We've already talked about how much we love Phos Wellness skin care products, which is why we stock them in several Organic Avenue stores. But Phos founder Stasios knows that wellness is more than skin-deep, which is why he also wants to help you clean those pearly whites.  

The moment you spy Phos Oral Care, you know it's not just any ordinary toothpaste. For starters, it comes in a jar, instead of a tube. Crack open the lid and take in the unique scent of peppermint mixed with anise, lemon, clove and ginger. Phos Oral Care contains a whopping 78 different minerals and nutrients, a blend inspired by teeth-cleaning methods utilized by ancient eastern civilizations. 

To use, put a pea-sized amount of product on a toothbrush and brush as you would with any paste. Before rinsing out, swish some water around your mouth. Not only will your breath and mouth feel fresh, but ingredients like frankincense and immortelle flower will help you fight off teeth and gum infections and inflammation.