For over two decades, Lush has been a go-to destination for affordable (and totally cheeky) cosmetics and body products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The company began in 1995 as a small shop in Poole, Dorset, UK, where friends and beauty pros Mark Constantine and Liz Weir sold hand-crafted soaps which they made from fruits and vegetables bought at a local market. Their original name was Cosmetic House, which really didn't ring Weir's bell. So they held a contest to rename the company, which was won by a woman named Elizabeth Bennett who came up with Lush. And with a new moniker and a blossoming business they could barely keep up with, Lush continued its quick ascent to the top of the beauty world.

Today, Lush rakes in over $350 million a year with locations all over the world. They are still headquartered in Dorset, albeit in a space much larger than that little shop where they were born. Also unchanged is the thoughtful (and yes, still hand-made) approach to beauty products that adhere to their vegan and environmentally-conscious directive. One of their most innovative products is the Charity Pot, a body lotion that doubles as a cultural and social initiative. Containing a fresh mix of ingredients sourced from global SLush Fund projects, Charity Pot is quite literally the United Nations of the beauty industry -- its aloe hails from Kenya, rosewood oil is from the Peruvian rain forest, the cocoa butter is Columbian, and the Shea butter is from Ghana. 100% of the purchase price goes to various grassroots charities and since its inception in 2007, Lush has donated over $5.8 million is donations to over 600 organizations, local and international. This makes Charity Pot not only a perfect holiday gift for friends and family, but also a wonderful way to treat yourself. And with the way 2016 has gone, you owe yourself a little something something to cap off the year!