Boombod Black Review – for Men, Weight Loss Shots

BoomBod Black is a weight loss drink for men. It is being advertised as the clinically proven way for a man to lose weight. There are 3 sachets – the Morning Activator, Afternoon Energizer and Night Rejuvenator. There is currently just the one flavor – black cherry.

Boombod Black for men
Boombod Black for men

Made by a reputable company without any prior black marks
Contains glucomannan – the right dosage
Has lots of positive customer reviews

Virtually identical to the pink women’s product
Just suppresses appetite, nothing else
Some bad reviews from customers
Doesn’t appear to be a money back guarantee

BoomBod (the original pink women’s product) has proven to be popular and is an excellent looking brand. I am not quite sure BoomBod Black really works from a target market perspective. Will men buy this?

Branding aside BoomBod Black is a bit of a one trick pony. It suppresses appetite and reduces food craving and that is about it. We prefer and recommend the more multi benefit product.

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What is BoomBod Black

Boombod Black is a weight loss shot drink for men. It’s called a shot drink because it’s a powder-type supplement that comes in individual one-shot sachets you mix with water and consume as a drink.

Is Boombod Black a new and trendy way for men to lose weight?

Perhaps. However, Boombod also has an identical product that’s aimed at women. It was the company’s flagship product, that’s why the Boombod website has such a pink color scheme.

There’s nothing that makes Boombod Black any more suitable for men than the original version.

All the active ingredients are exactly the same. The only difference is the flavor.

Boombod for girls comes in a choice of blackcurrant, lemon lime, and orange mango flavors and the packaging is pink.

Boombod Black is only available in black cherry flavor and the packaging is black.

As with the girly version, Boombod Black is sold in “7-Day Achiever” packs.  Each pack only lasts for seven days.

It’s possible to buy a “28-Day Achiever” pack, but what you are actually getting is a 7-Day achiever 4-pack combo and there are no bulk buy discounts involved.

The lack of discounts is a shocker because Boombod Black is a very expensive product. A one-week supply costs nearly as much as a 30-day supply of most alternative weight loss products.

Boombod Black has 3 sachets for different parts of the day
Boombod Black has 3 sachets for different parts of the day

Who Makes Boombod Black for Men?

Boombod Black is manufactured by Boombod LTD. It’s a British company registered with Companies House. The company has been trading under its present name since February 2016. Prior to that, it was trading under the name WE R Brand Limited. The company was founded in July 2013.

I have no idea why the need for a name change arose, but have been unable to find any evidence of scams or other dodgy dealings under either company name. As a company, Boombod checks out okay.

What are the Boombod Black Benefits?

According to Boombod, there are a number of reasons to buy this product:

  • Unique vitamin blend in each sachet
  • Provides clinically-proven weight loss fiber
  • Only 10 calories per sachet
  • Free from laxatives and caffeine
  • Doesn’t cause bloating
  • Contains no sugar, aspartame, gluten, or dairy

How Does the Formulation Work?

Men who use Boombod Black need to take three sachets per day. Each one contains a slightly different formulation of natural ingredients.

The ingredients differ because it’s a 3-stage system. However, each sachet contains exactly one gram of glucomannan fiber.

Glucomannan is a proven appetite suppressant. There is no denying its value. However, men who buy Boombod Black need to be aware they are really only paying for an appetite suppressant that has a few vitamins and minerals thrown in on top.

The Three Shots Compared

  • Morning Energizer: Contains one gram of glucomannan. It also provides Vitamin C,  iron, magnesium, and additional ingredients to support normal energy metabolism.
  • Afternoon Motivator: Provides a second one-gram dose of glucomannan. In this case, the vitamins and minerals are meant to reduce fatigue.
  • Night Rejuvenator: Delivers a final gram of glucomannan. It has Vitamin D, biotin, and selenium as well. Boombod says the presence of these ingredients contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and hair. Such benefits are unlikely to appeal to the average man. However, don’t forget this is really a formulation intended for women that’s now being marketed towards men as well.

All three shots have the potential to control hunger. If it’s an expensive appetite suppressant you’re looking for, job done.

The first two shots of the day should also offer some level of protection against energy slumps. The majority of diet pills do this as well so it’s hardly a claim to fame.

As for the nighttime shot, if you’re a guy who wants to wake up looking a little more beautiful, the last shot of the day may help. It could offer other health benefits as well. During sleep, the body gets to work on making a lot of cellular repairs. A few extra vitamins and minerals should have the potential to help.

What’s the Best Way to Use Boombod Black?

The best time to take the shots is 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s standard advice for glucomannan products.

Preparing the shot is easy. Just rip open the correct sachet for the time of day and pour it into a medium-sized shot glass. Then it’s just a case of adding the water, stirring the mix as you do so.

When glucomannan and water combine, the mixture thickens up fast so it’s best to mix the shot and drink it as quickly as you can. If you don’t you’ll probably end up trying to knock back a glass of unappetizing, thick slime.

The final stage is to drink a second glass of water after each dose. This will maximize the pre-meal hunger-suppressing effect.

Boombod Black Ingredient Profile

There’s not really a great deal of difference between the three Boombod shot formulations. When you take a look at them side by side it’s easy to see.

