Redotex NF Review

Redotex is the Mexican diet pill that has been used for weight loss since the 80’s. However, many of the side effects may outweigh this benefit and make it not worth taking. Read the review.


Suppresses appetite.
Increases thermogenesis.
May provide weight loss.

Extremely expensive.
Not naturally formulated.
On the expensive side.
Unsuitable for long-term use.

It can’t be argued that Redotex has the ability to help with weight loss. It provides compounds which suppress appetite, and also increases metabolism.

But even with a strict diet, the amount of weight lost may not be as good as many people expect. Redotex is laxative-based which means it has the potential to make you poop more often.

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Redotex is a Mexican stimulant prescription medication. The fast-acting pills are used to increase the body’s metabolic rate, encourage weight loss, and manage your nervous tolerance so that you can focus on more important tasks at hand without being overwhelmed by anxiety or panic attacks

What is Redotex

Redotex is a Mexican diet pill that’s been around since the early 1980s. You can’t buy it legally in the USA because it’s banned by the FDA. Legislative bodies in many other countries are trying equally hard to prevent it from being used.

Redotex NF

Often called “The Mexican Miracle Pill”, Redotex is a weight management medication that uses stimulants to increase the body’s resting metabolic rate and support weight loss.

Redotex has an incredible reputation as a fat burner. It allegedly helps people burn over six pounds of fat per week.

That claim may be a little ambitious but Redotex is a powerful fat burner and plenty of people who have used it attest to how well it works.

The problem with Redotex is not its potential as a weight loss aid, it’s all the potential side effects it can cause. Many expert sources warn of the dangers. Redotex is banned for good reasons. (

Advertised Redotex Benefits

  • Acts as a diuretic
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Powerful Appetite Suppression
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Helps You Lose 6 Pounds of Fat Per Week

How Does Redotex Work?

Redotex is an amphetamine-like medication that stimulates the central nervous system and increases metabolism.

It also appears to suppress appetite – much like another prescription only weight loss pill called Phentermine. This is a normal trait with stimulants but there are natural alternatives, such as glucomannan and nopal, that can provide superior appetite control.

However, when the appetite is adequately suppressed, it becomes easier to restrict yourself to smaller portions of food. It also becomes easier to resist the urge to snack.

Appetite suppressants work alongside your diet and give you extra support. Nothing more.

However, Redotex is more than just an appetite suppressant. It speeds metabolism too. Again, this true of other stimulants. For instance, caffeine is a metabolism booster too.

Metabolism boosters raise the resting metabolic rate. Exercise does this too. But to a much greater effect. That’s why diet and exercise are such a winning combination when you are trying to lose weight.

Although Redotex is unlikely to influence metabolism to the same extent as exercise does, the benefits will last longer. They will even be apparent during periods of rest.

When the metabolic rate increases, you burn more calories. This increases the energy shortage caused by your diet, forcing you to burn extra fat.

By functioning as a diuretic, Redotex will cause the body to carry around less water. It may also have a detoxifying effect.

The problem is, less water in the body means less weight. This temporary reduction in water(while taking the pills) can easily be mistaken for weight loss due to fat loss.

What is the Best Way to Use Redotex?

None of the online pharmacies that are selling Redotex provide any usage guidelines.

However, as with all diet pills, for best results, you will need to use Redotex alongside diet and exercise.


A single pill provides the following five active ingredients:

  • Norpseudoephedrine (50mg)
  • Aloin (16.2mg)
  • Diazepam (8mg)
  • Atropine Sulfate (0.36mg)
  • Triodothyronine (75mcg)

The fact that Redotex has been around for so long and continues to get such a lot of attention is quite an endorsement. It shows the medication can deliver good benefits. But, in this case, the juice is not worth the squeeze.

The negative aspects far overshadow the good. If this were not the case, there would have been no need for the FDA to intervene.

Norpseudoephedrine (50mg)

Norpseudoephedrine is a weight loss medication in its own right. It suppresses appetite, making it easier for you to eat less.Norpseudoephedrine also increases metabolism and thermogenesis so, if you use it alongside correct diet, you will burn more fat than you could with diet and exercise alone.

Chemically, Norpseudoephedrine is very similar to amphetamine and it shares its addictive qualities. For that reason, it’s only suitable for short-term use.

Short-term use! You need to remember that. Weight loss is generally a long process but, due to the presence of Norpseudoephedrine, Redotex can only take you part of the way.

