All-natural, organic, and vegan skincare products are often priced out of reach for the everyday woman. Packed with expensive ingredients that are hard-to-find or very carefully manufactured, one small jar or vial can often rival that of the average cell phone bill. Not so with Soothing Touch, a Santa Fe-based company that has been making affordable bath and body products for nearly 40 years.

Soothing Touch comes from very humble beginnings. Founded by famous spiritual leader Yogi Bhajan in 1977, the company was originally started as a source of funding for Yogi, his students, and the ashram they created. Yogi Ji, as he was called, taught them all about the Ayurvedic oils he had learned about in India. They began by making massage oils in Bhajan's Los Angeles home. The products became so popular, Soothing Touch outgrew their space which led them to set up shop in Eugene, Oregon where the company expanded their holistic menu -- lotions, creams, bath items, and all sorts of massage products. Today, Soothing Touch continues on as a family-owned business in Santa Fe, even though Yogi Bhajan is no longer with us. Their wellness products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and are made entirely in the USA. And yes, they are still affordable, too. From massage oils to bath salts and sugar scrubs, nearly all items are less than $15. We especially love the Lip Balms, which are made with Shea butter and infused with rich essential oils. They make your pucker soft and the scents is so divine, you'll want to reapply often even though you don't have to.

Find Soothing Touch lip balms at Organic Avenue.