Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women – Top 5 Brands Revealed

Before heading to the gym the smarter women are now using protein shakes and energy drink to help them gain the most form their exercises. Pre Workout Supplements are products that provide extra energy and stamina and help you to train harder. The best pre workout supplements for women also delay the onset of physical fatigue and boost mental focus.

best pre workouts for women
What are the best pre workouts for women to use

Although many people train without supplements, there is no denying the fact that a good female pre-workout product can give you extra intensity while you train. We have listed the top female pre workout supplements

They can be an especially valuable training aid for anyone who has to workout after putting in a long day at work and for those who like to train unusually hard.

The problem is, finding a good pre-workout supplement can be difficult. Although there are plenty of options available, a lot of manufacturers rely too much on caffeine. They often add additional stimulants too.

There’s nothing wrong with caffeine. A few other stimulants are acceptable as well, but when manufacturers get too heavy-handed with the stimulants in their pre-workout formulations they can be more trouble than they are worth. Especially for women.

Caffeine disrupts female hormone activity. It can cause women a lot of problems. Sensible doses are okay, but the amount of caffeine in a lot of pre workout supplements for women is not sensible at all. It’s ridiculously high.

All the best pre workout supplements for women stick to sensible doses of caffeine. Instead of pumping you full of stimulants, they rely on incredibly sophisticated formulations of natural ingredients.

When used before training they tweak a number of biological processes, such as energy metabolism, and make sure you are firing on all cylinders, instead of making you feel wired and ill.

The Top 5 Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women

1. POWHER – Pre-Workout

If you are looking for the ultimate pre-workout supplement for women, this is the one you should get.

Powher pre workout for women
POWHER Pre-Workout for women is the number rated supplement. It has a unique formula.

The next four pre-workouts on the list are excellent options for women too but POWHER, in my mind, is the best pre-workout supplement for a woman to use.

Although there are some very good uni-sex pre-workout supplements, POWHER is one of the few (good) pre-workouts on the market that is genuinely formulated especially for women.

A quality product through and through, POWHER provides a stable release of energy during training without the risk of jitters or crash.

It’s a natural product that consists of vitamins and plant extracts. It does contain a little caffeine, but no more than you would get in the average cup of coffee.

There’s only 100 mg of caffeine per dose. Many of the beverages you can buy at Starbucks contain considerably more.

One of the best things about this particular pre-workout supplement for women is the inclusion OF EnXtra. This is a cutting-edge botanical ingredient that provides benefits similar to caffeine.

Powher Preworkout supplement
Powher is available in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Ireland.

EnXtra can boost mental focus for up to five hours and it works very well alongside caffeine. It has the ability to amplify its benefits without the risk of a crash.

Top POWHER Benefits

  • Improves stamina
  • Increases mental focus
  • Delivers a stable release of energy while training
  • Gives you more strength and power in the gym
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Boosts fat loss
  • Helps you look fit without becoming bulky
  • Low in stimulants
  • Zero side effects

Notable POWHER Ingredients

Vitamins B5, B6, and B12

B vitamins help the body extract energy from food. All of the top energy drinks contain them.

Vitamins B5, B6, and B12 are an excellent addition here. Apart from increasing energy, they also support the production of the hemoglobin the red cells utilize for carrying oxygen around the body. This is a notable benefit because the muscles need a lot of oxygen during training.


Taurine is an energy drink ingredient too. Apart from stopping you from running out of steam, taurine also offers protection against muscle damage during training. It can accelerate post-workout recovery rates too.


OxyJun is a branded bark extract that comes from the Termninalia Arjuna tree. It’s good for the heart and some studies show it can help you to exercise longer without feeling fatigue.


RedNite is a beetroot concentrate that provides 25 times more nitrate than normal beetroot. Nitrate relaxes the blood vessels (vasodilation) and improves circulation. This helps the heart pump extra nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, enabling longer, more intense workouts. The brain gets extra oxygen and nutrients too, helping to keep the mind sharp and improve mental focus.

Coconut Water

Coconut water provides the body with extra vitamins and minerals. It contains some of the minerals the body loses with sweat. These minerals are important electrolytes. Losing them can rob you of energy. Coconut water is so good at replacing them some people drink it instead of sports drinks.

The POWHER formulation also provides amino acids, such as L-Citruline Malate, tyrosine, Beta-Alanine, and Lysine. All of them support protein synthesis and other benefits that can help you to keep working harder for longer.

If you previously thought taking working out stimulants were the only way to improve your workout, POWHER is the most effective pre-workout supplement to prove you wrong.

2. 4 Gauge Pre Workout

4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement that comes in a tub that mimics a shotgun shell.

4 gauge pre workout is great for women
It’s not just for men. Women are just as likely to buy 4 Gauge as men.

Obviously, something like that is bound to be more appealing to guys, but don’t let the marketing gimmick fool you.

4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement that works well for women too and, when it comes to putting some extra charge into your workouts, it’s a big gun.

4 Gauge for women - load up your guns
4 Gauge for women – load up your guns

Women all over the world make it their pre-workout of choice and have plenty of good things to say about it.

