For Phos Wellnes founder Stasios, the path to skincare expertise began at age 10. While watching a movie about the rainforest, he became transfixed by its native plantlife, convinced that it had magical curing powers (so precocious!). Later, while working at a natural beauty company, he began mixing up his own skincare formulas at home, experimenting with top-grade plant extracts, herbs, and essential oils. For ten years, Stas worked, traveled, and educated himself about everything pertaining to skin cells and plant-based ingredients. The more he learned, the more he worked to perfect his recipes. After religiously usinf his elixirs, and passing them onto friends and family, he started getting requests to buy his product. Stas, knowing all too well how to read the tea leaves, knew it was the right time to go into business and in 2011, he launched Phos.

Phos Wellness is not just a collection of products, however. It's more like a system. You start off with the Bio Recovery Gel, a soothing, hydrating serum that contains organic ingredients like aloe, jojaba seed oil, white tea leaf, and hibiscus. Then you add the Facial Elixir that is most suitable for your skin -- Dry, Normal/Combo, or Elite. Each formula contains pure plant extracts chosen for their unique-enhancing benefits, like myrrh which mosturizes, or geranium, an astringent for oily skin. You mix a very small amount of each product and rub gently into the skin. The Gel and Elixirs can be used individually, but are most beneficial when combined. All formulas are rich with anti-oxidants and fatty acids that de-stress and calm your complexion, while all-natural preservatives like lavender help extend product shelf-life.

You can find the entire Phos Wellness skincare range at Organic Avenue Bryant Park -- 111 W. 40th St. (between 6th Avenue & Broadway).