Since producing their very first nut butter over 25 years ago, Woodstock Foods has been selling all-natural pre-packaged fare while collaborating with some of the most eco-conscious food organizations in the U.S.

They’ve partnered with the American Farmland Trust,  a group that advocates for safe agricultural practices and the protection of farm and ranch land. And by working with the Non-GMO Project, they’ve helped to bring public awareness to the hazards of genetically modified foods. Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, the majority of Woodstock’s products  are domestically sourced (which helps reduce the carbon footprint that comes with importing) while a whopping 75% are also USDA certified-organic.

The company’s wide range of products has expanded exponentially over the years, and today, includes everything frozen fruits and veggies to condiments and even charcoal. One of their signature products is the Dark Chocolate Raisins, which don’t contain any chemicals or artificial preservatives – just simple ingredients that are all completely organic. The taste is nice and sweet (not at all bitter, like you might expect with dark chocolate) and they’re completely dairy-free. Containing 63% cocoa solids, these raisins are so good that it is hard to not eat the entire bag in one sitting! But then again, why not?