4 Gauge is a flashy product. There’s no denying it and it’s not just the eye-catching tub.

Of the five product on this list of best pre workout supplements for women, 4 Gauge is the one that’s sold with the most hype. But it’s clever hype. And, because the product is so good it’s also forgivable.

4 Gauge women

If you’ve bought a lot of supplements in the past, you’ll probably be aware how many manufacturers have products that promise the earth and then let you down.

That’s not the case with 4 Gauge. It’s a live round all the way. So, when the official website tells you the supplement will “Load up your guns!” and deliver an “explosive” workout, the clever marketing hype is also the truth.

The 4 Gauge formulation contains slightly more caffeine than POWHER. It gives you a similar dose to what you would get from one-and-a-half cups of coffee. Most women should be okay with that.

Top 4 Gauge Benefits

  • Gives you an incredible energy boost
  • Increases physical stamina
  • Improves mental focus
  • Helps you enjoy amazing workouts
  • Supports superior muscle growth
  • Provides massive strength gains
  • Makes it possible to train with enhanced strength and endurance

Notable 4 Gauge Ingredients


There’s no use going over old ground. If you’ve read this far you should already know what caffeine can do and why it is here. It provides energy, improves mental focus, and helps you to burn your fat.

Red Beetroot Extract

Again, you should already know what this ingredient can do. It provides vasodilation and boosts nitric oxide (NO). In fact, red beetroot is one of the best natural NO boosters you can get.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a bodybuilding favorite. It’s been around for a long time and it’s as good for boosting performance as it is for building muscle. It can also be brilliant for warding off fatigue. Creatine monohydrate is not the only form of creatine available but it’s widely accepted to be the best.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea belongs to a class of herbs known as adaptogens. Herbs of this nature are beneficial in numerous ways. One of the things rhodiola rosea does is help prevent stress. It’s also a good herb for boosting exercise capacity and endurance.

3. Black Wolf Trail

BlackWolf Trail is a high-performance Pre-Workout supplement for women. It’s for any woman who wants to train with maximum focus and intensity and shred her fat.

BlackWolf Trail is a high-performance Pre-Workout supplement for women
BlackWolf Trail offer a range of supplements with Trail being the pre workout for women.

It’s a fast-acting formulation that delivers noticeable shredding results within only two to three weeks. Whether you are training for strength, speed, or endurance, BlackWolf Trail is an excellent choice.

There’s not a lot of hype with this product, but you’ve got to love the line that says BlackWolf Trail will help you to “be the alpha huntress and make the gym your domain.”

Of the five products on this list of best pre-workout supplements for women, BlackWolf Trail contains the most ingredients. It also contains the most caffeine.

Each serving delivers the equivalent of two-and-a-half cups of coffee so, if you are unusually sensitive to caffeine, BlackWolf Trail may not be the best option for you.

BlackWolf Trail female
Black Wolf has an incredible female customer base.

The other thing that sets this supplement apart is the price. It’s one of the more expensive options to use.

Although the cost per tub is actually very reasonable, there are only 15 servings inside. It’s still a high-quality product though. Don’t doubt it’s power.

However, I have to mention the higher caffeine content and cost because these are things you need to be aware of. They are also part of the reason why BlackWolf Trail does not appear higher on our list of pre-workout supplements for women.

Top BlackWolf Trail Benefits

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Fuels high-intensity training
  • Helps you shred fat
  • Improves focus
  • Converts fat to energy
  • Improves endurance
  • Enhances strength and performance

Notable BlackWolf Trail Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate has such obvious value as a pre-workout ingredient, it’s surprising it’s not used more than it is. Pre-workout supplements that contain it are in the minority.

Creatine works by increasing the body’s stores of phosphocreatine. This natural compound aids the formation of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which produces energy at the cellular level. ATP diminishes during exercise. Supplementing with creatine ultimately makes it possible for you to work the muscles at maximum intensity for longer periods of time.


Lots of people take taurine in supplement form. It’ far from being only an energy drink ingredient. Some people actually avoid taurine supplements, though, believing it’s made from bull semen. This is far from being true. The taurine in supplements and energy drinks is made synthetically and is, therefore, vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Whey Protein

You don’t see whey protein in a lot of pre-workout formulations these days. It’s an ingredient that’s generally associated with bulking cycles and muscle growth. However, whey is one of the most easily assimilated sources of protein in the world. Its ability to improve protein synthesis should help reduce the risk of post-workout muscle pain.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Again, this is not an ingredient you find in too many pre-workout supplements. That’s a pity because supplementing with CLA can be a good way to boost metabolism and burn extra fat while also protecting your existing muscle mass.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

There are only three branched-chain amino acids: valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Together, the three BCAAs account for around 33% of all muscle mass. Although all amino acids are important, BCAAs are easily the most important ones of all. As well as supporting muscle growth, they encourage faster healing and less post-workout muscle soreness. Possibly more importantly for a formulation such as this, BCAAs also fight fatigue, thereby helping you to give it that bit more in the gym.

4. Performance Lab Sport

Performance Lab Sport is another good addition to this list of best pre-workout supplements for women. It would be an equally good fit for a list of best pre-workout supplements for men.

