Your gut is often referred to as a "second brain". Why? Because the digestive tract is the second largest part of your neurological system. This also means that optimal gut health is essential to your body's overall well-being. And keeping your core in tip-top shape has lasting, positive effects that go way beyond digestion. The most significant result of a healthy gut is an improved immune system -- toxins are more easily eliminated and inflammation becomes regulated. Taking care of your tummy also means a speedier metabolism and happier mental state.

The journey to belly bliss may lead you to try probiotics and prebiotics, aka good bacteria that helps protect you from the bad stuff. But at Organic Avenue, we like Restore, an all-natural supplement rich in carbon and featuring trace minerals and vitamins, all derived directly from the earth. The main active ingredient is lignite extract, an element derived from brown coal which binds harmful toxins so that they easily pass through your system without causing damage. Just take just 1 teaspoon of Restore three times a day, preferably before meals (or you can mix it into your favorite juice or smoothie, too). Restore is vegan and non-GMO, and free of gluten, latex, dairy, soy, and preservatives.