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Organic Avenue is the only organic plant-based grab-and-go brand in the U.S., providing fresh breakfast, lunch and light dinner entrees and cold-pressed juices that make healthy eating easily accessible and delicious. With an engaging community atmosphere across 12 New York City stores, including a new flagship at 5 Bryant Park, Organic Avenue offers flavor-focused hot and cold wraps, hot grain bowls, soups, oatmeals and juices that blend tasty options with optimal nutritional benefits. Customers are encouraged to interact with Wellness Concierges and knowledgeable store advisors, who provide a welcoming experience with their nutritional and lifestyle information and interactive community events. Organic Avenue is owned by Weld North, an investment company concentrating on education, health and wellness, consumer services and marketing businesses.

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Denise Mari, Founder

Denise Mari holds the vision and directs the expression of Organic Avenue. Denise holds a Master`s degree in Education and is also pursuing a Master`s Degree in Human Nutrition. Denise continues to explore cutting edge health education in hydrotherapy, phlebotomy, live blood analysis, holistic health and living food lifestyle counseling. Denise is currently working on her first book, "For The LOVE* Of It!"

Denise founded Organic Avenue in 2000, combining her passion for whole foods, healing, vegetarianism and entrepreneurship. She`s inspired by the implications of a Live, Organic, Vegan, Experience. From community gatherings to cleanse programs and retreats, she continues to reinvent and refine the offerings of Organic Avenue.

Denise studies Vipassana meditation and Dharma Mittra yoga. She has traveled extensively in search of truth, LOVE* and well-being. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her son, Oliver. Connect with Denise on FB and Twitter by clicking the links on this page, and sign up for Organic Avenue's newsletter to stay in touch!

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