There's nothing like a scenic hike on a crisp autumn weekend -- just make sure pack some sustenance because a beautiful morning walk can be cut short with a few angry hunger pangs. What will be in our backpacks? An extra pair of socks, a bottle of Organic Avenue spring water, and a bag of Sprouted Trail Mix from Living Intentions.

The Living Intentions objective is to create raw yet flavorful trail mixes, nut blends, and sprouted seeds that will appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. All of their products are pesticide-free and many ingredients are sourced locally around the San Francisco Bay area. The nuts in their trail mixes are raw, as opposed to roasted, which allows them to retain all of their essential vitamins and minerals (fruits, veggies, and legumes that are cooked often lose these healthful benefits). The nuts are also what Living Intentions calls ‘sprouted’, meaning they are pre-soaked in water, activating their growth cycles. After soaking, they are slowly dried at a low temperature. This process makes the overall digestion process much smoother.

As for the Trail Mixes, they're available in a range of sweet and tangy blends, like Mango Goji Fire and the super yummy Wild Berry, which features white Turkish mulberries, Ecuadorian golden berries, and Arriba cacao nibs. You can find all varieties in Organic Avenue stores.