Aloin (16.2mg)

Aloin is a compound that comes from the plant Aloe Vera. It’s mainly used as a laxative and high doses have the potential to irritate the bowels.

When you consume aloin, it stimulates contractions in the colon that increase the need to poop. Aloin also softens your poop, making it easier to pass.

High doses of aloin can disrupt electrolyte balance and cause several other undesirable side effects. The medication can also cause contractions in the uterus so pregnant women need to avoid it at all costs. (

Diazepam (8mg)

Diazepam has an alternative name that tends to be more popular. You may have heard it. The name is Valium.

As you are probably aware, Valium is a tranquilizer. It appears to work by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain.

The medication is often used for treating anxiety. It can also help alleviate symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

You can’t use Valium if you have certain medical conditions, such as sleep apnea. Even in healthy individuals, it can present unpleasant side effects and should never be used without medical supervision. (

Atropine Sulfate (0.36mg)

Atropine sulfate is a drug that has a variety of different applications. When applied with a dropper, it’s good for dilating the pupil before eye exams. When delivered via injection, atropine sulfate  has value as a pre-anesthetic medication.

Triodothyronine (75mcg)

Triodothyronine is a hormone produced by the thyroid gland. It’s also known as T3.

T3 plays a role in most of the body’s physiological processes including body temperature and heart rate.

T3 also influences metabolism. The hormone T4 does this too. If you lack sufficient amounts of either one of these hormones, it can retard your metabolism. This will make you burn fewer calories per day and become more prone to weight gain.

In many cases, this type of hormonal imbalance is due to nutritional deficiencies. Especially lack of iodine. That’s why some diet pills contain bladderwrack or other iodine-rich ingredients. Their presence can encourage the thyroid to produce more T hormones, potentially increasing metabolism sufficiently to aid weight loss.

The Redotex formulation probably provides Triodothyronine for a similar reason.

Redotex Customer Reviews

Finding unbiased customer reviews can be challenging. Most of the reviews published via online pharmacies are written in Spanish and seem suspiciously good.

However, many of them are one or two-word comments that say the product and/or the pharmacy’s service is excellent. Even when you can read Spanish, they rarely provide useful information.

Possible Redotex Side Effects

Redotex is not a safe diet pill to use. Don’t even think about doing so. The FDA says the medication presents a serious health hazard. Especially when taken without medical supervision.

Potential side effects include dizziness, vomiting, irritability, thyroid problems, depression, suicidal tendencies, schizophrenia, and depression. There are many more.

Where to Buy Redotex

If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, or the British Isles, it’s illegal to buy Redotex. The same is true in many other countries. Even if you manage to find an online supplier, there’s a good chance your shipment will be seized by customs as soon as it crosses the border.

Having your shipment seized could entail considerable expense. Even if you disregard the possibility of a large fine.

 Using Redotex is expensive enough without any fines. The online pharmacies that ship out of Mexico generally ask ridiculous amounts of money.

At the time of this review, one pharmacy was asking nearly $1,500 per box. That’s silly money. If you are seriously thinking about buying Redotex, ask yourself if you really want to spend so much cash on an illegal product that has the potential to make you seriously ill.

There can be little doubt about Redotex’s ability to support weight loss. It provides compounds that suppress appetite, while also increasing metabolism.

Redotex Review Conclusion

There can be little doubt about Redotex’s ability to support weight loss. It provides compounds that suppress appetite, while also increasing metabolism.

Of course, none of these things will be enough if you don’t follow a sensible diet plan. Even if you are eating less food and burning more calories, you will still gain weight if the foods you choose are overly high in calories.

Redotex may also help take some of the sting out of dieting by putting you in a better state of mind. The Diazepam should see to that.

However, even with a strict diet, the level of weight loss may not be as good as many people expect. Redotex contains a laxative. That means it has the potential to make you poop more.

Less poop in the body is less weight in the body. It would be very easy to step on the scales and believe the medication has caused you to burn more fat than you have.

Nevertheless, when used correctly, Redotex is a diet pill that should work. The big problem is, it’s also one that could potentially make you very ill. In addition to hammering your system, Redotex is also a diet pill that could break the bank. 

However, money can be replaced. Good health cannot. Redotex has too many negative aspects to make the risk worthwhile.

Nor is there any need to take such a risk with your health. There are several good weight management supplements capable of controlling hunger and accelerating fat loss.

The best ones are 100% natural, safe to use, and much cheaper to buy. They also have money-back guarantees. Buy a good supplement and there is no need to gamble with your money or your health.

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