Convenience and accessibility -- those are two of the fundamental principles driving Vigilant Eats. The Bloomington, Indiana health food company formed when CEO and founder Doug Siegel, a student of nutrition, began making his own, homemade oatmeal mixes using all natural ingredients. He lovingly named his cereal Doug's Daily Dose and shared it with friends, who convinced him to go into business. When he launched Vigilant Eats in 2012, he renamed his creation Superfood Cereal and the company took off.

Today, there are six different varieties of Superfood Cereal, including Doug's original Goji Cacao, which contains oats, goji berries, cacao nibs, and cinnamon. Flavors range from sweet (Macao Double Chocolate) to savory (Rosemary Thyme Sweet Potato) and are made with gluten-free oats grown in Montana. All Vigilant cereals are also low-glycemic, organic, non-GMO, and vegan. Plus, they're so easy to prepare -- just add water (they even come equipped with their own little spoons!) Along with his cereal line, Doug has also launched Vigilant Life, a wellness community that leads workshops and educational programs that help spread the teachings of a healthy and spiritual life.

You can find all flavors of Superfood Cereal at Organic Avenue stores.