Editorial hairstylist Mordechai Alvow started experimenting with organic hair products while running the Moty Moty salon at Equinox E. 63rd Street in NYC. The Israeli-born stylist, who trained at Vidal Sassoon London, wanted to use wholly natural, unprocessed ingredients on his clients' heads. Inspired by his fragrant childhood growing up in Jaffa ("the city of oranges"), Mordechai began whipping up his own botanical oil blends, which were not only safe, but also improved the condition and the hair and scalp. Clients loved the results. So in 2006, Mordechai brought his creations to the market by launching Yarok ("green' in Hebrew"), a line of plant-based hair products that spoke to his appreciation for wellness and nature. This was followed by Yarok Beauty Kitchen, the sustainable, organic hair salon he opened 2010.

At Organic Avenue, we're huge fans of Yarok which is why we have stocked some of our favorite items in our stores. Like FEED YOUR SHINE, which uses coconut, sesame and bitter orange oils to add a glossy finish to your locks. For extra height, check out FEED YOUR ROOTS, an airy mousse infused with extracts of black current, beet root, and blueberry. And then there's FEED YOUR HOLD, an eco-friendly hairspray that that is free of sulphates, alcohol, and parabens. All Yarok products are made using GMO-free ingredients that are sustainbly harvested and cruelty-free. And if that wasn't enough, with every sale, Mordechai makes a donation to the Pachamama Foundation, an organization that works to protect the indigenous lands of the Amazon rainforest.