Fiber helps reduce the body’s cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar, and decrease appetite, so it’s a critical element for any well-rounded, healthy diet. One tightly-packed source of fiber is the chickpea.

Also known as the garbanzo bean, this unassuming roly-poly legume contains a whopping 18 g of fiber per ½ cup, along with nearly 20 g of protein. Chickpeas are also known as an exemplary source of manganese, a dietary mineral which builds strong bones and revs up energy.

The easiest way to add them to your daily regimen is by tossing them onto salads but you can also get creative by roasting them in the oven or whipping up some homemade hummus. Or, you can enjoy chickpeas with these chips from Maya Kaimal. They’re extra crispy and satisfy the same cravings that beg for potato chips, but they are lighter, less salty, and not greasy. You’d never know they were made of chickpeas if it wasn’t printed onto the bag – they taste a bit nutty. The Lightly Salted variety are delicately spiced and go well with dips and salsas. All of Maya Kaimal’s chips are gluten-free, non-GMO certified, and contain zero trans fats.

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