter” and regular guy who likes to take supplements and go workout seven days a week. He says he’s been using bodybuilding supplements for over 15 years and designed his supplement range to deliver results.

Marc also claims Iron Brothers is on a mission to deliver the best products at the best prices.

Unfortunately, other than the information available at the Iron Brothers website, I was unable to find out much about the company. It does not appear to be registered with the Better Business Bureau as Iron Brothers LLC (the name used on the label) or Iron Brothers Supplements (the name used on the site).

The only Iron Brothers LLC I could find is an ironwork specialist based in the state of Georgia.

At the time of this review, the official website had 11 different supplements available to buy. 

The Iron Brothers supplement range includes a testosterone booster, a joint support formulation, and a pre-workout powder.

If you are thinking about buying Iron Brothers Thermo Burn you need to be aware it’s a stimulant-driven product that’s likely to be too hardcore for the average person.

However, if you’re a seasoned gym rat who is used to bombarding your body with caffeine and other stimulants you and Iron Brothers Thermo Burn may get along okay.

Benefits of Thermo Burn from Iron Brothers

  • Jumpstart your metabolism
  • Incinerate fat cells
  • Destroy stubborn belly fat

How Does the Thermo Burn Formulation Work?

Iron Brothers appears to be very proud of the fact that the level of stimulants Thermo Burn provides is “outrageously strong.” After boasting about the caffeine content and listing the other stimulants, it issues a warning that the product is only for people seeking serious fat loss.

Stimulants can provide fat loss, but there are alternatives that can do it too. Capsicum extract is one of them. Green tea is another. Neither one is likely to present side effects like high doses of stimulants can.

Needless to say, a stimulant-powered formulation like this can also be good for boosting energy levels.

There are two ways a product like this provides fat burning. First of all, it increases metabolism.

That causes the body to use its available calories faster and helps support the energy shortage necessary to force the body to begin burning fat. Iron Brothers Thermo Burn is also a thermogenic fat burner. That means it increases thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is the process that generates heat within the body. It’s what causes living flesh to be warm to the touch.

By increasing thermogenesis, Iron Brothers Thermo Burn causes the body to become warmer and lose extra energy into the air around it in the form of heat.

If there’s already a calorie deficit in the body, Iron Brothers Thermo Burn will increase it. This will further escalate the need for fat burning.

The problem with stimulant-driven supplements is the body adapts to long-term stimulant usage. This may make the stimulants less effective.

What’s the Best Way to Use Iron Brothers Thermo Burn?

You take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast or your morning workout. If there are no tolerance issues, you can take a second capsule four to five hours later.

Iron Brothers makes it clear Thermo Burn is unsuitable for women who are pregnant/nursing and for anyone under 18-years-old. The company also stresses the folly of using Iron Brothers Thermo Burn alongside other sources of caffeine. It warns doing so may entail serious adverse effects.

So if you are an avid coffee drinker or energy drink fanatic, you will need to make some lifestyle changes before using this supplement.

Although the company fails to issue the appropriate warning, people who have existing health problems would do well to avoid a stimulant-driven product like this. Certainly, it would be unwise to use it without obtaining a doctor’s approval. The same is true for anyone who would need to use Iron Brothers Thermo Burn alongside medication.

Ingredient Profile

As far as the ingredients go, it appears that what you see may not be what you get if you buy this product.

When I checked the list of ingredients on the Iron Brothers website against the ones shown on Amazon, I found some big differences.

Iron Bothers Thermo Burn supplement facts
Iron Bothers Thermo Burn supplement facts appear to differ

Had Iron Brothers recently updated the formula? I didn’t know. I wrote this review in October 2019. The label on the left is from Amazon.

The one on the right was shown on the Iron Brothers website on the same day.

When I was checking customer reviews, I found a customer complaining the bottle of Iron Brothers Thermo Burn he’d just received did not contain the same ingredients as he’d seen listed on Amazon.

He provided a snapshot of the label. I was surprised to see it contained yet another combination of ingredients.

Iron Brothers Thermo Burn ingredients not matching what has been advertised
Ingredients not matching what was advertised according to an Amazon customers

The disgruntled Amazon customer placed his review on October 19th. That was just a couple of days before I began my research for this review.

Although the three formulations all share a few common ingredients the differences are significant. This is not a case of tweaking a formulation. It’s more like three different products being sold as the same thing.

What Do the Ingredients Do?

As already stated, speculating about the virtues of the Iron Brothers Thermo Burn formulation is a waste of time. It appears customers can never be sure what version they are likely to get.

However, a few ingredients appear to be common to the three versions I know about. All three contain 275 mg of caffeine, 50 mg of L-Theanine, 30 mg of Paradoxine, 20 mg of ProGBB, and 3 mg of Yohimbe.


Caffeine is good for boosting energy and increasing mental focus. That’s a big part of why coffee is such a popular early morning drink.

