Maca root is an ancient, cruciferous herb that resembles the parsnip but is related to cabbage and cauliflower. It hails from the Andes Mountains and has been consumed for thousands of years by native South Americans who swear by its nutrient-dense medicinal properties. Considered one of the world's superfoods, maca is packed with a seemingly endless list of goodies, including protein, fiber, zinc, manganese, protein, calcium, and potassium. Though it's more commonly ground into a powder for consumption, maca can be eaten raw, and it's a well-known hormone balancer which promotes renewed energy and a happy bump in endorphins.

Due to its ability to add pep in your step, maca -- which has a mild, nutty flavor that has been compared to butterscotch -- is often used in caffeine-free coffee substitutes, because while it increases energy, it doesn't cause jitters. SOL Natural Foods has taken advantage of all the positive aspects of this very special root and created Macaccino, a range of naturally stimulative drink mixes that will fill the coffee-gap in your caffeine-free lifestyle. Macaccino is hand-roasted and rich in amino acids and is super easy to prepare. Use it for hot or cold beverages, mix it with water or plant-based milks to make customized cappuccinos, lattes, and smoothies. According to SOL, trading in coffee for Macaccino also benefits the environment -- it takes 1,056 gallons of water to produce just one gallon of coffee, while only 4 gallons of water is required for an equal amount of Macaccino.

photos via Macaccino.com