Every active and on-the-go- person needs to have a reliable thermos in her kitchen, one that will keep coffee piping hot and water ice-cold. Unfortunately, many of the products on the market are good at one of these, but not the other. And some will only keep your liquids in their optimal state for a very brief period of time.

Enter Hydro Flask.

The Bend, Oregon-based company creates pro-grade stainless steel, vacuum-insulated flasks that are built to make your food and beverages last and last. But how long? Hydro Flask guarantees that cold liquids will stay cool for 24 hours (even ice!) and coffee and soup stay hot (not lukewarm!) up to 6. So how do they do this? With their own special technology called TempShield, which provides a "double wall" of insulation within each bottle. This prevents outside temperatures from affecting the liquid within the flask and also keeps it from sweating, too. The outer shell is made from a soft, foamy material that is easy to grip and promised never to scratch. All Hydro Flask products non-toxic and BPA-free. And get this, they're so confident in their product that they even provide a lifetime warranty!

Pick up one of our Organic Avenue Hydro Flasks and receive 1/2 off any smoothie or latte and 10 cents off all beverages moving forward.