Performance Lab Sport for women
Performance Lab Sport for women

Many women are likely to overlook this product because it’s not marketed as aggressively as many similar products are. The bottle also has a somewhat clinical look that fails to catch the eye.

Apart from being one of the best uni-sex pre-workout supplements available, Performance Lab Sport is also one of the cheapest ones. Whenever you see a product that has a lot to offer and costs so little it can only mean one thing: good value for money.

Performance Lab Sport is also totally caffeine-free so, for women who want to train harder without caffeine, it’s the best pre-workout supplement to buy.

Although the formulation contains a few other popular ingredients, such as creatine and L-citrulline, the formulation also has several unusual additions, such as Maritime Bark Extract and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Performance Lab Sport – pre workout supplement for women

Performance Lab Sport is a very good product that’s presented in a very unappealing way. It’s almost as if Performance Lab doesn’t know its market at all.

The company website uses too many strong colors and combines them with an unappealing mix of white and Grey.

Although the site provides plenty of useful product information, the way it does is unlikely to be attractive to anyone who wants to build their body. There are too many graphs and charts and no pictures of people or training apparatus at all. It’s off-topic. A good product like this deserves better and it’s all too easy to discount it out of hand.

Top Performance Lab Sport Benefits

  • Safe and natural formulation
  • Boosts nitric oxide to improve blood flow to the muscles
  • Enhances aerobic and anaerobic exercising capability by sparking ATP
  • Improves physical endurance by buffering and hydrating the muscles
  • Sustains NO activity to extend the muscle benefits during recovery
  • Best for high-intensity training

Notable Performance Lab Sport Ingredients

Cordyceps Super

Cordyceps Super is a patented ingredient. It’s basically a special kind of fungus that’s grown in an artificial environment. In nature, cordyceps is a parasitic fungus. It grows on moth and butterfly larvae in Asia. The “Super” version does not present the health implications the other ones does, so it’s the safe way to go. After ingestion, Cordyceps Super help power-up your workouts by boosting your levels of ATP.

Himalayan Pink Salt

The average woman is unlikely to know this ingredient exists. Nor is the average man. It doesn’t get a lot of attention within the walls of the gym. Himalayan pink salt is a natural, unprocessed salt that contains a plethora of minerals including potassium and calcium. Its unique mineral content makes the salt look pink. The minerals are also a perfect match for the body’s needs when it comes to replacing the electrolytes it loses as sweat during hard training sessions.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

This is probably the strongest pine bark extract available at the present time. It’s standardized to provide a minimum of 95% proanthocyanidin. Its potency in this regard is the thing that makes it extra special. Proanthocyanidin is a powerful antioxidant that offers protection against the inflammation and oxidative stress that occur during a workout. In addition to this, it further supports enhancements in training by boosting NO.

5. Transparent Labs PreSeries Lean

Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout Supplement is the only supplement on this list that comes in a large zippable pouch. All of the others are in bottles or tubs.

Lean Pre-Workout

It’s also another supplement that’s marketed in a way that’s unlikely to attract the attention of the kind of people it’s aimed at. The pouch and the website seem more clinical than athletic and manage to make Transparent Lean come across as being somewhat boring.

Gym-goers look for high-intensity products. That’s what this is, but the way it’s presented hides the fact in a very successful way. However, the powder comes in a choice of flavors and, for a lot of women, once they’ve discovered it, there is no going back. It delivers the goods and helps them train with the kind of intensity they require.

Apart from firing up training sessions and taking them to the next level, Transparent Labs Lean also helps women to torch through their fat. It’s a uni-sex pre-workout, so it does the same things for men too.

As far as the formulation goes, Transparent Labs Lean is a little more complicated than most of the other supplements on this list. It is also the most stimulant rich. Apart from providing 180 mg of caffeine, it also has several other stimulants too.

Transparent Labs Lean is not by any means a stimulant-driven product but, if you don’t like supplements that contain such ingredients, it won’t be the best pre-workout for you.

Top Transparent Labs Lean Benefits

  • Most effective pre-workout for targeting stubborn fat
  • Prevents lean muscle loss
  • Provides thyroid support

Notable Transparent Labs Lean Ingredients


Zinc is a mineral that boosts testosterone production. Although testosterone is the male sex hormone, women produce a little of it in their bodies too. Testosterone aids fat burning, increases exercise capability, and helps the muscles to grow.


Synephrine is a natural stimulant. It comes from the citrus aurantium species of citrus fruit. It’s good for boosting energy levels and is a fat burner too.


Hordenine is an alkaloid that’s present in many species of plant. Barley is a particularly good source. It’s a stimulant that appears to be capable of boosting energy and supporting improvements in fat burning.


Guggulsterones is a resin that comes from a tree. It’s a natural testosterone booster and may encourage better fat burning by influencing the thyroid gland in a positive way.


Choline aids DNA synthesis and supports healthy cell structure. It also plays a role in fat transport and metabolism. People sometimes think it’s a B Vitamin, but it’s not. However it shares their ability to improve energy metabolism and, for that reason, is sometimes added to energy drinks.

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