British activewear brand Sundried poses a very thought-provoking question on its website --

How can you be a fitness and wellbeing brand when you are not promoting a healthy lifestyle throughout the production cycle?

And it's true. A surprising number of companies that make workout clothes and athletic gear produce their goods in sweatshops in Asia and Africa. These factories are often wasteful and don't pay much attention to environmental burdens. Additionally, the final products tend to be poorly constructed or ill-fitting, leading customers to dispose of them much too soon.

It's for all of these reasons that Sundried takes a different, and much more ethical approach, to manufacturing. For starters, they produce their clothes in a Portuguese factory that pays its workers a fair wage, and moving forward, will move production to Europe to further reduce their carbon footprint. The company is regulated by the Low Carbon Innovation fund, which employs strict guidelines to keep all aspects of manufacturing as sustainable as possible. And with every purchase, Sundried makes a donation to Water for Kids, an organization that helps generate clean drinking water in developing countries.

Sundried affixes all of their apparel with tags that remind the customer to 'Wash cool, sun dry' which is not only helpful to planet earth, but also keeps the garments in tip-top shape (repeated tumbles in a hot dryer will break down and destroy those elastic fibers in sports bras and stretch pants). They utilize functional fabrics that wick moisture and keep you cool, and are made to last and keep their shape even through the most vigorous workouts. Plus, the styles are just plain cool, like the Grivola Tee, whose flattering v-neck and asymmetrical hem looks just as good on the street as it does off-the-beaten-path.