When former model Shannon Vaughn was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst at the age of 32, she took a holistic approach to treatment. An avowed disciple of Ayurvedic medicine, she jumped straight into detox mode, working with alternative health professionals to create a regimen that was devoid of medications or surgery.

A huge part of her daily healing routine were specially formulated baths which she says helped to detox her body and rejuvenate her health. So excited by the results, Shannon wanted to share her knowledge with the world. So in 2013, she launched Pursoma, a collection of baths, masks, and soaks created to help draw toxins from the body, deep cleanse the skin, and provide an overall feeling of peace and well-being.

All ingredients in Pursoma products are vegan and organic, chosen specifically for their high mineral content and healthful nutrients. For instance, the relaxing Ocean Potion Bath mixes grey sea salt, which helps to replenish the body of lost minerals, with north Atlantic algae, known to hydrate the skin and improve cell turnover. One of my favorite products is the Earth Bound Body Mask, which contains green clay harvested from Haute-Loire Valley in France. This mask draws impurities from the skin and improves blood circulation. Just scoop about a half cup of the powder clay into a bowl and added in just enough water to create a soft paste (don’t add too much water, or it will turn into mud soup!). Smooth it on all over your body and wait about 15 minutes – watch it turn from dark green to light sage as it works its magic. Then, jump in the shower and rinse off – if your skin turns a little red, don’t worry…that’s a normal reaction to green clay and will fade in a few hours. Follow up with a light body oil or moisturizer. So committed to environmental awareness, all Pursoma ingredients are mined in an eco-friendly manner and products are packaged in BPA-free envelopes.

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