Rahua is a botanical oil found in the Amazon rainforest that, for decades, the Quechua-Shuar tribeswomen have been seeking out for its hair restoring properties. Rahua (pronounced Ra-wa) is drawn from rahua or ungurahua nuts and makes locks shiny, strong, and vibrant, increasing their elasticity through plant-derived moisture. New York hair stylist Fabian Llinguin discovered this 100% natural and chemical-free oil in the early 90s while on a trip to his native Ecuador. He noticed that the local women had long, thick beautiful hair so he asked them what they used. The answer was rahua. Fabian brought the oil back to NY and started using it on clients who were plagued with dry, damaged hair. The astounding results inspired him to start his own organic haircare line, adopting the name Rahua in honor of this magical oil.

What sets Rahua apart from other all natural oils? Its molecular structure, which is so small that it actually penetrates hair strands and follicles, rather than just sitting on top. This allows it to smooth the cuticle and help bond and repair locks from the inside out. But while rahua-ungurahua oil is the rock star in Fabian's range, other hand-picked organic ingredients also support and promote strong healthy hair. Like the shampoo, whose quinoa and coconut butter clean and moisturize locks without stripping them of nutrients. Or the Daily Hair Drops, which blends rahua-ungurahua with palo santo and gardenia oils for a dreamy, aromatherapeutic experience that fortifies strands and moisturizes the scalp. All products are 100% natural, vegan, and sulfate and paraben free. Plus, proceeds are donated to Ecoagents, Fabian's non-profit organization which helps empower indigenous people of the Amazon by educating them on property rights and rewarding trade practices.