Boombod Black Ingredients
Boombod Black Ingredients

What Do the Ingredients Do?

The ingredients in the three shots suppress the appetite. They also deliver a few additional benefits on top. Because it’s the most important ingredient, let’s look at glucomannan first.

Glucomannan is the ingredient that really counts here. It’s the one that does most of the work. The ingredient is also sometimes called konjac because it’s a high-fiber powder made from the roots of the konjac plant.

When they come in they come in contact with water, the glucomannan fibers absorb it and expand. The fibers can absorb up to 50 times their own weight in water so, given enough of it, they can expand a lot.

When the glucomannan fibers expand in the stomach, the resulting gelatinous mass satiates hunger and makes it easier to deal with a life that has less food.

In reality, if you lose weight with glucomannan, it’s the low-calorie diet that causes the weight loss. Glucomannan only supports your efforts by driving away hunger.

Many studies prove glucomannan’s ability to satiate hunger. Furthermore, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has examined the data and agree that it works.

However, the EFSA experts state glucomannan needs to be taken three times per day, before meals, in doses of at least one gram. The experts also stress the need to take it with one to two glasses of water.

Boombod Black provides the correct dose and the usage instructions ensure it will be taken in the correct way.

Additional Benefits (Morning Energizer)

The formulation is meant to boost energy levels. It should do this because it contains Vitamin B6. It helps the body extract energy from food.

However, although Vitamin B6 is a popular energy drink ingredient, when it’s used in such drinks it seldom has to act alone. Energy drinks normally pair it with Vitamin B12 and/or other B Vitamins, along with caffeine and taurine.

The first shot of the day is not without potential as an energy booster. Unfortunately, it’s likely to deliver a minor spark instead of a complete charge.

Additional Benefits (Afternoon Motivator)

This formulation contains Vitamin B12 in place of Vitamin B6. Both formulations would be stronger if the two ingredients were paired but, once again, they are not. The presence of the other vitamins and minerals may pep you up a bit but, once again, this is no great guns.

Additional Benefits (Night Rejuvenator)

The final shot of the day is meant to be good for your hair, skin, and nails. The good news is it probably will because it provides biotin (Vitamin B7) and biotin is known to have value in these areas. (

BoomBod Black Mens Before and After Photo’s

There aren’t a great deal of before and after pictures. here is one taken from the official BoomBod Men’s webpage.

Boombod Black for men before and after
Boombod Black for men before and after

Are There Any Boombod Black Customer Reviews?

The TrustPilot Website has a lot of customer reviews but I couldn’t find a single one placed by a man. In the product’s favor, most of the reviews are extremely good. There are a few people complaining but most of the complaints are about customer service issues.

However, Boombod monitors its TrustPilot feedback with uncommon diligence. If it sees any complaints it does it’s best to have them removed.

Boombod Black men reviews on Trust Pilot
Boombod Black reviews on Trust Pilot

Is there a Risk of Side Effects?

Side effects are unlikely but if you are a man who has existing health problems it makes sense to check with your doctor first before using Boombod Black. This is true for all weight loss formulations.

However, failure to use the product in accordance with the guidelines Boombod provides could lead to gastrointestinal issues. Glucomannan is incredibly absorbent. You have to take it with plenty of water. If you don’t, the fibers will not hydrate in the desired way. When they reach the intestines they will begin absorbing moisture from the stool. This will dry it out and may make it harder, leading to constipation.

With this in mind, it’s important to read the usage guidelines carefully and never forgo the second glass of water or drink from a glass that’s too small.

Using too small a glass would also cause the mixture to be far too thick and difficult to drink.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Boombod Black?

It’s possible to buy Boombod Black for Men via the Boombod website, but it may not be the best way to go. I found a lot of complaints about delays in delivery and poor customer service. Issues like that are not confidence building, so it might be better to buy elsewhere.

US males can buy Boombod Black from At a cost of just over $28 for a 7-day pack, it’s still hopelessly overpriced. However, buying via the official website adds another $10 to the cost.

Men living in the UK are doubly blessed. They can order Boombod Black from Amazon too and also have the option of getting it from their local Holland & Barrett store. Going either route will be cheaper than buying from the Boombod site.

Is There a Guarantee?

Men who buy Boombod Black don’t get the reassurance of a money-back guarantee.

Hit or Miss? (Can Men Lose Weight with Boombod Black?)

Boombod Black for men contains glucomannan. It provides it in the correct dose and the instruction guidelines suggest it be used in the right way. Any man who eats a healthy low-calorie diet and uses the Boombod Black to control his hunger has a good shot at losing weight.

As for the vitamins and minerals, they will no doubt provide additional health benefits, but any good pharmacy can sell you some pills that will do the same. Most pharmacies also stock one or more brands of glucomannan diet pill. Like Boombod Black, many of these pills provide the correct amount.

Let’s be realistic here. It would be easy to duplicate the effects of this product by selecting the right two products from the shelves of your local pharmacy store. There’s a good chance you could do it at Walmart too. There is no need to pay over-the-top prices for a simple product like Boombod Black.

It’s also important to remember most good diet pills control hunger and supply other benefits as well.  The most notable one is accelerated fat burning.  Boombod Black provides too little in the way of benefits at too great a price.

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