Taming your chocolate cravings while still adhering to a vegan diet is easy if you've got a few Organic Nectars treats on hand. The Woodstock, New York company crafts the most incredible handmade sweets and frozen desserts that are free of dairy, gluten, and GMOs.

Organic Nectars was launched in 2004 after founders and raw foodists Lisa Protter and Steve Treccase began selling agave syrup from their NY home that was sourced from Mexico. They branched out into desserts by experimenting with agave, creating gelattos that were naturally sweetened by the syrup and made with raw cashew milk. Today, Organic Nectars has grown to include a range of products, from gojiberry dessert toppings to a selection of organic sugars, oils and syrups for baking types. A favorite here at Organic Avenue is, of course, the gourmet chocolates. We have four varieties in our stores and each one is more indulgent than the next -- Nut Milk Chocolate, Golden White Chocolate, 70% Cacao and Raspberry. The bars are made from organic raw cacao nibs and vanilla bean, and are sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar (never refined!) which won't lead to a sugar crash. The treats are also flush with vitamin C and antioxidants -- how many chocolate bars can boast those nutrients? And since they don't contain any dairy milk, Organic Nectars confections are not only vegan, but also suitable for folks who are lactose intolerant.

If you're in NYC, stop by any Organic Avenue location and pick up an Organic Nectars bar (or a dozen).