Fat Blaster Fat Magnet Review

Fat Blaster make a number of weight loss supplements and are well known globally. It is perhaps the UK and Australia where their biggest market lies. This review concentrates on Fat Magnet.

Fat Magnet – lose more weight, reduces the fat from your diet with a laboratory proven formula

Reputable company.
Some good ingredients.
Has shown some level of success.

Availability restricted.
Not suitable for anyone with seafood allergies.
Not as effective as some of the market leaders.

Widely sold in the UK and Australia but not so much in the United States

It contains some good ingredients – this includes chitosan (Chitosan is a substance that is often manufactured from the shells of crabs and other sea-living crustaceans.) This may not be suitable for anyone with allergies to seafood.

Not Recommended

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Fat Magnet Review

Fat Magnet is a fat binding capsule made in Australia by Fat Blaster.

The capsules are claimed to have the ability to bind up to 60 times their own weight in dietary fat and absorb three times as much fat as the UK’s leading brand.

No scientific proof is provided to support the first claim.

The second claim also fails to impress because the “leading make” is not identified. This makes it impossible to a make comparison of the two product to see if this is true.

Claims:  To bind up to 60 times their own weight in dietary fat and absorb three times as much fat as the UK’s leading brand

Positives: Respected company, some good ingredients

Negatives: Not as effective as some of the market leaders

What is Fat Magnet and How Does it Work? 

Fat binders contain ingredients the body is incapable of digesting. They pass through the digestive system untouched and are excreted from the body with the stool.

Fat binders also have the ability to “bind” with dietary fat they encounter in the stomach. After it has bonded with the fat binding ingredient the fat cannot be digested either.

Fat Magnet Australian Version

A gram of fat contains 9 calories, so fat blockers can be an effective weight management tool.

The problem with them is they can also rob the body of important fat-soluble vitamins.

The manufacturer states Fat Magnet has the ability to “strip the body of fat” while maintaining normal vitamin levels but fails to explain how.

Key Ingredients

The only active ingredient is a proprietary blend of chitosan called Lipomyl. Chitosan is a substance that is often manufactured from the shells of crabs and other sea-living crustaceans.

It is also possible to obtain it from certain species of fungus.

Chitosan is a respected fat binder, but we were unable to find out anything about Lipomyl, such as the identity of the manufacturer or why it is likely to be any different from other forms of chitosan.

Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions – Two capsules are required three times per day. The doses should be taken before meals. The capsules must always be washed down with a large glass of water and it is important never to exceed the recommended dose.

Fat Blaster Fat Magnet Customer Feedback

Fat Magnet has been available in Australia for quite some time, so there is no shortage of customer reviews. Many people say the product let them down.

A similar amount of reviews have been left by people who say the capsules worked well. However, many of the positive reviewers admit they took more than the recommended dose.

One reviewer even doubled the dose three times per day. This is a very foolish thing to do. Health risks could be involved. Such a practice would also make Fat Magnet a more expensive product to use.

A few sample reviews read:

I can seriously recommend this product. It helped me to 8lbs in two weeks.

I took these pills for 2 weeks. All they did was make me feel dizzy and gain an extra couple of kilos.

didn’t work until I doubled the dosage. taking 12 pills a day helped me to lose sound 3 kilos per month.

What a waste of money. The capsules did nothing at all. After a month of pill popping my weight was just the same

Fat Blaster Fat Magnet Side Effects

Fat Magnet is only intended for people who are over 18 years of age and is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Anyone who has existing health issues, or is taking medication, should get their doctor or healthcare professional’s approval prior to commencing supplementation.

The manufacturer also stresses the importance of swallowing the capsules whole and not chewing them or allowing them to dissolve in the mouth.

They also state people who use the product may experience constipation or other gastrointestinal disorders.

Where To Buy Fat Blaster Fat Magnet

You can pick up a supply of Fat Magnet from your local branch of Holland & Barrett or from the Holland & Barrett website.

Expect to pay around $35.99 per 90-capsule pack or $64.99 for the 180-capsule option.

Although the price may sound pretty good at first, potential customers need to bear in mind the fact that 90 capsules is only a 15-day supply.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Customer feedback suggests Fat Blaster Fat Magnet only works for some people. With a cost of around $18 per week, it is also a pretty expensive way to try and lose weight and, if it doesn’t work, there is no guarantee to fall back upon.

If you are feeling lucky and love to take a gamble, by all means, give Fat Magnet a go, but many other products offer a whole lot more and cost a fraction of the price.

Recommended Diet Pill

We strongly suggest paying close attention to PhenQ – a pharmacy grade, multi benefit fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant.

PhenQ has many positives – a long money back guarantee, a strong loyal customer base and clinical trialled ingredients profile

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