Serendipity had a lot to do with the founding of organic tea brand Pukka Herbs. Herbalist Sebastian Pole couldn't find exactly the right herbs to prescribe to his clients. Tim Westwell was on sabbatical from his computer management job, bored and looking for inspiration. So Tim placed a classified ad in the local paper, looking for clients and offering his business expertise. Sebastian was a well-traveled wellness expert, but was not sure how to start a company. Luckily, he saw Tim's ad and rang him up. The pair met and immediately realized they were on the same wavelength, so they decided to become business partners. In 2001, they launched Pukka Herbs in Bristol, UK and within a year, their teas and supplements were being stocked in several of the biggest grocery stores in the country. Life moves fast, right?

Timing is everything and just as it had played a part in Tim and Sebastian's initial meeting, so did it with the success of Pukka. Britain was starting to become more health-conscious and Pukka's arrival synced up perfectly with the growing wellness moment. Today, the brand boasts nearly three dozen different varieties, inspired by the principals of Ayurveda medicine and sourced through organic farmers, so no harm is done to the environment. Tea flavors range from fruity (Elderberry & Echinacea, Wonderberry Green) to spicy (Three Ginger, Revitalise, Turmeric Glow) and at Organic Avenue, we're quite smitten with Love, an aromatic bouquet of rose, chamomile, and lavender. In addition to being 100% certified organic, Love's floral ingredients adhere to the Fairwind Standard, a social program that promotes the collection of wild flowers and herbs through sustainable and fair-trade practices.

Photo via PukkaHerbs.com