Phentermine 375 Weight Loss: How Much Weight Will I Lose in a Month?

One of the most commonly asked questions on Phentermine is “how much weight can I use in a month”. Well you are in luck we have a definitive answer based on three studies carried out on clinical conditions.

Phentermine weight loss

Phentermine 375 is a medication prescribed for weight loss. It was first approved by the FDA in 1959 and it’s still considered the most effective drug when it comes to weight loss.

Many people are asking themselves, “How much weight can I lose with phentermine in a month?”

The answer depends on many factors such as your current body mass index (BMI), how long you’ve been taking phentermine, and other variables. This article will outline some of the benefits of phentermine including how much weight can be expected in one week or month or year!

How Much Weight Can I Lose With Phentermine in 1 Month?

Women can expect to lose on average 3-6lbs a month using Phentermine 375
Men can expect on average to lose 5-8lbs a month.

What is Phentermine 375?

Phentermine 375 and phentermine hydrochloride (HCL) are names for the most commonly prescribed anti obesity diet pill. Another commonly prescribed diet pill is Orlistat (Xenical)

It is usually prescribed in 37.5mg doses . You may have seen phentermine written like this – phentermine 375 HCL – when searching for information on the internet.

As mentioned above it has been available since the late 1950s. Medical research and clinical studies of this weight loss drug show that it is both safe and effective when used according to a doctor’s usage directions.

For a majority of users it can help them lose weight and get their daily calorie intake under control.

For those that would prefer the more naturally formulated diet pill there are a few choices of Phentermine alternatives available over the counter or online. These phentermine substitutes do not require a prescription an produce similar results.

How Does Phentermine 375 Aid the Weight Loss Process

Phentermine is a prescribed weight loss drug. It is a stimulant that works on the central nervous system to suppress appetite and burn excess calories. It can help user restrict the amount of calories they consume by reducing hunger and the need to eat. Increases feelings of satiety.

Medical studies have shown it can help people lose weight without changing their diet or exercise habits .

In other words, those who pair phentermine with an effective healthy lifestyle may experience greater benefits from this medication which has been called “phen” for short!

In fact according to recent research trials conducted at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio , found that adults who combined regular workouts with low calorie diets lost significantly more weight than those following a restricted food plan alone.

How Much Weight Will I Lose Taking Phentermine 375?

The amount of weight loss expected will vary on a case by case or person to person basis. Other factors that can influence the expected weight loss on phentermine 375 includes.

  • Your starting weight
  • The dosage you are on (usually 37.5mg)
  • Another other drug or supplement you are taking
  • Your gender (male or female)
  • Environmental variables
  • Your dietary habits
  • Your exercise regime if any

All of this withstanding, clinical study and research can give you an indication and realistic estimate of what weight loss to expect from phentermine 375.

Phentermine 375 Weight Loss Results – Scientific Study

Here are some results of clinical studies involving phentermine 375.

BMJ Phentermine Study

The British Medical Journal published the results of a 1968 trial that pitted three groups against each other. One group was given 15 mg per day, another had their dosage cut drastically every other month and finally there was an un impacted control for comparison purposes. All of the 36 women took part in this experiment with two separate variations within it.

The continuous dosing saw more weight loss at 27 lbs over time (a total expenditure limit) than those intermittent users who lost 28+lbs less despite having 1K fewer calories allowed on average daily diet plans.

Phentermine Clinical Study in Korea

A recent trial of phentermine’s weight loss effects was conducted in 2005 in Korea. This time, the standard dosage was 37.5 mg per day and tested on 34 people – both men and woman alike!

These subjects were asked to follow a 1500 calorie diet at 1mg/kg bodyweight each week for 14 weeks with no other change from their typical lifestyles aside from taking one pill per morning before breakfast (a total dose around 25 milligrams).

The results showed 16lbs lost by participants who took phentermine which works out about 5 lbs monthly – not bad considering most people only lose half an ounce (.04 kg) themselves after 3 months without treatment!?

Very Low Calorie Diet Study on Phentermine

In a 2003 study from UCLA, data on 188 male and female phentermine users was collected.

These dieters consumed only 500 to 800 calories per day with the help of medication that ranged in doses 8 mg – 30mgs for women or 300 milligrams up to 600 mg’s depending upon their weight loss needs.

The participants of the trail also received encouragement by meeting often at group meetings throughout each month as well as support via email where possible 

The average woman lost 17lbs over 12 weeks while males weighed 21+/-3 pounds monthly (6-7 lbs).

Phentermine 375 Weight Loss Summary

In the 3 sample studies shown above it seems that the greatest weight loss happens at the beginning, in the first few weeks, months.

After which the weight loss return become significantly lower. This is a general and common trend from virtually all weight loss diets and diet plans.

This research proves why the British Medical Journal study had such low rates of weight regain.

It wasn’t that people actually lost more slowly, but rather their rate slowed down significantly over three or four months after starting to use phentermine and then maintained it for up until nine more months afterwards. Unlike those on placebos who began at ten weeks out from surgery with no medication yet still gained back some amount if not all what was shed by time period ended.

Taking the data from the studies above you can expect to lose roughly 3 – 6 lbs. each month if you are female and 5-8 lbs if you are male using the combination of Phentermine plus an appropriately low calorie diet.

Phentermine Alternatives

There are alternatives to phentermine that can have the same weight loss but do not contain any chemical ingredient.

Some brands that are considered a Phentermine 375 substitute include:

  • PhenQ – A weight loss supplement that offers multi action weight loss – meaning it can help you to lose body weight on several fronts.
  • Phen Gold – a natural supplement that can help men and women reduce hunger pangs while reduce body fat.
  • Phentamine 375 HCL – Phentamine HCL 37.5  is advertised as aPharmaceutical Grade OTC Weight Loss Diet Pill that [according to it’s makers] can help it’s users lose 25lbs a month. We are suspicious of these claims though.
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