Clothing and textile production is one of the most destructive industries in the world for both the environment and for people. According to Fiber2Fashion, some of the side effects of textile manufacturing include the harming wildlife and food crops through the use of pesticides, poor working conditions for laborers, and the depletion and pollution of natural resources like water and plant-life. While there are still far too many clothing companies contributing to these global problems, others are trying to make a difference, like the URA Collective.

On a mission to create fashion-forward t-shirts that don't harm our planet, URA (whose name is derived from "useful rags"), teamed up with Hemp Fortex Industries, a Chinese textile company that manufactures high-quality fabrics from eco-friendly materials and sustainable dyes. HFI uses hemp (which is naturally pest-resistant), organic cotton and recycled polyester for their wide range of woven and knit fabrics and produces their textiles in facilities that follow Fair Wear Foundation guidelines. URA Collective's t-shirts are made from a soft, jersey blend and feature color-blocked designs with triangle pockets and zipper details. There are currently three different styles available which are made in small qualities so as to reduce waste and have minimal environmental impact.