Denise Mari, the original founder of Organic Avenue, has returned to the company to transform it into a world-class brand with innovations that the wellness community has never seen. She has partnered with Steve Fisher, the owner and founder of Fisher Capital Investments (FCI), a division of Fisher Brothers, a 101 year-old family-run business. FCI is the majority owner of Organic Avenue and the team is helping to build a brand that will change the world of health.

Denise's vision is to transition the mainstream lifestyle into one that is healthy and plant-based by creating a unique offering of wellness all under one roof. 

Vegan Caffe

Denise is merging the world of cold-pressed juice with coffee at Organic Avenue's Vegan Caffe. A fresh take on the European-style third-wave coffee and espresso bar, it features a full line-up of organic espresso and fair-trade coffee beverages crafted with homemade nut Mylks instead of dairy.  High quality super-herbs are also on the menu.  A class of medicinal herbs, teas and tinctures, each one has been thoughtfully sourced by Denise herself. 


With organic and plant-based snacks, foods, herbs and cosmetics, Denise has assembled the Marketplace, an in-store shop offering items made by Organic Avenue and other top-tier wellness brands. There is a Marketplace in every OA location, with flagships in Chelsea and Bryant Park. 

Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juice is typically made on large hydraulic presses, a labor- intensive endeavor which doesn't allow fresh beverages to be made on- the-spot. However, at Organic Avenue, Denise has worked closely with the owners of Good Nature to create a proprietary process that makes the freshest juices you'll ever drink. 

Kombucha on Tap

Denise recommends that everyone should enhance her or his gut health. Therefore, she has selected her four favorite Kombucha flavors and put a tap system in every Organic Avenue.