A number of studies show caffeine can provide a 3-11% increase in metabolism. There’s also evidence that suggests it may improve fat burning by 10% if you are an obese individual. This can rise to 29% for leaner people.

However, the fat-burning effect of caffeine may diminish with long-term use.

Iron Brothers Thermo Burn has 275 mg of caffeine per capsule. That’s a lot. It’s what you’d get if you downed three cups of coffee and will likely hit your system much faster.


L-Theanine is an amino acid. It’s one of the beneficial compounds in green tea. It provides relaxation without sleepiness. Some studies suggest it may also temper some of the negative aspects of caffeine.


Paradoxine is a patented grains of paradise (Aframomum melegueta) extract. It’s a stimulant. The ingredient requires further study but one study suggests grains of paradise may increase energy expenditure and fat loss if you take it every day.


Another branded ingredient. It provides Gamma-butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride (GBB-EEC). Supplement manufacturers use it in the belief that it will increase L-Carnitine levels, act as an NO booster, and increase thermogenesis.

Plenty of other claims are made for GBB-EEC as well but try finding supportive evidence and you’ve got a difficult job on your hands.


A stimulant that comes from the bark of an African tree. Some research suggests Yohimbe may have value as a fat burner. Unfortunately, there are also studies that suggest it does not.

Yohimbe has a long history of use as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It appears to work but medical organizations do not endorse its use. They state there’s a need for further research and point out the potential side effects its use can entail.

All the various versions of this product contain other stimulants too. What’s in one may not be in another, but every version has one or more of the following:

  • Citrus aurantium
  • N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine citrate
  • Theobromine

Some versions contain Bioperine as well. Its presence will likely cause all the stimulants to hit the system faster.

Are There Any Iron Brothers Thermo Burn Customer Reviews?

Reading customer reviews is usually a good way to discover the good and bad points of using a particular supplement. Reviews can provide an insight into how good the product is likely to perform.

If a lot of people are saying it works well for them and it doesn’t appear to cause side effects, there’s every likelihood it will work the same for future users.

If customers say it doesn’t work or complain about side effects, it suggests a product it’s best to avoid.

In this case, customer reviews may not be so useful. There are (or have been) at least three different formulations of ingredients sold as Iron Brothers Thermo Burn. How is anyone to know which formulation has done what for who?

Although most customer reviews say the product works for energy and fat burning, I found a lot of reviews by people claiming the product made them ill.

Some customers are complaining that Iron Brother Thermo Burn gave them side effects
Some customers are complaining that Iron Brother Thermo Burn gave them side effects

Many of the side effects customers mention are pretty much what I would expect to see for a product that packed with stimulants.

All three versions I am aware of contain high levels of stimulants. The caffeine content alone (for all three) is similar to what you would get by drinking three cups of coffee. All three versions contain other stimulants as well.

It seems likely that any future or unknown versions of this product will be stimulant-driven too. High levels of stimulants are always going to cause problems for all but the most hardened of stimulant users.

Is There a Risk of Side Effects?

Customers who have bought this product report experiencing a variety of unpleasant side effects.

Reported side effects include:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Stomach pain
  • Heartburn
  • Jitters
  • Shivering
  • Cold Sweats
  • Headaches
  • Liver problems
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Increases in saliva production

Many customers also report extreme sweating. However, the customers leaving positive reviews tend to see this as indicating an increase in thermogenesis. They are probably right but the kind of sweating many customers report sounds too extreme.

Due to the problems many users report and the changing nature of the formulation, I recommend extreme caution before using this product.

If you do decide Iron Brothers Thermo Burn is the fat burner for you, I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor, take the bottle along, and get the green light before you crack it open and put it to use.

Hit or Miss? (Can You Lose Weight with Iron Brothers Thermo Burn?)

All the versions of Iron Brothers Thermo Burn I’ve seen are full of stimulants. Presumably, this will continue to be the case. Stimulants boost metabolism so if you are using this product with a low-energy diet you should start losing weight faster than you would with the diet alone. The big question is, do you really want to?

Even if your body can take it, consuming high doses of stimulants on a regular basis is not good for you. You’ve also got to bear in mind, with this product, you can never be sure which combination of stimulants you are going to get.

Purchasing Options and Considerations

Iron Brothers Supplements distributes its products via the official website and by Amazon.

There are 60 capsules in a bottle of Thermo Burn. That’s a 30-day supply.

If you buy Iron Brothers Thermo Burn via the Iron Brothers website you are looking at paying around $35 per bottle. Amazon is a good bit cheaper at just under $29.


Iron Brothers accepts returns of new, unused products but there is no money-back guarantee. So if you use it you bought it.

If you haven’t used it, you have 30 days from the date of ordering to get your unopened product back to Iron Brothers. Do that, and you should be able to get your money back but the refund will be minus shipping fees.

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